Text Her THIS & She Will Come Over! (Actual Text Examples) || How to Text A Girl

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yo what's up

my young kings it's your boy o'hare back

here with another video

so actually in this video you guys saw

the title i'm gonna be talking about

how to get a girl to come straight to

your crib and it's actually interesting


if you're a guy and you're in the dating

market right now right because of what's

going on in the world

most of the times you're going to be

doing online dating right or even when

you're texting a graphical approach

you're going to have to text her for a

little bit okay and i'm going to show

you how to actually go from

tinder bumble hinge instagram maybe even

code approach texting

just a step-by-step formula on how to

get a girl to actually

come to your crib and i'm going to

actually show you real text examples


you guys are going to see the actual

proof and text messages how to get a

girl to come straight over which you

guys can implement

today okay and this video comes directly


the recipe which is my online program

i'm teaching guys

the ingredients to a woman's heart okay

how to get a girl

how to get that perfect 10 how to get

that dream girl for you okay

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so let me stop rapping let me jump right

into this video



not every single one of your girls

you're going to meet in person

and approaching so here's the 10

tinder series the online game series

instagram tinder hinge

even text messages okay so the goals is

to get

any girls you need to always have your

funnel so online dating profiles

you're going to ideally start talking

them then you're going to start texting


and you're going to get them to come on

a date with you even when it's the same

thing with approaching

you talking to her you get her number

you text her

and you get the approach so this is just

the texans part of the whole game

you need to be able to text girls and

get them on dates

if you want to be successful with women

or get that beautiful girl here's what

we're going to talk about

in this actual section you're going to

see hinge conversations tender


instagram conversation of how to get the

girl on a date

how to get her to come back to your spot

okay how to communicate her with her

so in this interaction right here you're

actually going to see

me having a conversation with a girl on


in this tender conversation you can see

what to say when she has high interest

how to keep the conversation going how

to build a connection with her to tech

so it's a lengthy

it's a lengthy text demonstration and

everything but it's an actual

conversation that happened and she

actually came over to my spot

okay so now let's jump into this okay

so a large part about online profiles

is having good high quality photos okay

so when you have good high quality


the girls are naturally going to choose

you okay so

that's like how you are approach

approaching girls you want to have a

good outfit

and make yourself as presentable as

possible because you're going to get the

most amount of girls you're going to

have your options open

it's like your job okay when you go to a

job interview you want to look your best

so you already have that first

impression this is the same thing with

girls you might not be qualified

with the job you might not have the best

resume but if you go looking

and bring social vibes you can get that

job okay so it's the same thing with

attracting a woman

or getting her to be a girlfriend or

getting her to be friends with you okay

so the first thing that happened in this

interaction she had a weird profile

you're going to find this on tinder okay

she wasn't showing her face so

automatically if you see this

ask her why she hiding something so but

i didn't want to message her

so she messaged me first hey if a girl

message you first on tinder i mean she

has a good amount of interest okay

so she said hey i said hey back i asked

her why she hiding her face i wanted to


so then she told me basically like

she doesn't want everyone knowing that

she has a tinder profile

what's she hiding who knows okay so keep

up when you get in this situation keep

on playing along because

she's hiding something she doesn't want

people to know but that's understandable


then you gotta figure out what the

reasoning is okay and then

basically she told me she's gonna send

me the rest of her face okay

so i i told her to send me the rest of

the face and so

this is how i got her number okay i gave

her my number

because i want to see how high of

interest she's going to go

is she going to keep on texting me once

i got off this app

i started texting her but i also wanted

to get her igns too

also to build social proof okay so

marine college you can bring social

proof by being a social circle if you

work social proof by getting a high

ranking position okay

in nightclubs build social circle by

having become a product promoter knowing

the people of the club

or being with girls again when it comes

to tinder

and online game your social proof is

going to be your instagram okay

so i asked it for instagram it turned

out she didn't have instagram so cool

okay you guys see in the conversation

right now so now let's jump over

to the text portion okay

so now she showed me picture herself she

actually looks pretty cute actually

so i i tell her this and then

i basically tell her my name is olu okay

she asks what my name is i told her olu

she asked how to pronounce him

and then i pronounced my name i have her

name okay but that's not that's beside

the point

so i usually try to ask girls where

they're from to see if i can build up a

connection that way

just to build comfort to learn about

them some more game if you got her from

tinder to text message

you already won half of the battle okay

so now

and when you ask the girl where she's

from you want to try and relate to every

single place okay

we don't know get out more travel more

so she says she's from brooklyn

new york okay so i said brooklyn is lit

okay and then she asked me like yo

you're only

ready for the weekend and yes that's

what i'm only ready so

this was a tinder when i go to visit

other places i put in my profile

that yo i'm only here for the weekend so

i'm so people don't expect too much from

me okay

so if you're only visiting you should

put this in your profile

so she knows i'm only here for a short

amount of time so she wants to get the


as well so i asked her to hang out okay

so i asked this girl to hang out asap

because like yo you want to get straight

to the point

you don't want to be texting her forever

once you start texting her a lot she

kind of lose the interest from you okay

so set up the logistics right away you

can see in this conversation

that basically i'm not going to be there

for too long

i told her like yo i'm only going to be

here basically tomorrow i'm going to

philly tomorrow

my friends i might be free at night

she's telling me i'm trying to see what

she's doing tonight

herself but she says she's going to

sleep and she has to wake up at 7am for

work and that's understandable

so sometimes you can joke about it too

like i was telling her like yo

wow you're working hard you're working

mad hours okay just to keep the

conversation going okay

and then now she's basically like yo we

can figure everything out tomorrow

because you i'm going to philly she's

going somewhere else

she's going to work okay we'll figure

out tomorrow so the next day

she asked me hey can we facetime okay so

when you're on tinder

facetiming girl calling a girl you're

basically putting yourself in front of

every single guy why because guys don't

want to face time

guys don't want to get on the phone guys

just want to text and text and text okay

so when you actually talk on the phone

that's what most girls like

so you can get on the facetime try and

get a face down but you can see in this

interaction too

i'm doing most uh she's doing most of

the work okay she's the one

hashing on high interest so when she

does this just go by her rules follow


just chill let her pursue you okay

because you're out from a dominant guy

okay and she wants me to send her more

pictures okay this is gonna happen

why because when girls meet up with you

in person they meet you on tinder they

don't really know who you are and girls

have way more to lose than guys okay

girls the girls are the ones that go up

missing from guys okay so like yo

it's fine like send her more pictures

but make sure you have high quality


so now you see i'm just sending her

pictures that are on my tinder i sent


like three different pictures okay one

of the pictures i sent her was me and my

native word to see if she's gonna ask

questions and then when i sent her a

mean soccer journey so

she's like hispanic latino so i want to

see if she's gonna buy on soccer jersey

or bite off my traditional work and she

bit off my traditional

accent where i'm from okay so that's why

i tell her that nigerian okay

we're just having basic conversation she

told me she's gonna give me an address

when we facetime

so now she's asked me if i have my car

here so she can

so i can pick her up okay if not i would

have to uber her or something that just

means she doesn't drive again you're

gonna find it

when you have a car you're you get way

more girls because you can drive you're


okay that's one necessities you need as

a man okay and she wants to know where

my friend lives because in case i bring

her over so i'm getting on the logistic

right so logistics a large factor

in getting girls and then she tells me

she's going to send me her address

once she facetime she still wants to see

if i'm a real person and i'm asking like

how long is she going to be up she's

getting the whole logistics right okay

and she's asking me what's my middle

name this show's high interest

maybe she's stalking me i don't know so

i tell her my middle name okay

and so now we just keep on conversation

going and then she starts sending me

pictures of her videos

so she's looking good in her pictures

okay so when girls start sending you

videos and pictures randomly yo this

means she has high interest she's really


as herself okay so i just tell her she

looks like a snack that's a funny way

without saying

you're saying you're cute saying you

look good okay just say you look like a

whole snack okay

and then i want to comment on her hips

okay because she put up a bikini picture

saying yo she had

thick she had thick hips like yo she

looks good she her booty's fat or

something like that

and then she told me she's spanish okay

whenever girl tells me she speaks

spanish like yo i always joke around

with them saying like yo you need help


learn spanish okay because spanish you

have to like talk to them

you have to have communication with them

you can't just learn books okay

so it's a way you can you can build

connection with spanish girls and you

see she has really high interest so

she's talking talking talking

so i usually text a girl throughout the

whole day because i generally

like texting girls okay you guys if you

guys like texting girls you should text

it out throughout the whole day also

but this is the bright man flakes right

if you don't

text him that much like she has more of

a reason

to flick on you because she doesn't

really know you when you text her she

gets to know you more but make sure you


set up the date at the same time and

then i'm just having casual conversation

how long she's been living in pa all

that stuff she still sent me a picture

and she sent me a long paragraph which

i'm not going to read

but you guys can read through it right

here okay she wants to know the

logistics like

what um what's my friend's living

condition does he have roommates does

she want to bring a friend

okay so if a girl actually like yo does

she have [ __ ] she come by myself bring a

friend always say like yo

you can bring a friend my friend my

friend's gonna be there if you want him


just to make her feel comfortable okay

you don't wanna you don't be put in a

bad situation she can always bring a


it's actually easier for get her to come

to her spot if she brings a friend okay

but she tells me like yo she doesn't

want to bring a friend it's cause she's

cool by herself okay

so she said i say it can just be me and

you then okay

and then um she asked me what i'm gonna

wear she wants to know if she should get


like if a girl asks you that what you're

going to wear just

just say you won't wear sweats or

something like that keep it cool jeans

nothing crazy because you don't want to

have to have a dress up and then

i actually do you drink she says

occasionally okay so that means she's

not really a drinker but i say we can

drink something okay

so i thought i have some jack daniels so

we can take a couple shots okay

and then um she asked me do i smoke so i

don't really smoke like that

and then when a girl says she don't

drink you can joke around say yo one or

two shots you're going to be lit all


and then basically now we're getting

logistics just accidentally like dishy

sharia when shot come pick her up

all this stuff and all these messages

are going to be put down so you guys can

read it

and copy copy some of these messages

okay okay

and i just tell her let me know when

you're ready so i come pick her up okay

then i said i'll be there by two minutes

and then later she told me she left her


so i had to go get her go give it to her

in the morning but this is actually like

how you get a girl

from tinder the text messages and get

her to come back to your spot okay