How To Be A Person | How To Quit Your Job

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listen to me I can't I can't do this

anymore I'm overworked on the pay and

I'm grossly under appreciated you were

here he's not only do I work here I work

a hell of a lot harder than you do and I

make way less money I quit well done


wait you've seen this situation play out

before now it doesn't usually go down

like that I've certainly seen a lot

worse let me dive see people throwing


yelling making threats but typically

not-it's not this bad so now to stand

way to quit your job is to give two

weeks notice and a letter of resignation

what would you recommend I would want to

sit down and say what do you need for me

to make this work so I can leave you in

good hands because most of the job

market is who you know if you're just

frustrated you hate the place you never

want to come back I think then just give

them your two weeks and if there are

things that you really want to express

frustrations or problems or challenges

yeah I to schedule an appointment talk

to your boss but also try to schedule

something with HR or someone to do an

exit interview to let them know you've

conducted a lot of exit interviews just

how honest should people be when they're

exiting if there are real factual you

evidence that you have of some

wrongdoings or things that are happening

by letting them know you're putting them

on notice so if they ignore that there's

a record of that or at least you can

testify to the fact you put them on

notice now everybody loves saying that

Millennials love quitting their jobs the

data on that is rather inconclusive what

do you think about that when we look at

folks from the ages of 22 to 29 right

like oh right now we're saying wow they

seemed a job op more than those that are

older than them guess what that's always

been true younger workers typically

leave in job hop at higher rates than

older workers now some studies show that

changing jobs one of the best ways to

advance your career and get that

at the end of the day you know if you

want that extra money you got to go

chase it it's not gonna come to you

companies like to prey on this idea of

contentment if I'm not gonna leave then

they kind of just incrementally will

bump you up cost-of-living couple

percent every year and you'll kind of

take it but if you really want to get

that bump in salary yeah for the most

part you probably have to go somewhere


your priority is to you woody thank you

so much for talking with us and teaching

us how to quit our jobs and Rory thank

you for being such an amazing fake balls

I'm not a real CEO oh this is this is

all fake