How To Gracefully Quit A Job You Hate

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I'm going to be going over how to gracefully quit your jobs and 5

specific tactics. You can use in handing in your resignation to make sure you

keep your options open and open yourself to new opportunities. I quit. Throw a flip

over a table or something. Isn't that what everybody wants to do is just go

crazy when they quit the job like, "This sucks.

Screw you guys." Many of you or many of us or whatever. Will have to you know, go

back and work a job. You know, you want to leave your options open. If you don't

want to burn all your bridges, it's not a good way to go through life. And in this

video, I'm going to be going over how to gracefully quit a job. I know, I quit my

job. I had no intention of ever going back. But I did it in a graceful manner

personally. And what ended up happening... My boss gave me just literally gave me

my pay for, you know, I said, I'm going to quit. But he gave me my pay for the next

6 months without having to do anything. He just said answer a few emails from

this one person. But I'm gonna go over a few ways of how I was able to create

such a crazy arrangement for myself quitting my job. But also a few ways how

you can gracefully quit your job. So, the first suggestion I have to gracefully

quit your job is give 1 month's notice. And this is what I did. If you're being

respectful, if you're truly trying to be respectful of any employer, keep in mind

that their business, it takes time to hire people. It takes much longer than

2 weeks to hire a suitable replacement for whatever position it as you do. You

know, the higher up of a position you are in, the longer it takes to hire