Inside Singapore's Only Women's Prison

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then being away from the family having

limited access to the wall outside is

itself the punishment







I am people think we are dealing with

hardened criminals because of what they

see in popular fiction


and he'll 42c

so should I move your friends over this

job is more than just studying really a

lot of pitches while you empathize more

and the guys because it pretty them I

think is more because you want to

understand what they are being true so

they can have them to be better


although we move towards the concert

we have people patrolling around

to make sure by something therefore

during the visit

we'll be there to comfort them


the other one says he may was informed

that the brother pastor would sleep the

night before and she is actually very

close with her brother so when she came

out from the community room she was

reserved for without water to clean so

she ran back toward Southwest and then

subsequently during Swedish we spoke to

her gate and she was perceptive on the

news early



someone say something because it happens

all the time

so go be somewhere maybe he's curious

maybe different story motifs on

pathology Cosima Hadees Familia tempered

person Shana but as time goes by that my

contribution here I managed to mellow

down and really change a lot of my

thoughts and behaviors to overcome these

problems that I will face in the future


so that'sthat's the challenges that

these women have because they're always

wondering what's happening to the

children are they doing well we need to

dare target the program to see how best

to talk about the emotions

in a housing room we can do so much we

would see them three times a week the

officers see them every day so whatever

we teach but the skills in the group

sessions the officers would then need to

actually reinforce why it's your least

favorite thing to eat sardine anything

what do they request now hating for me


doing actual work instead of just

programs that equip them with basic

skills give them an opportunity to

have a sense of contributing back to






well do me what the watch you can learn

also on the video I also want to watch

ah I see you like one angle so sometimes

instead of going out to the yard so

actually stay in the day would they get

to do activities night leading

newspapers watching television

that way their baby

I think in general inmates do prefer

watching variety shows such as America's

foreteller and things that have revealed

to go sector it actually helps them to

seal and I guess a why we have got that

is everything because I feel like if we

make them a better person they go out to

be a better person we would have one

less prisoner I think it's also very

easy to judge like when you meet the

papers and you read about crimes that in

your opinion horrific I think the

important thing to remember is that one

inmate doesn't speak for everyone it

would be fair to give everyone a second

chance to prove themselves