I Want To Quit A Job I Haven't Started

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hello people so i am

in my sister's car since i don't have a

car right now

i've been having to use hers um i

was thinking about renting i was gonna

get so my dream

car was a nissan

frontier and i was going to rent it for

two weeks

but y'all wanna know how much it was

gonna cost me to rent a little nissan

frontier for two weeks

granted with the underage

rate because i'm 23. so it was going to

cost me

i think it came out to like two thousand

dollars around two thousand dollars to


the nissan frontier for two weeks so

when i saw that i was like i couldn't

live without a car

for a week um but

with moving i definitely was like okay i

think i want to rent

a truck for like two days but even for

like two days it comes out to

around 300 so that's why

i've been having to use my sister's car

because my

parents at the beginning were like it's

okay we'll get you a rental car like

don't worry about your car

and then i guess they did the numbers

and they were like two thousand dollars

to rent a car

nah you can share your sisters so

there's that so we're we're in my

sister's car today

and i did want to buy a camera i'm gonna

get the sony zv1

i think it's what it's called it's a

camera that's made for blogging

and i'm gonna get that one but i haven't

gotten it yet just because i've been

waiting for my paychecks to start coming

in so that's why um

or i'm gonna go and put it on a credit

card because i have the money

for it like i have the money to buy the

camera but i don't want to make a big

purchase right now um it just it feels

really weird

they tell you like don't put anything on

credit like paid in full if you have the

money and if you don't have the money

don't buy it

i have the money but i think any person


who wants to see nine hundred just leave

their bank account

in like a blink like no so i wanted to

maybe put down half and then pay the

other half

that way 900 doesn't leave my bank

account at once

and i build my my balance

um that's what i've been doing i've been

building my balance but then i

i started spending money and you know

donating and everything

so i've lost a lot but anyways

so i am going to get that camera so bear

with my bad quality

for about another like week or so until

i get it and then we'll have some

nice videos

i have to focus in this little part

because people will he

will hit me okay they're not going to

let me get on

all right i was going to go get on the

expressway and they didn't let me

so next ramp but yeah i wanted to talk


um how i got a new job so with moving

everyone's home and it's really freaking

annoying i hate it

like go to work but

i can't really film at home right now so

so i wanted to talk to you guys while i

have some little bit of privacy

about how and i'm sorry you can't see my

face all the way but listen to me

so i wanted to talk about how i got a

new job i

that cringy job interview they ended up

hiring me

so what happened was when the late when

the principal called me to offer me the

job because it's a co-teaching job it's

not actual like teaching teaching

so she called me to offer me the job and

basically told me i had an

hour to decide because they were about

to do a hiring freeze

and that if i didn't take the job she

would be left without hiring that


but then she said that they did not need

me because

since everything was going to be online

they're like what do we need teachers

for it's all online

which is a it's a horrible thing to say

by the way

but so anyways story goes on i had an

hour to decide i mean after months of

not finding a job i kind of like

had i wasn't i was put in a position

where i had to take the job

especially because my unemployment was

about to run out so

i really felt like i had no choice so i

took the job

and then as i took the job so this is

going to be all about how i want to quit

my job already i got it

i i start on so here's

what's bothering me i don't start till

august 3rd but they started having me

work last week but i'm not on payroll


august 3rd so like last week i got told

on monday that everything was cleared

and by tuesday i was already having to

work they were already like

emails all night all through the night

till like 9 00 pm

i was getting emails and it was really


honestly it was just like bothering me

because i'm like i'm not even on payroll

yet i don't start to august third

and you're emailing me until 9pm and

then the following day the same thing

right at like 7 30 in the morning i

started getting emails about everything

that i had to do

and all this work that they needed me to

do and like it was a mess so

that went on for a few days and then i

had like um

almost like meet the teacher so i had


rehearsal for that and then i had it the

next day

and mind you this job i got told monday

that i was cleared

and then they just threw me into

everything they didn't give me like at

least a day to like

okay i got a job let me fix my schedule

no they were just like here's your work

you have to do it and then so i got told

that this week

um so i got told last monday and now

it's next week

and i've been working since last monday

um and i'm not on payroll until

next monday so um

we had all this mess all this mess you


with trainings and stuff that i had to

go it was like it's called new teacher

or whatever

and so i did my first two days of it

and then yesterday i logged on to my

webinars because i was supposed to do

content training which is like where you

learn what you're gonna teach

and then we got told in that training

they're like hey

all of you people in the co-teaching

position you're not supposed to be in

this training you're supposed to be off

the next three days like

go like there is a miscommunication but

you're you're off the next three days

i'm supposed to be off these three days

so we told our manager

and our manager like went and she made

up work for us to do so it can force us

to go to these meetings that they have

at the end of the day

basically like to not let us have our

three days off

she went and made up work to force us to

go to all these meetings and all these


conference things that they have that

are for people who are training

but we're not training because we're

told we're not training and we're not

supposed to be training

and they were like you're supposed to be

off but the manager went and she made up

work for us to do to force us to not be


and then it upset me because

the principal went and she was like

talking about how she wants

the teachers um to enjoy their summer

break and to not be working when they're

supposed to be off and i was like

that sounds so bad considering we're

supposed to be

off and you're making up work for us to

do and we're not on payroll yet

like i don't even know if they're gonna

pay me for these hours

honestly because they never told us

they're like you continue doing what you

were told to do and i'm like no because

we were told not to do it by the higher


so basically like we have our manager

and then there's people above

that person the person above said you're

supposed to be off these

these three days and then she went and

like made up work for us to do so

and i don't even care um about anyone

seeing this they're not gonna see it but

i don't care

and i'm not gonna like say who i work

for either but

i just don't care if they see this

because it's true and they shouldn't be

treating their employees this way

and i'm very like about that like you

should not be treating your employees

a certain way so then

um yesterday we found out that

basically where i live we're a coveted

hot spot

like we're having i think i think our

numbers are almost like 200 people a

week or dying from covid

and our hospitals are maxed out like no

one's talking about it

in the news but basically i think it's

almost like towards where

new york was at the beginning of all

this that's like what we're

experiencing um down here except that we

don't have field hospitals so

if you're sick you're kind of just

forced to like

you know because there's nowhere to put

you so anyways

um yeah i

we got told by our local officials they

were like

you know what no school's allowed to

open in this county because of covet

i'm putting in this order and i say no

school's open until

september 27th that's what we got told

so everyone was like

okay we have until september 27th to

breathe a little bit

and reassess and hopefully the numbers

can go down so we can open the schools

well then we found out that the company

that i'm working for

is working with tea to help i guess

fund that schools that have to reopen

like they're helping fund whoever is in


of these decisions and they are

supporting the reopening of schools

already so basically

what's going on is that the governor's

office i live in texas

by the way the governor's office decided

that no local officials have the


to close schools so even though

people are dying on a daily basis we're


way up there in our numbers like our

deaf totals are just crazy

they're like no you are not allowed

to say that so basically we're being

forced to open

and my start date is august 10th so and

then the principal was telling us that

none of the ppe has come in yet so if we

start on

august 10th we're going in without any


and basically what's um an issue

is that the schools are in texas


and florida so the ceo of the schools

has to make a decision

and if she says that we're going to move

our start date back it affects everyone


so i guess like they're like it's not

fair to the other states if we push it


even though they don't have cases where

they're at but i'm like but it's also

not fair to

make us here in south texas um

start on august 10th when we don't even

have our ppe

and our numbers are freaking like


so it's not fair to us i mean i don't

know how to put that

into like words how unfair it is

for like me and everyone else gonna have

to go back in

so i might have to go back in on august


with no ppe and i am working with pk

through second

and um i haven't been told the cases yet


i could be changing diapers i'm working

with the special education class

which you know diaper changes feeding

that's there's no social distancing in

special education

so yeah like i'm

just it hasn't really hit me yet but i

know if we go back

like i'm gonna get sick and

if you've had kovade you probably would

not wish that on

anyone so imagine like you know

innocent little me like having to go in

and get covered because our governors

are freaking stupid

man but yeah so that's basically my like

short rant about why i hate this job


and i really want to quit and i know

i've been told like you should just quit

before everything starts

but y'all money like the money i

i'm done like you know unemployment's


i just feel like i have no choice but to

suck it up and do this but

we'll see um tomorrow we find out if

we're starting on

august 10th or not so tomorrow is like

the big day

where they're gonna decide but either

way like schools have to reopen

um so basically what they're saying is

that if even one parent wants to

they can want or they can need to um

send their kid to school

in person if one parent says hey i want

my kid to go back

you have to open your schools like

you're not allowed to say no

so like let's just hope that um

all these parents are smart enough to

keep their kids home because if not like

man i'm gonna see

either myself my family or like my


and their families are gonna start dying

so it's

crazy but yeah that's my little rant

let me know what you think about it um

things are definitely

really really crazy so editing teresa


um i forgot to mention that

we as like the whole like company

we have like a facebook group where we

all can connect from all three states

and we can talk and the ceo like her


um facebook is in this too so she can

see what we post

and everything um and basically

someone posted in this facebook group

and was asking like hey

like what is our ceo doing to help

protect us because that's when they

found out that

they were going to make us go back and

he was like you know what is our ceo

doing to help

protect us and help fight for us like

basically saying like she has the power

to go in and fight for us

what is she doing to fight for us and


um then he posted again

and put out something and she actually

went in she responded and basically said


it's too early to make any decisions yet

they have to listen to

local orders or government orders and at

the end of the day

they have to work with government and

listen to the government and then it

came out

that the schools like company

is working with the government

to reopen schools early it's all about


it's all about money so basically um

i think part of the fear is that with

virtual if

if schools stay online our

like schools will lose students back to

their public schools because

i guess there's this mentality like all

virtual learning's the same

so then parents aren't going to be like

well why put my kid in this school when

they can just go to their regular school

so that's the problem and it's all like

like they see

pretty much every kid as like a dollar

sign and

if they're losing their dollar signs

they don't want that so

i guess they're working with the

government to reopen schools

so that they don't um lose their little

dollar signs

and that's really how it is um i'm not

about this

at all i started finding all this out

after i accepted the job

if i had known before i probably would

have said no

so just to add that in there

and let you know like where i stand with


and again just to remind you that i was

put in a really tough place where i was

given an hour to decide

and i was about to lose my unemployment

like i wasn't

thinking clearly when i accepted this


but now i'm like whoa like what did i

get myself into

so there's that t i also think it's

important to

add in this video that so basically the

way that

the training days are working is that

you have your trainings like you have to

log in

and get into these trainings and then at

the end of the day

from 5 to 5 30 you have to meet as

group and talk about what your talk

about what you're training in

but like yesterday like this is my time

like imagine like you're working and

then you you get tired and you want to

like just put your hair up and get out

of your work clothes

and then they're telling you like okay

you need to log in at five o'clock

and you have to be on camera and look

presentable and all that right

so then you have to like pause like

it's supposed to be self-paced so let's

say that i

finish my work by three o'clock i want

to be done for the day

i don't wanna have to log in at five

o'clock at night and have a meeting

about what i learned today and yesterday

it was just really

frustrating because we spent 30 minutes

the meetings are only supposed to be 30

minutes long so that's what you get paid


you only get paid for your 30 minutes so

they're only paying you for 30 minutes

we spent 30 minutes talking about

emotions like who wants to talk about

emotions for 30 minutes

no one right it was just a bunch of like

nonsense about emotions

and then um and then we had to listen to

like a 20-minute

lecture about that person who was

posting in the group

basically saying like telling us like

reminding us that we are

um representatives of this company and

that we need to watch what we post on

social media

and that you need to not be talking

about your bosses online

at the end of the day this is what she

was saying at the end of the day these

are your bosses

you should not be talking about your

bosses online no matter how you feel

like i understand that you're scared and

you're angry about having to go back

but you cannot be talking about people

that like this online where everyone can

see it especially where your boss can

see it because

like i said the ceo did respond to his

post and she saw everything

but yeah so we had to listen to a

20-minute lecture about

what to say on social media and what not

to say

and basically telling she told us like i

believe in freedom of speech but

basically when you work for someone

like this you don't have freedom of

speech and you can't

say what you want which i guess is like

normal for companies but

yeah so we had to it went over the 30

minutes that you get paid for

and it was like almost 6 o'clock when

she hung up

because she went on a long tangent about

that and it was not necessary

because that person who's been posting

works at the

campus in austin so it was like nothing

connected to

us like no one was like involved with

this and

oh my gosh wasting so much of my time

and i'm not getting paid for it