How To Gracefully Quit A Job You Hate

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I'm going to be going over how to gracefully quit your jobs and 5

specific tactics. You can use in handing in your resignation to make sure you

keep your options open and open yourself to new opportunities. I quit. Throw a flip

over a table or something. Isn't that what everybody wants to do is just go

crazy when they quit the job like, "This sucks.

Screw you guys." Many of you or many of us or whatever. Will have to you know, go

back and work a job. You know, you want to leave your options open. If you don't

want to burn all your bridges, it's not a good way to go through life. And in this

video, I'm going to be going over how to gracefully quit a job. I know, I quit my

job. I had no intention of ever going back. But I did it in a graceful manner

personally. And what ended up happening... My boss gave me just literally gave me

my pay for, you know, I said, I'm going to quit. But he gave me my pay for the next

6 months without having to do anything. He just said answer a few emails from

this one person. But I'm gonna go over a few ways of how I was able to create

such a crazy arrangement for myself quitting my job. But also a few ways how

you can gracefully quit your job. So, the first suggestion I have to gracefully

quit your job is give 1 month's notice. And this is what I did. If you're being

respectful, if you're truly trying to be respectful of any employer, keep in mind

that their business, it takes time to hire people. It takes much longer than

2 weeks to hire a suitable replacement for whatever position it as you do. You

know, the higher up of a position you are in, the longer it takes to hire

somebody. I know I've employed plenty of people. I've employed dozens and

dozens of people. I've also fired a lot of people. You know, in my career as an

entrepreneur, it can take months to hire a good person. So, give one month's notice.

I mean what you can do to truly be respectful is tell the employer. "Hey, you

know, I'm giving my one month's notice. But if

you need a little bit longer, let me know. I want to make sure that you find, you

have enough time to find a replacement for me." That's a graceful thing. Second

way to quit your job gracefully is be brief. Don't drag on it anything

long-winded. No stories, okay? No stories. Don't go on about stories of what they

can improve or what you can improve or how good of a job they did or how

good of a job you think you did. Or what coworker was stealing from them or

whatever. No. They don't need to know much. Be brief, okay? Just say, "Hey, I just like

to let you know, I'm handing in... You know, I'm giving you my one month's notice. It

was nice working here." Don't go into other things. Just say, "I'm handing in my

one month's notice." You don't need to go into other topics of conversation. Okay.

This goes into the third point which is be discreet. Really important. Be discreet.

Again, if you are going to a competitor company, they don't need to

know that. If you are going to work for another company, they don't need to know

that. If you are going to work on your own, they don't need to know that. If you

married somebody and they're making the money for you, if you just inherited

money from your grandparents, whatever the situation is they don't need to know

that. Be discreet. Your situation is your own. Of course. Any employer is going to

be dying to know why are you quitting. Especially if you're a good employee.

Especially if you're high-performing employee. But I'm going to go over and just...

In just a few points here, I'm going to go over how this Third Point actually can

work to your advantage the most. And I'll go into that in just a little bit. I'll

use a story from my own experience. Fourth point is be positive. If you don't

give your boss a reason to hate your guts,

especially for you were a good employee, it'll drive them crazy. And I did this

with my boss the last job I worked. Again,

I was brief indiscreet but I was positive. I said, "Oh, thank you so much for

the opportunity to work here. And enjoyed the job. I'm giving my months notice.

Thank you for the opportunity. I learned a lot. But I'm moving off." Because in

everybody's mind, they're thinking, "Why the heck is this person leaving? Why are

they thanking me? Why aren't they flipping tables?" If you don't give them a

reason to go to hate you, it flips their mind. It flips their minds. Do you really

want to drive your boss crazy? Don't yell at them and be like, "You're an

a-hole and you treat people like cattle." And you know... Like, "You, underpaid people.

You have zero respect. You have power problems." You know, there's a

reason your wife divorce you. Don't go into any of that stuff. Just be positive.

It'll drive them more crazy. Especially if you're a good employee. If you weren't

a good employee, I don't know what to say man. You know, you have one life to give

it your effort. Now, the fifth tip is to have a plan. You know, know obviously all...

That should have been number one but I think it's just obvious. If you're

quitting your job, have a transition plan. Maybe you're going to a competitive

company. Maybe one of your client. Maybe that one of the company's clients is

hiring you direct. You know, maybe you're starting your own company. Whatever that

is, you should have a plan to make money when you're going off on your own. Now,

whatever company you're going to work for, make sure you have multi

month contract. If you're working on your own, make sure you're getting paid at

least you know one and a half times what you were being paid at the

monthly salary at your old company. Just to give yourself that buffer zone.

Because entrepreneurship is hard. Or if you don't... The other caveat to this is

know your number. Either have a plan and or know your number. Because there's a

very good chance. If you do these 4 things, your boss will be driven crazy.

And you'll be given an offer to work for them at a higher price point. They'll say,

"What do you want to stay here? I'll give you a raise. I'll give you more money.

A bonus structure. What? You know, I'll give you equity. What do you need to stay

here?" And so, know your number. If that number is a higher salary, let's hear you're

making 4,000 a month. And maybe if you're making 6,000. You would do better.

Okay? Or maybe it's having a vestment schedule,

if you're living in some like, you know, high tech area like me. Like you want

some equity in the company, right? Maybe you move to a different position.

Whatever that is, know what things that your boss could throw at you where you'd

have to be. But also keep in mind, if you are telling your boss you're going to quit

once, you need a much higher salary number because they may just say

something to get you to stick around and then fire your but very quickly. Because

you're unloyal soldier. Generally, I would tell you

don't threaten to resign and then just go back and work at the company. Because

once you've shown that you're not loyal to the company, you know, that's not a

good sign. Now, what happened in my case, you know, my last job was in 2012. I

worked at an ad agency and I hated it. I did all of these things and what ended

up happening was I had set a goal for myself. I had uh... I was taking on

some clients on a freelance basis. And I got of roughly... What I told myself I'd do

is... I was making $6,000 a month at my job. To quit my job, I knew I

had to be making about $10,000 a month on a recurring basis.

Right? Because some clients... You know, I was managing Google AdWords accounts. I

was managing other people's Google ads. And I knew some clients would drop. You

know, they dropped off every month and some clients they... You know, I got new

clients a month if I was out there talking to people. But overall, I knew I

needed that $10,000 a month. Now, what happened was... I won't go into

the full story. But I realized I wanted to get one client at $10,000

dollars a month. And I changed around a lot of things in my life. I had to start

hanging out new places. I got one client at 10,000 a month and then

handed in my resignation to my job. I had additional clients that are paying me

$500 a month that added up to about $3,000. So, I was making $13,000 a month

outside of my job. And I was just like, "Okay. Sweet. I landed this big deal." I told

my boss. I said "Hey..." I won't use his real name. "Hey B, I'm... You know." Give him my

month's notice. I was discreet. And he was worried. He was worried. I had no

intention of working for him. I hated him. I hated his guts. He was a total a-hole.

Totally turned me off the job experience. But I did all of these things. Brief,

positive, discreet. He had no idea what I was doing. He thought I was stealing his

biggest clients. Okay? In his mind, I believed what he was

thinking as he thought that I was either trying to negotiate for a raise or I was

trying to steal his biggest clients. And what ended up happening was... First thing

he said is, "What you want?" He said, "What do you want?" I said, "Oh, I'm just giving you

my one month's notice." He said, "I know. What do you want?" Which is kind of crazy.

Okay? Because I had gone to him 2 months prior asking for a raise. And what

he had told me was, in that meeting, I justified my raise. I did that. I just let

you know, I had added personally an extra $100,000 per month in

profit to this ad agency, to my boss's pocket. So, he used making a lot of money.

Extra from my work. And his answer to when I asked for a raise was "Or what? Or

else what?" That was what he said. "Or else what?" And I said, "Or else, I don't know.

Because I was I was interested in moving up in the company." But he just said, "Or

else, what are you going to do?" So, when I told him I was quitting, I knew I was

quitting. I wasn't going to let him drag jerk me along. I didn't want to work for

this guy. He asked me all the questions. He said,

"Are you moving to another company?" He says, "Are you working for another

agency?" And I just said... You know, that's... I was very discreet. I was very discreet.

That's my own business. But I'm handing in my months notice. He said... Then he

started going on the attack. He said, "You know, I have legal agreements with you,

John. If you were trying to... If you... If you're trying to work for one of these

other companies, you know that would be a big problem, right?" And I said, "Yes, I

understand that." He's like, "You understand there's non-disclosures?" And I said, "Yes, I

understand that." He had no idea what was going on. He said, "Are you going to work

for yourself? You're starting your own thing?" I said,

"That's none of your business." I said... I said, "That's my own business." Something

like that. I was very polite. I was discreet. When I was briefed, it drove him

mind crazy. What he did was he said... He came back to me and he offered me, he

said, "I'll pay you your salary 6 grand a month. The client, you know, one of our

clients really likes you a lot. I will... I'll just..." And this was the biggest

client. He said, "I just asked, you communicate on emails with them. Maximum

amount of time will be 4 hours per per week. That you'll need to

communicate on emails. That's it. And I'll pay 6 grand a month." And for me, that

was awesome. Because for me, I was thinking, "Okay, I'm making about 13 grand a month

now or whatever it was. I'm quitting my job. But I was going to make the extra 6

grand a month from my job anyways for the next 6 months." So, what ended up

happening was I took... Not only was I making all this money on the side

but I didn't even lose the income from the job. Because I quit my job so

gracefully. I put my boss. I freaked out his mind. And I was a I was able to earn.

And the story goes on I ended up getting a second client. I'd been

pitching 3 clients at 10,000 a month retainers. So, I got a second client

at $10,000 a month. So, I ended up going from making roughly

$6,000 a month to $30,000 a month.

My first month working for myself. And I was 23 years old. It was the scariest

decision I'd ever made in my life. But I did it the right way. I did it the right

way. I left my opportunities open and I ended

up making that money from my job anyway. It was crazy. So, that started me off on

my entrepreneurial career. In that next... In that time span, I ended up making a

lot of money. And I had no... Very little cost of living. Very little. I was living in like

a one-bedroom apartment. I was eating ramen noodles. I've been saving

up money like crazy because I was so worried about quitting my job. And I

ended up going from, you know, my expense... My living expenses were like $2,000 a

month. And I was making $30,000 a month. So, that got me started

in my career as an entrepreneur. It also gave me a little nest egg to go from. And

that's... It's gotten me to where I am today where I'm doing this business

bottle called affiliate marketing and I'm making over $500,000

per month. So, I implore you quit your job gracefully. Doesn't... You don't be

mean to people. It never pays off. If you want to learn more about my business, I

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what was the most impactful bullet point here? Was it, you know, 1 month's notice,

brief, positive, discrete or having that plan? So, let me know is the most

impactful in the comments. Speak to you soon. You

rock. You can do this. Looking forward to you quitting your job. It's worth it.