How To: Close games that won't close [Windows 10] | Harmony

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hey guys Harmonie r coming at you with

another tutorial for most of my fans

most of my subscribers you guys all know

that the steam summer sales up it's in

motion and you know you all know me I

gotta buy my games so I got squat it was

a game that me and my friends were

looking at to get for a while

I'm obviously testing the waters here to

let them know if they should get it or

not it's it's 30 bucks right now usually

it's 40 but this is a tutorial for the

people who buy these games that

sometimes this issue happens and the

issue is let me go to thee I have to I'm

recording this video real time so my

issues right now let's say squad right

here wonderful game I like it very

hardcore very realistic just the way I

like it

but the main issue here is oh it froze

oh no let me just go right here and let

me hit the X button okay you hear my

clicking okay it's not closing and let's

say I want to go to you know Google


oh I flick it up it goes right here I

can't do it how am i oh let's say I want

to talk to my boys and team speak up I

can't I meet my mic cuz quad is a very

you know microphone a game you need to

have the microphone you need to got good

communication you need all that good

stuff okay so I can't do anything and I

can't close squad and I know some my

friends who have this issue oh they just

restart their PC why should you have to

do that that makes no sense to me

well you shouldn't if you have Windows

10 you should see this task view thing

it still works as normal as can be for

example let's try to close out squad

right here you just can't you see how it

says a new desktop right here where my

mouse is in the bottom right corner you

want to make a new desktop so once you

get the new desktop desktop 2 you want

to go to this little windows right here

in the bottom left corner and you want

to right-click and you want to hit task

manager and now you can go into your

task manager and close squad like so and

then you can just hit X on desktop

number 2 and you're back in business

there's all your stuff there's all

Jim James okay and I just wanted to say

you know this is a problem that

everybody has and there's a solution to

it so thank you guys for watching I I

didn't really have time to make this

video professional I just had to do it

so if it helps you out I just you know

hit the like hit the comment you know

subscribe and you know without further

ado my name is harmony and this is my