Want To Quit Your Job? | 16 Signs You Need To Leave

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Have you ever had that thought that "Maybe I don't belong here?"

Have you ever thought to yourself "This job sucks and I hate driving to work. And

my boss is an a-hole."? Well, there are a number of signs you might need to quit

your job. And jobs are one of the biggest sources of stress in our life.

It's the biggest source of suicide. It's not healthy to be stuck or to force

yourself into a job that you absolutely hate. Now, how do you know if you're meant

to quit your job. In this video, I'm going to be going over 16 signs you need to quit

your job. I quit my job 8 years ago today. And I've never been happier. And in

this video, I'm going to go through 16 different reasons why you might as well.

Okay, there's a lot of reasons why we can rag against jobs. But I'm going to go

through these line by line to help you identify if you're not meant for your

job. If any of these really speak to you, just type in "I quit". Because so you might

need to quit your job. They're better things out there and your life does not

need to be filled with stress or doing something you love. So, the first sign is

that you dread going to work each day. If you dread going to work each day,

remember that we have one life to live. And if we are spending our days doing

something, we dread. Might be time to move on. If there is no room for advancement

in your job; if there's no way you can ever earn more, it might be time to quit.

Because we all need something to aspire to. We all need something to work harder

at. And if you can't go anywhere, well you're stuck. You're at the end, you're at

a wall. And when you're facing a wall, either you could just bang your head