How to Quit a Job: Leaving on Good Terms

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in this day and age it's normal to

change jobs a few times in your career

it's also normal to cross paths with

people you used to work with your former

coworker might even be your boss one day

so let's dissect what it looks like to

not just leave a job but to leave a job

well for years

athletes have used science and data

analysis to improve now we are doing the

same for jobseekers everywhere this is

job signs meet Ted she's a Sales

Director at an e-commerce company and

just accepted a new role in the

publishing industry before making any

moves be honest with yourself about your

reasons for leaving writing all them

down is a good place to start this helps

make sure your decision wasn't made on

the spur of the moment leaving without

another job offer could affect your

finances it's important to keep these

things top of mind to manage stress

after you've written your reasons circle

a couple that you might want to share

with your employer this will help you

feel more confident and help them get

feedback on the company once you've made

your decision

find time to meet with your employer and

give them your two weeks notice it's

always best to resign from your job in

person and give as much notice as you


I hate it here this place sucks I'm

bored and I don't get paid enough oh

hold it there Ted you should definitely

be honest that's good but know that when

you're giving your answers the employer

might interpret them differently so

let's take a step back remember you want

to stay positive in your answers your

goal is to leave on good terms and if

you don't feel comfortable there is no

need to disclose where you'll be working

in the future well I've learned more

than I could have imagined here you took

me under your wing and I am so thankful

for that but I'm actually gonna be

taking on a new role that's in


I feel I can bring a really fresh new

take there and they're giving me brains

to build a team from the ground up you

deserve to have you on teams of all-time

good for you

perfect now's a good time to submit your

formal letter of resignation let's take

a quick look at the parts that comprise

it time and date address statement of

resignation last day of work statement

of gratitude next steps or important

information and your signature done the

next few steps are a little easier don't

just leave on a dime prepping a

co-worker to take over your role is key

to a smooth transition so typically what

I would do is go ahead and export the

file here and then reach out to the team

and just let them know it's all packaged

up and lastly be thankful sure your

gratitude whenever you can you can also

provide your employer with constructive

feedback big plus when all said and done

ending on a positive note and keeping

that bridge intact can be huge for your

career this was the breakdown of leaving

a job well until next time