Telling Your Boss You're Leaving - How To Quit Your Job

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recently I realized it can be difficult

for some people to leave their jobs

which is why I just want to make a quick

video to give a couple of suggestions so

the reason is it can be difficult

because there could be some tension in

the workplace it could be difficult

because and a boss has had a conflict

with the person or it can be difficult

just because they're not used to saying

no they're not used to saying I'm not

leave leave we're gonna move on so

initially I think it's really important

to express gratitude to say thank you

very much for the opportunity even if

the relationship has soured or even if

they weren't treated well you weren't

treated well in this situation I think

it's really important to express the

gratitude after that I think you know to

have a couple of different ways to say

no is important because if someone comes

I can really want it to stay or really

want you to tie them over for a bit but

you can't stand it anymore you have to

be prepared for that or always you can

find yourself slipping into agreeing to

something that you didn't really want to

do so we have to say thanks for the

opportunity but I've decided to move on

I'll be handing in my notice at the end

of the month supposing if they say ok

but we really need you to stay until

after the next deadline then you could

say all right this has been a very

difficult decision for me to make and I

understand that it's put you in a tricky

situation as well which is really

unfortunate but for me both personally

and professionally I've decided that

this is the best thing for me so I'm

going to have to stick with my original

decision but thank you for for me an

additional opportunity supposing they

come back again and they offer you to

stay but maybe stay in a different

department or stay in a different

capacity and you want to be able to say

no again in a different way and you

could say something like I understand

that this is difficult for you and I

empathize with you with your situation

but I'm still gonna have to stick with

my original

decision it's not something I've come to

likely and but I think it is the best

variable personally and professionally

and so what you can hear is obviously

the same answer of no but there's some

additional repetition in there and the

repetition is there consciously because

if we offer more and more new

information that's just going to lead to

more loopholes being opened so we want

to just say no politely elegantly and

and and to repeat the same phrases so

that there is no area for people to

offer additional suggestions or

additional alternatives okay so I hope

that has helps you it has helped some

other people before so I hope it helps

you if you're going to that particular

situation ok thanks for watching