How to Resign on Short Notice

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great news you got the job now all you

have to do is give your two weeks notice

right well hang on a second it turns out

that it's your new company's busiest

time and they can't wait that long

they need you now it's a tough spot to

find yourself in so how can you keep

your new job and still leave your old

one on good terms first think about how

essential it is to your current role to

give at least two weeks if you're in a

sales position your manager may be glad

to get you out sooner on the other hand

if you're an engineer who does something

that nobody else in the company can it's

a different story if leaving your old

job without two weeks notice will leave

them in a tough spot you need to spend

some serious time thinking about your

decision how sure are you that the new

job is a great fit and what does it say