What To Say When Quitting A Job You Just Started

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Hey! So, in this video I'm going to be going over how to quit your job you just

started? You dirty dog. Now, I'm going to go over my 3-step

formula. 3. D-D-P. Be going over kind of some rules of thumb to do this as well. Hey.

So, I'm going to go over my 3-step kind of formula for quitting a job that

you recently started in. I work for myself now. I'm kind of an entrepreneur.

But back when I was working jobs, I had quit jobs that I just started and never

had anything bad come with it. I'll tell you a little story later about

how I really actually made money from quitting my job. But let's go

into this first. So, first is B. And B stands for be Brief. Okay?

Be brief. Don't go into too much detail. Don't let your boss know that

he's that he's a total d-bag and don't talk about these co-workers

that you hate and that are stealing stuff from the company and you can't

stand the customers. And it's an inhumane workplace and you're underpaid

and overworked. Don't go into any of that. Just be brief, okay? Be very brief to say,

"Handing in my notice, I'm not going to be working here anymore. Thanks." But no

thanks don't even say "No thanks". Okay? Just be brief say, "Handing in my notice."

Discreet. Being discreet means don't give information. Don't let the person know.

When you resign from a job that you just started, don't let them know that you're

going to a competitor, don't let them know that you really hate the job or

that you hate the customers, that you hate the product or you think they're

scamming people or it goes against your morals. They don't need to know why