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what is up guys today I'm gonna show you

guys how to resize every player in

franchise mode in Madden 18 this is just

a random league that I created just to

show this off and I simulated to mid

season so then I'd have a good amount of

players to re-sign I chose the Patriots

cuz they kind of got the perfect team

but do it with they've got a 95 overall

Malcom Butler and a mate shoulder Dion

Lewis so yeah they've got some really

good like role players and they also

have like superstars that need to be

resize to this season so I just thought

this would be a really good team to show

this off with so then you can get the

idea we're actually gonna start off with

Malcom Butler so you see every time like

this is every time the fair offer is 63

years for form or 63 million for four

years but if you see right there it's 48

I don't really know why e8 does that but

EA is EA so you're gonna want to bump

the years up to five and you're offering

and way more money right now but like if

you offer him the four years it's 12

million this season and you're gonna

want to bump that down I'm gonna tell

you why I said that in a minute

so you're gonna want to bump that down

to about five million more than what

he's asking for so I'm gonna do 68 and

he actually wants 63 now the reason why

I mentioned that 12 million earlier is

if you bump this down to the years that

he once the contract is way less than

what he wants but since I'm making it a

five-year deal look it's more than what

he wants and pretty much only the only

thing that matters is the total offer

and if I were to make this actually like

the twelve million dollars a season like

it would be like a 70 something million

dollar contract and the cap hit is

actually gonna lower since you're

actually gonna be offering him less

money per year it's just that the total

money is gonna be more since it's a

longer deal so don't think you're off

more than what you want because you're

actually offering and less money it's

just that the contract is gonna last

longer I'm actually gonna go ahead and

offer this contract and as you can see

he's gonna sign and continue to play for

the team and if you don't believe me

that this doesn't work

I'm gonna go do it to make soldier so

Nate's older he wants a thirty four

million dollar deal I'm gonna offer him

about a thirty eight million actually

just to be safe I'm gonna do 39 million

and if you didn't notice if I lower it

to four years which is what he wants

it's a way less than what the fair offer

is so I'm gonna do a five-year same as

Malcolm Butler you're offering him just

a longer contract that's why it's more

than what the fair offer is so that

that's why it's just a longer contract

I'm gonna offer it to him he's gonna

he's gonna resign so I'm gonna do it

with Dion Lewis he's a really important

player he's actually injured in this

season but who really cares he doesn't

even want that much so I'm gonna offer

him just a four-year deal and he's gonna

he's he's gonna resign so I'm gonna do

um Kony Ealy actually I'll do Jimmy G

since he's actually like a young player

that a lot of Patriots guys are gonna

want to re-sign so again he wants like

that like you wanted like a 6.5 million

or something like that we're gonna

actually make it a five-year deal and of

course we're gonna lower it all the way

down to about forty three forty three

point six and he's gonna resign he just

recites so like that's how much one two

three four out of four players I just

resigned one try this is one try as you

can see all of them are start

negotiations I didn't even

I didn't even negotiate with them before

so I'm gonna do Robin in Kovich he wants

two years nine million so I'm gonna do

it that that's actually pretty good so

he's gonna he's can't wait until next

year so now that's five out of five

here's Danny Amendola he wants two years

nine million pretty much the same

contract and this seems good so that's

six out of six players I just resigned

here's Kony Ealy thing I might do one

more he actually wants a big contract

and this is five million more make sure

it's four to five million three million

doesn't really work and if you're

thinking like oh well you guys do a

connected franchise so that just means

you're gonna keep everyone well we're

not gonna use this technique since we're

trying to make it sim and we don't want

to re-sign everybody so because like it

just kind of make our teams kind of opie

so we're not really gonna use this

technique on our bears and Saints

connected franchise' so don't really

worry about this ruining that series I'm

gonna offer it to him and exactly what

he's offering exactly what he was hoping

for I don't really know if that's true

but ok that's seven I think if I counted

that correct that's seven so one two

three four five six seven player seven

out of seven that I resigned and this

wasn't even I didn't even know go she

ate with them before so I'm gonna I

don't really know why he's you can't

negotiate with him but then you can move

it I don't I don't get this but okay so

Rex Burkhead he's a 77 so he wants a

two-year five million we're gonna give

him this kind of seems good I mean the

lower overalls you don't need to offer

him that much money cuz I mean you don't

even need to worry about them see he

wants this deal and

that's eight out of eight so I don't

really think I need to explain it any

further so like the higher overalls you

want to offer them like five million

more than what they're asking for and

for the lower overalls just bump it up a

year and they're gonna accept it so if

you're worried about I'm just gonna

explain this one more time if you don't

really understand it so if you're

worried about offering them more money

than what they're asking for just know

that like look like the cap hit is

actually lowering when you increase the

year and your cap room is actually

increasing because the contract is just

longer that's the only reason why you're

offering them more money it's not like

you're paying them more per year you're

actually if you actually lower it you're

paying them less per year but which is

the case with the superstar players so

that's why the contracts are bigger it's

just a longer contract you're not

actually offering them more money per

season you're just giving them a bigger

contract because you're paying them more

years than what a three year or a four

year deal is when you're gonna pay them

a five year contract so that's the

reason why you ultimate like contract

like the total money involved is more

than what they're asking for that's the

only reason why you're not paying them

more per season you're actually kind of

saving money per season so you're

actually saving cap space and you can go

stre sign or not resign but you can sign

free agents I don't really know if this

trick works and free agency you guys can

test it out for yourself but as you can

see I had a hundred percent accuracy

resigning all these players these

players are probably the most important

players to recite on the Patriots so

please give this a like subscribe if you

enjoyed and we will see you guys next