Family Business or Job?

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[Caller] Hey man my question is my family don't, they don't operate like I just didn't

work as hard as I do, I want to help them but my friends think that they're

they're drowning me you know I mean so I know guys like.. [Gary] I see you're carrying your

family's weight on your shoulders the family business? Yeah, yeah. This is tough

bro listen I've been I've been a driving force in two family businesses where and

you just got it honestly this is a very personal answer everybody's got to make

their own decision it depends on what you value and what feels good and that

will go up and down it feels good for me what I brought to the partnerships to my

brother and dad at times it didn't feel good I mean it's you know it's hard when

you're hustling harder but uh but you can't also expect, Like I can't expect AJ to

do exactly what I'm doing because I'm being selfish I'm doing it for myself

and so I think you need you need to be you know it's easy for everybody from

the outside saying yo bro stop carrying your sister and your uncle and

everybody's getting money off your back if it makes you feel good and you're

okay with 15 cents on a dollar fifty cents a dollar

well that's your life so I would say this, if you've got a problem with it and

your friends are saying that because they're supporting what you're saying

after four beers that's one thing but if they're just observing from the outside

and they're starting to change your mind I really let outside sources tell you

what to do with inside a family dynamic. Okay, I mean I've done it for years so

this is it's great I do appreciate it. I appreciate it, is there anything I can