Quitting A Job You Just Started

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hey john sonmez from

simpleprogrammer.com so I just I love

this email that I got it I think it's

the funny situation I mean it's not

funny if you're necessarily in this

situation but this is this is I've been

in this situation before I know a lot of

people that have so if you just start a

job you feel like you might need to quit

it you're going to want to stay tuned


so I got this email from Bob I'm

definitely not going to say a last name

all right Bob all right so uh first he

says that first big fan of your blog

newsletter in your portal site courses

I've definitely learned quite a lot from

you all right thanks Bob appreciate that

my reason for writing you is to see what

advice you could offer about how to

handle quitting a job you just started I

guess not so much the quitting part but

how to handle the topic of why you want

to leave a job the job in an interview

it will undoubtedly come up I definitely

have my reasons the job has not just

turned out to be what I thought it was I

won't say I was lied to

but the job is definitely something

other than what I was led to believe

anyway any advice you could offer would

be greatly appreciated so I've done this

before right I've signed a car started a

new job and then realize oh I do not

want to be here I needed I need to find

a better situation I think a lot of

people have some people get stuck

they're like whoa I can't just quit a

job I just got a week ago actually yes

you can in fact do it now like don't

quit quit or I get another job you know

you know that I'm against quitting for

the sake of quitting like have something

lined up but don't wait three months is

bad right what you do if you quit a job

that is only like a week you just don't

put on your resume

now this is not lying if someone asks

you advertise that you're at a job for

one week that you didn't like that

didn't work and it didn't match up if it

does come up in the interview and if you

don't put on your resume I don't think

it will and honestly like if you do it

for three months there's going to be a

gap in time but if it's one week there

won't even be a month you usually put

year and month dates on your resume

little trick here if you have gap put

year dates on your resume instead a

month if they ask about months don't lie

never lie but then you can be specific

but if you have month dates on your

resume if you're even going to that

level of specific specificity I think

that's the word I think it's specificity

anyway if you have that level of detail

then a week is not going to show up

again do not lie if they ask you but

probably not gonna come up in that case

so their problem solved right okay so

now if it does come up here's what you

say you just say that it didn't work out

you just say that it wasn't what you

expected and you didn't want to be an

environment that you couldn't contribute

your best and and do the best job for

the company so you want to make sure

that you find the right matchup for not

just for for you but to be able to be

most effective at a company as well and

just leave it at that don't leave any

don't put any other reason

don't say negative don't say you know my

boss I I didn't realize that he was not

going to wear deodorant and it's really

hard to sit in the cubicle all day

whatever don't say any of that stuff

don't say anything negative right just

try to leave it as little as possible as

detailed as possible and and you know

and resist the effort no one's going to

pry into it if they do you're probably

in the wrong place and you know if they

do pry into it and you're going to have

to just still try to be do you say good

things about the company right say good

things about the job say good things

about the opportunity because when

someone's interviewing you that what

you're saying about the company

currently working at is exactly we're

going to be singing about them and

thinking about them so that's what they

think in their mind if art is just

leaving the job don't don't be afraid I

mean you don't want to burn bridges

either right so because a lot of times

I've seen people that don't realize how

connected especially recruiters

different companies are in a small

market and they get blacklisted and this

is something that's not really talked

about very often but you'll know if

you're blacklisted because you won't get

any jobs and you use will get any

interviews so you don't want to burn and

it's a very delicate situation right

because you could burn someone by you

know they just hired you for the job and

now a week later you're quitting and you

know there's complications with the

recruiter and all this stuff and money

change hands so you just have to be you

know honest but again not very very

specific just say that you you don't

want to lead them on essentially right

it's not you that means you know don't

don't break up with them but but kind of

the same advice right don't don't don't

blame them certainly you

say that you appreciate the opportunity

so that you're thankful for the

opportunity this is a great environment

but it's just not the one for you that

you don't feel like you can be the most

effective and that you know you wouldn't

want to waste their time when they could

find someone better that could fill this

role they're going to be happy about

that praise praise praise them about the

things in the environment just to make

sure you leave on a good note if you can

suggest someone that would be a better

fit that's going to be better because

it's going to make it you know it's hard

to fill a spot and you know and just

apologize for for making the mistake you

know take the ownership that you can and

and try to leave that relationship

intact it's gonna you're going to burn

some bridge right to some degree you

know you're going to have some people

that are going to be upset at you

obviously because there's a lot of

effort in hiring someone and then you

know when you immediately leave but

you're just gonna have to deal with it

it's better than doing it three months

later it's better than working in some

job that you're going to hate right so

you know do that approach and like I

said don't put on your resume if it's

like a week or two weeks or whatever you

know try try to avoid that don't lie but

but just just be honest but but fake you

don't need to get into details you

definitely don't need to knock never

ever say anything negative it that can

only hurt you it can get back to the

person and just you know you want to be

this is where you got to be very

politically correct correct right this

praise just you know accept

responsibility and and and and don't

make it a big deal don't make it a big

deal okay all right well hopefully that

helps helps you Bob this is interesting

situation right it's it's a little bit

comical because you know we've been a

lot of people been in this situation and

and is you know it's it stinks when

you're there because it's like well what

am I going to do now and how we gonna

deal with this but it's not that hard

and you'll get past it definitely you

know make sure you check things out

ahead of time as best as you can I've

been hired for jobs and realized that

I'm doing a different job than what I

expected before that kind of stinks but

you know sometimes you got to like dig a

little bit deeper to make sure that's

not the case so anyway hopefully that

helps if you have a question that you'd

like me to answer just email me at John

at simple programmer

I try to get to most of the questions

and do videos on them and if you like

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next time