How To Quit Your Job And Still Make Money

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How to quit your job and still make money? That question is so important. Noelle

gets this question all of the time. And it is so important especially now. I'm

going to tell you exactly how. Let's go.

First up, I'm going to give you 3 simple steps that you can follow so that you

can get started doing this right now. The second thing that I'm going to share with

you is how to get this done quickly, the fast way. I basically have students doing

this in less than a hundred days. And I'm going to tell you exactly how they're doing

it. And then last but not least, I'm going to share with you how to calculate your

numbers and your timeline to freedom. The first thing that you want to do

we're talking about how to quit your job and still make money is make a decision,

okay? You need to decide. Step number 1 is always decide. Make that decision that

you are literally going to be quitting that job whether you're making money

consistently or not. I know this sounds a little bit scary and a little bit crazy.

But that is what you are deciding. You need to decide in your mind that you are

quitting your job whether you are making money or not. However, I'm definitely

going to share with you how to be making money so that you feel super comfortable

and that you are ready to do it. But it all starts with your decision, okay?

Whatever it is that you're doing you're going to have to be able to quit that job

and make that decision. And so, there's never going to be a perfect time to quit

your job. I'm sorry. It just doesn't always work out exactly the way you want

it. But if you can start making money in your business and you can get some

income coming in, you can start to build your confidence so that you know that

you can make money and you can quit your job. But you're never gonna be ready. Know

that. Click in there. This is a part of the decision that I am quitting the job.

It really doesn't matter it's the number that I want to make one month and then

it goes down a little bit the next and then it's up and then it's out. You still

are gonna quit the job. Because there is no perfect time. You're never going to be

ready so let's just get to it. The second thing. This is so key. You need

to create a plan of action, okay? Not just a plan but a plan of action. What are you

actually going to do to quit the job? And so let's get into what should be in that

plan. The first thing that needs to be in that plan off tops off the rip is how

much money that you are committing to yourself. Like, "Okay, if I make $2,000 in a

month or if I make $3,000 in a month, I am quitting my job." Whatever that number

is for you, commit to that number and put that in your plan. So, the first thing

before you even know that number is you're going to have to assess your

situation. Look at your bills. What are your expenses? How much is food and

shelter and like your bare necessities? Those are the things that you were going

to assess. You know, don't put in the cable bill and all those extras and

Netflix and all these extra things that you don't necessarily need, okay? Put in

the bare minimum amount of money, okay? That you need in order to quit your job.

And I know that sounds a little bit scary and I know that sounds a little

bit crazy. But once you quit the job, you'll have more time and then you will

make way more money. The next thing, you have to create your timeline, okay? So, you

have your plan of action, you know exactly how much money you need, you know

what business you're going to be in. You know what you're going to do. But now you

also have to put to it a timeline. Because without a timeline, it's just not

going to happen. There's no such thing as some day. You know there's a Monday or

Tuesday, but there is no some day. And I know you guys have heard this before

from other people. And I'm telling you as a successful entrepreneur, that is the

key. You have to put a timeline. So, if you say you're quitting in 6 months or

you're quitting in 3 months or a year, then make sure that you have that

written down and you have your timeline to do it so that you can get it done. Let

me give you a quick example. So, if you say I am quitting in 6 months,

alright? So, from today's date. Go ahead and you write down that date.

December 31st, blah, blah, blah. Is it November 15th? Is it July 15th.

Whatever the day is that you are quitting, put that down in your plan, okay?

This is not I'm quitting in 6 months, I'm quitting any year. No. What date is

that is that a Monday? Is it a Tuesday? You know, some people don't even look it

up. Because they... It's not real to them. And I'm telling you, make it real by

writing down the date and literally looking at the calendar and like, "Okay,

it's a Friday. I'm going to be packing up my stuff." And I'm saying this to you becuase

you guys are like, "What? Really?" Yeah, this is what I did. This is my true story.

I literally quit my job and I made a plan and I stuck to it. And I was scared

as heck when I did it. But I did it and it worked out really well and it's

worked out really really well for some other people that I have told to do it

after me because you don't have to make mistakes that I did. And one of the

mistakes that I did not make was the timeline. I was really, really clear like

I am quitting on this date. But here's the key: Once you have that time line, you

say, "Okay, I'm quitting in 6 months." Now, you need to break it down. What are

you doing in month one? What are you doing in month 2? What are you doing in

month 3? And you just go through it. And each month you're getting closer and

closer to their d-day, your quit day to day. Let's call it Q Day. The day that you

are quitting. And you do an account down to that with

activities in your plan of action that you were going to do to get you to that

date. And then you just do it. Last but not least you will quit, okay? You will

quit your job. This is how you do it. So, when you have your plan and you're

putting in there, this is how you're making money. Because you started the

business while you were still working. That wasn't your plan, okay? So, I'm not

sure if that was super clear. But everyone should know in your plan was

things that you were doing. And you can always tweak and change your plan. But

you should be looking at it. So, if you write a 6 month plan out and you say,

"In month one, I am going to have my business license, I'm going to have my LLC

I'm going to have my website." And then in month one if it's not done, don't just,

"Forget it. I'm not going to be able to quit in 6 months."

No. Just change the date a little bit and then get that stuff done. And this is how

you don't just push it out into eternity where it actually happens. You write the

plan, you tweak the plan if you need to. But really you should be sticking to the

plan. You know this is your plan. This is your escape plan. This is you coming to

freedom and join us. It's fun being free and owning your time. And I said this to

you and I'm going to say it to you in the most sincere way. Once you quit your job,

you have done the best thing that you can for your business, okay? I know that

sounds a little bit scary. But what your business needs more than anything is you.

It needs you, all of you. Not you going to work for 40 and 50 hours a week working

for someone else and thinking about all of that stuff and then coming home and

then spending maybe an hour on Saturday working on your business.

Oh, no. No, no. While you are working your job, you're working your business and you

are always in your mind leaving that other job behind so that you can give

your business you. You can give it your time, your energy, your effort and you.

Because once you give your business all of you, sky is the limit.

So, that's what you need to do. So, go ahead and like this video. I need you to

comment below. When are you quitting your job? I need to know that. I read all of

the comments. I love you guys so much. I want you guys to be successful and quit

your job. So, comment below and tell me what your plan is. When are you quitting

your job and what business are you trying to get into? I read and reply to

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