Can I get unemployment if I quit? (Maybe)

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hey I'm Adam Jessica from answer

collection and in this video we are

going to answer the question can I

qualify for unemployment compensation if

I quit my job before I do that I'm going

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in the future as well so this video can

I qualify for unemployment if I quit my

job now first off we should say that

unemployment law is different in every

state in the country however there are

many similarities between the states so

there definitely are some things that we

can say are probably going to be true in

most cases so the answer to the question

can you qualify for unemployment if you

quit usually is going to be no so if you

chose to quit your job and the employer

was willing to keep you as an employee

you're usually not going to qualify for


if you quit however there are some

instances where possibly you could

qualify for unemployment if you quit now

all I say it's possible in some cases

the bar that you would have to reach in

order to get unemployment if you quit

your job would be very high you would

have to show that you had a good cause

for leaving that job that a you know

reasonable person in the same situation

as you would see no other choice

really but to leave that job so it's not

just you know your boss is annoying and

you get you know the worst job so while

other people get easier jobs or there

wasn't room for advancement in the

company or you know maybe your

co-workers were jerks or whatever it

would have to go up a level now maybe if

we used your boss or your co-workers as

an example it wouldn't just be that they

are annoying or that you feel you are

being treated unfairly it might be that

there is something that is creating a

hostile work environment so maybe your

boss is you know treating you in

particular in a very demeaning fashion

maybe you are being you know screamed at

or you are somehow you know being

singled out in front of all the other

employees over and over again so maybe

there's something something like that

maybe there is a co-worker that you feel

is threatening in some way because

something happened in the you know

workplace and now you have been the

and by a co-worker so there could be

something within a hostile work

environment that would cause you to feel

like you absolutely have to quit now

that's one of the cases where if you

were in that situation you couldn't just

quit and say okay well this was you know

a really bad situation you'd have to do

some documentation to show what had

happened and what you did about it to

try and remedy that situation that might

mean that you go to the human resources

department of your company and you know

say what has happened and that you

expect there going to be changes made

and that they would look into the

situation and then if there was no

remedy if things did not get better if

nothing changed well then maybe then is

the time that you could say well I tried

and I had to quit because nothing was

going to change now that's sort of a

more dramatic example but there may be

other things as well maybe you feel like

your workplace is unsafe for some reason

and again maybe there are things that

you didn't want to do because you were

concerned about the safety or just the

general safety in the environment in the

place that you work you don't trust and

again if you went to someone and talked

about your reasons for feeling unsafe

and they basically you know didn't

listen to you did not change anything

well that again is the possibility of

something where you could quit and still

qualify for unemployment maybe your

hours were cut back so substantially

that the job is no longer a job that you

can hold and support a family so you

were working full-time and all of a

sudden your employer cut you back all

the way to 10 or 15 hours a week well

now that is a completely different job

they may not be firing you they may not

even want you to go away but in that

case you things have now changed

substantially from what they were and so

it would make sense that you might quit

that job

look for a new job and one unemployment

at the same time so obviously there are

a couple problems with quitting a job

and still seeking unemployment

compensation like I said there's a very

high bar to even prove that you should

get unemployment if you were the one

that decided to leave but say that you

have met that bar it's still going to

take a while for you to get your


out it's not going to be the same as

someone who is laid off from a job very

obvious that they should qualify for

unemployment instead you are going to

have to have someone look at your case

specifically and probably spend more

time with it to decide if you should

qualify for unemployment and of course

while you are waiting for that to happen

you are not getting any money so you

have that to think about and then on the

other hand also because of the fact that

you are asking for unemployment and it's

not going to be necessarily a clear-cut

case you may feel like you need to hire

an attorney and then of course then

you're talking about

you know paying someone when really you

want to be making money right so that is

something that is not you know a

situation that most of us want to jump

into in terms of having to hire an

attorney to get unemployment especially

because of the fact that unemployment is

not a significant amount of money we

don't want part of that going to an

attorney now none of this is to dissuade

you from quitting a job if you feel like

you are unsafe and any reasonable person

would feel unsafe in that situation is

just to let you know that it is not

going to be easy in order to win your

case and get that unemployment so it's

obviously something that you should take

into consideration so I said if you have

any questions put them in the comments

section can't really give you no advice

very specifically to any particular

person's situation however if there are

more general questions that you have put

them in there and we will see if we can

jump in and give you some answers that's

it for this video

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