People Who Have Quit Their Jobs On The Spot, When Did You Finally Snap? (r/AskReddit)

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people who have quit their jobs on the

spot what was the moment when you

finally snapped when I was in college I

waited tables at a restaurant that was

open on Thanksgiving after I had already

worked the lunch shift

covering for someone who took off for

the holiday I was ready to finish my

shift and head out so I could have

Thanksgiving dinner with my family when

my manager informed me that they were

going to need me to covered in a shift

too because one of the older waitresses

called out probably to spend

Thanksgiving with her family when I told

him I had plans already he said I needed

to cover the shift since I had a least

seniority and they wouldn't need someone

who isn't a team player implying I'd be

fired if I didn't cover it I told him I

don't need this job that much to miss