How to Find, Change and Quit Jobs // Bite Size How-To // Learn to Play The Sims 4 PC // Part 12

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hello everybody and welcome back to our

girl gave me my name is Heather and I

thank you for joining me for another

bite-sized Sims 4 how-to video yes this

is where I play The Sims 4 in the base

game and kind of show you guys how to do

things and I'm trying of course to

figure out what you would want to know

and if I miss anything leave it for me

in the comments tell me and I'll

incorporate it into a future video

because these videos are for you I want

to give you the best start playing The

Sims 4 as I can you can have a really

fun time like I do anyway in this video

we're gonna talk a little bit about jobs

now I am playing with base game but also

have get famous installed because I

forgot to uninstall it so I'm going to

point out a couple things about jobs and

I'm kind of glad I still have get famous

installed so I can show you something

because you wouldn't see this in base

game and it kind of gives you a sneak

peak to what it would be like if you had

get famous or get to work installed

alongside your base game so let's go

ahead and get started we're gonna have

Kinley here try to find a job I'm gonna

go into normal speed I'm gonna pick up

the phone I'm gonna go in my phone right

here to the briefcase which is the work

menu and you're gonna see these two

options here we're gonna start with the

find a job option I'm just gonna kind of

show it to you and then I'll show you

what the other one is cuz the other one

is new came with a free update that we

got and we're all kind of just using

that to our best advantage okay so here

is the career screen you can see here

all the career choices that you have

each one has a description what your

position would be how much you're gonna

make an hour what your hours would be

and what days you'll be the red days are

the days off the other days are the days

you are working and you can see they

change a little bit depending on what it

is you've chosen okay

style influencer is a newer one some of

these are things

can do from home like painter writer I

believe tat guru but you might actually

have to go to work for that one you

could do things like this on the side

culinary and you know you just kind of

come through and pick what you like

right so then I deliberately ignored

actress cuz that's forget famous but I

want to talk about it a little bit

because you'll see this icon here and

the little briefcase icon with the play

button basically means that I could go

to work with her if I chose that now I'm

not gonna do that because you guys don't

have get famous for the most part at

least I'm assuming not and I don't

really want to go there at this point

later I will start adding packs in and

we'll explore some of those as well if

you're interested but for right now I'm

going to just show you this screen I'm

also going to leave this screen I will

be coming back but I wanted to show you

the other option which is register with

Ministry of Labor so if we do that she

is going to pull that up on her phone

come on Kinley and this is actually a

make your own career so I could put down

lazy girl watching TV and then I can put

watches TV all day long for money don't

we wish we all could do that I'm gonna

hit that and then she can actually have

that job of watching TV now really it

just means that she can stay home and

you know kind of do her own thing

she is self-employed so you can use

whatever tools you have at your disposal

painting selling goods I mean watching

TV obviously it's not really gonna pay

her I just thought that was funny but

anything you want to do to make money

you can now put that as self-employment

which is something we've all asked for

for a long time and it's kind of fun to

have that if you

don't know like if you just want them to

be a farmer you can make them a farmer

it you're a fisherman can make money you

can just pretty much do whatever you

want and that really gives you a lot of

freedom and they don't have to go off to

work all the time finding a job though

I'm is what I'm going to do I'm gonna go

ahead and find her a job I think we're

gonna make her a style guru so come down

here or style influencer so by

identifying the right colors

the trendy patterns the unseen ensemble

pairings and identifying the right

person to act as a vehicle for such

insight the style influencer can twist

the world store the world towards a more

cohesive end career branches are

trendsetter and stylist so we're gonna

do that she'll work Monday through

Friday 9:00 to 5:00 at $18 an hour as a

rag reviewer so we'll say yes now if you

watched my earlier bite-sized videos you

saw that Jonah did get a job and we've

sent him to work and we've kind of gone

through that so I'm not going to talk

about that as much right now I do want

to have Kinley doing this career path so

I do want to have Jonah go ahead and

quit his job so we're gonna switch over

to Jonah and oops not click on him we're

gonna come over here and look at this so

he has find a job or quit a job so he

could quit and not do anything or he can

find a new job

and if you come over here you'll see

that I had him doing the same job I have

her doing now I'm not gonna have him

keep doing that I want to have him quit

so we're gonna go to the phone but I'm

not gonna have him quit quit I'm gonna

have him actually just find a new job

and move over into that work instead

because you know your mother always

tells you don't leave a job without

having a job and I stand behind that

100% now I think we could make him a

tech guru and he's gonna make 31 dollars

an hour which is an increase over what

he's currently making and he's gonna

work 10:00 to 6:00 Tuesday through

Saturday so

go ahead and say yes and it says should

Jonas wit jobs to live chat support

agent he will quit his current position

of consignment commentator upon

accepting the new job we're gonna say

okay and now he has a new job he quit

his old job and there he goes he's

starting off and again you can do the

same thing by just coming in here and

quitting job and this will give us the

opportunity to have him just quit and be

a couch surfer or whatever we're gonna

say no to that I just wanted to show you

that option just for thoroughness sake

anyway you guys that is a look at how to

find change and quit jobs in my

bite-size series if you enjoyed it give

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again real soon have a great one