Working on Commission jobs vs Salary jobs

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so which one is better a salary job or a

commission based job now you might think

Tommy I already know the answer but the

answer is most likely you don't because

I've seen countless videos on YouTube

whereas he used to were shown about this

stuff all the time but in reality they

have no experience because they never

had any job except the job that they

currently have but now me I have both

experiences I'm gonna tell you all the

pros and cons to having a salary job and

all the pros and cons to having a

commission-based job and even though the

pros and cons to being an entrepreneur

because there are cons and they are pros

to everything out there so make sure you

stick around so you find out all these

stories you actually find out exactly

which one to pick for you or maybe you

might be able to switch from your career

now to something that's more profitable

if you stick around now as if you don't

know me my name Bryson I'm an accountant

and I've been practicing personal funds

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guys a question every single time before

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can comment down below I can see where

you are right now and then where you are

at the end of the video so here it is

the first question is this do you have

right now a commission based job I

already job a salary job or are you

unemployed and I'm trying to figure out

hey should I do this or should I do that

so where are you right now comment down

below and let me know and by the end of

the video you can let me know also hey

you know I was here but now I'm thinking

of going here or I'm here and I'm gonna

stay here so that's what I'm asking you

guys to actually comment before the

videos over so I can see where you are

and where you want to go after this

video so let's get right into the video

but before we do that I do want to talk

just a little bit about the basics for

example Tommy when you saw about a

salary job what are you talking about

specifically well what I'm talking about

is a steady job that pays you regularly

very predictable and on top of that all

you have to do oh by the way you also

get benefits which is amazing and on top

of that all you have to really do is

give up around 40 years of your life and

then guess what by the end of that

period you'll get to retire start living

your life and you can start living the

dream life you always jumped off when

you were in your 20s but I in your 60s

and now you can't really live it now I'm

not biased guys okay later on the video

I'm gonna tell you all the

this job but for right now that's how I

see is salary job so just be conscious

that I'm gonna switch things up later on

the video don't think I'm hating on you

or anything like that okay I'm just

explaining it the way it actually is so

yeah now the same thing is it's Tommy

what is it Commission job well a

commission job is a job that gets paid

on results and usually you get paid

based on a percentage and then BOOM

that's how it works so for example if

you sold nothing if you had no results

this month then you get paid nothing if

you sold the Lots

you get paid a percent then you can make

a lot of money okay but if for example

you work 40 hours a week and you had no

results then guess what

you're not on a salary you're not hourly

you get paid nothing and that's how it


now guys comment down below and tell me

what you think which job is better now I

know it sounds like they're both bad but

I just want you guys to let me know

right now which one do you think is

better salary or Commission I know

salary sounds like oh my gosh I'm giving

up my life commission sounds like oh my

gosh if I don't get a results then I

don't get paid you know I know this

sound both likely bad but I just want

you guys to comment down below right now

which one do you think is better so far

so comment down below right now before I

tell you the pros and cons now I do want

to tell you guys all the pros when it

comes to a salary job but before I do

that I do want to tell you guys a short

story now everyone knows this because in

all my videos I always say hey guys I'm

an accountant I did this I did that

right but no one really knows this you

know when I graduated from college with

my bachelor's degree in accountants I

was working at a company in this company

I was working there for a while and I

was temporary and then I did such a good

job that eventually they wanted to keep

me around and I used to go to that

company every single morning around 5:00

a.m. dark outside nothing around and I

just took the bus he's looking around

two hours to get to that company every

single day and I worked there every

single day did a great job and then

something happened I'm gonna tell you

guys later on what happened but I worked

this job it was very secure I knew how

much I was gonna get paid on a weekly

basis everything was good everything was

perfect consistent work and I hadn't

like nothing to say about it really okay

but I do want to tell you guys why this

is so important so here are the pros

when it comes to having a salary job and

the first one is this you get a steady

paycheck now when I was working at that


I got a steady paycheck every single

week so I knew that no matter what I was

look at this paycheck and I did

to worry about anything it wasn't about

results Oh wasn't about me having to

work super hard I was gonna pay the same

amount of money that everyone got paid

but the downside to that was this I was

doing around two times the work that

everyone else was doing but I was still

getting paid the same amount of money

and that kind of ticked me off so

eventually I was like you know what

maybe I shouldn't do all the work maybe

I should just do what they do but I

couldn't do that because that's not

really in my character if I can do

something really fast I'll do it very

fast and very quality-based and then

I'll get paid whatever yes but I won't

stop working as good as I should just so

I can keep up with everybody else so you

just get paid where everybody else gets

paid because I remember this one quote

it said Amanda does more than he is paid

to do for eventually get paid more to do

less and that's what I think of okay

every single day and I think that's why

I'm here in this position right now so

the second Pro is this benefits when it

came to benefits you get life insurance

you get Social Security you get health

insurance we even get 401k matching and

one of the main things used to pitch at

me at this job is like hey Tommy you

know when you when you when you're done

here and you want to upgrade and you

want to become like a real salary

employee well guess what happens okay

we're gonna put you on a salary and

we're gonna give you benefits and we're

gonna match you on your 401k okay isn't

it amazing isn't that great and just say

like yeah okay I get it you know and I

know all this stuff okay because I'm

gonna count it and I know all the little

details all the little things to try to

sprinkle on you just to make sure they

can get you in the company and get you

to stay there so I knew all these

tactics now the third process guys and I

kinda want to put them all together but

I just want to go into detail I remember

this you get 10 to 19 days paid vacation

every single year and to all my

employees well not employees anymore you

know because I used to work there I have

an employee now but that's different

well to all my co-workers this was so

amazing that was so great 19 days paid

vacation oh my god you know and I was

like alright this is this is cool I

guess you know you get a 10 to 19 days

but you know every guy's I'm a very

analytical person okay so every single

time I would look at that number of it

alright so you tell me there's 369 days

in the 365 ok there's 55 days in a year

and you're only gonna give me 19 days to

actually go on vacation that doesn't

sound like a very good deal but everyone

said hey it's a good deal Tommy trust me

because we go

cansu remember that all right cool all

right cool I guess I guess you're right

now the fourth Pro was this guy's it's

very easy to find a salary job and on

top of that usually we go to salary job

you might start at entry-level but

sometimes actually paid for your

education and get you to get a master's

degree or a bachelor's degree and then

guess what they paid for it you stay at

the job and you get paid more money

because now you're more qualified and

that you can do better work for the

company and then the company I guess

makes more profit because of you so

that's great also but I don't really

want to get too much into all these

other pros and taxes because you guys

probably already know this stuff so I

want to jump in right into the cons now

here are the cons guys when I told you

that we're gonna this company data entry

did a great job they wanted to promote

me want to keep me the company well that

same company its IPO is going straight

down to zero right now and every single

person in that company told me Tommy

don't do that don't do this just stay

here do this and then the manager even

come in tell me Tommy hey we're gonna

offer you a great job ok you can you can

come be back in December and it's gonna

be great

ok and I want to be honest guys I didn't

really quit the job because I was like

so like heavenly and I was just like oh

my gosh I'm gonna do I don't want to do

this anymore I'm an intrapreneur at

heart it wasn't because of that ok I'm

gonna tell you guys a quick story to why

that actually was now I rose November

19th and I had a family emergency

someone had passed away so I went to the

minitor in public and I had to stay

there for a while and my third day there

they called me at the company and said

hey Tommy I know you're going through

them right now but can you come over to

the company when are you gonna come over

ok and I said hey I'm not going over

because that same person that passed

away told me Tommy you can't do

something that you're not passionate

about because life is short and then

behold that person passed away and that

made me realize like hey life is really

short so then that pushed me

trucky stopped the entire like working

at a company and well everyone told me

tell me you're not smart you know you're

kind of dumb for doing this you

shouldn't quit you should stay here

well all those people are panicking

right now because that IPO is going to

zero and because their jobs are not

based on results it's based on hey

hourly or salary so you can do whatever

you do and I saw I remember this one

girl she used to work there and all she

did was eat chocolates all day and she

just got paid every single day no matter

what so it's not based on results

you just get paid because you get paid

and now every single person there is

going like crazy and bonkers because the

company is about to go bankrupt so why

they thought they were safe well there

really weren't now on top of that here's

the last contraband a salary job and

here it is you have a ceiling on your

income it doesn't matter how much I

worked if I work ten times harder than

everyone else my income wouldn't go

above a certain point everyone else is

earning something yes and I could have

done a better job where we got a knock

maybe a 10% raise but I was never gonna

earn a million dollars in that company

not even two million three million four

million I left I became the CEO of that

company and then what is the CEO you

know that's kind of like all right

you're the CEO but you run the entire

company you don't even have a life you

don't even have time and I want to

declare that that's nothing man I want

this humble life I want so I didn't want

that at all so that's the main con the

cons are hey it's risky and on top of

that there's a ceiling to your earnings

and on top of that since it's not your

business you have no control over it so

the company's going down and you have

great ideas and they don't listen to you

because the board and all this stuff

well you're out of luck you have to find

another job and it might be hard for you

because now you're overqualified so take

that into effect now let's talk about

some of the pros of actually becoming a

commission-based employee now here's the

thing guys when you can become a

commission based employee and I'm gonna

be honest guys most people out there

they don't become a commission based

employee because they're afraid and you

probably tell me Tommy what are you

talking about that's not true it's just

because you know I get it

okay I get it and I'm telling you guys

this I had the same exact thing at one

point when I was searching for jobs I

went through a whole bunch of commission

based job and I said hey commission I'm

out you know because I didn't want to

work in a place where I had to work my

butt off to achieve something to then

get paid and you might say Tommy that's

what you do now but yes it's what I do

now but it's because I actually like

doing it I was looking for a job back

then I was looking for a dog to fund my

business and also fund my career that I

actually wanted to do and I buy my

camera equipment do everything that I

wanted to do I wasn't looking for a job

just like you know have a salary and

then retire at 65 that's not what I was


imagine me right now I'm like 22 I would

have still been in that chair sitting

down doing all this clicking and all

this stuff to come to find out that all

the stuff I was doing all the great work

well guess what it's gonna go down the

toilet because now the company is going


okay and I had no control over it

because I'm not the one that's making

the decisions and I have no control over

my destiny basically because I'm not the

one in control I'm not the one driving

and I'm glad I got out of that boat

before it's too late

now here's some of the pros you have no

ceiling on how much you can earn you can

literally earn how much you want

whenever you want and basically guys if

I wasn't doing what I'm doing right now

and I didn't love what I was doing I

would definitely get a commission based

job and just work on something that I

really believe in like maybe insurance

or like providing some type of value

where I can sell sell sell to the point

where you have no limit you have no

earning potential limit basically

because you can sell as much as you want

you can do online also and then boom you

can skyrocket you can just keep going to

keep going and there's no limit you get

paid based on results percentages it's

not like oh my gosh I did 10 times work

as Brenda but Brenda got paid the same

salary it's not like that it's based on

results and I really like that and on

top of that guys all the pros that are

in the salary based are 10 times on the

Commission's side because you have

unlimited vacation days you can do

whatever you want to do whenever you

want to do it you can work with me house

we're from this office you can do

whatever you want to do because you're

the person that's in control one of my

favorite things about commission based

work guys is you can create multiple

streams of income so for example well

that's a commission based work

don't just imagine like hey I'm in an

office I'm picking up phone calls I'm

getting lease that's not what I'm

talking about you can have your own

consultation company you can have your

own company can be self-employed you can

do all these things and be commission

based what I mean by commission basis

that you're getting paid for your

efforts and not just because you're

there and you're showing up okay

people don't get paid because they

should well yeah they do it they get

paid because it's show up but that's not

how it should be you should get paid

because you produce results and one of

my favorite things is this if you have a

consultation company you're not liable

just on one stream of income for example

if you stop working then guess what too

bad but if you lose one clients you have

ten more if you lose one of those you

have 15 more doesn't matter you have

multiple multiple streams of income and

that's what's true security is because

here's the thing guys while all those

people are panicking and I spent my last

four years working on this business and

it's company and I'm actually reaping

what I what I when I planted like four

years ago well all those people are

panicking now but I have control or my


and while they only had one stream of

income well I have over 25 and that's

something that's very great because it

doesn't matter if I lose one stream I

still have another 24 and if I lose 10 I

still have another 15 doesn't matter so

that's what I love about being a

commission based person because

basically you have control over your

entire destiny you're your own boss you

produce your own results and you get

paid based on what you work and that's

amazing now you're probably wondering

Tommy you're so bias okay so tell me the

cons and the concert of this okay I'm

gonna tell you the cons number one con

your parents are not gonna be happy your

parents ain't gonna be happy if you drop

out of college you start doing this

stuff you know nobody's gonna be happy

about this because it's not secure to

them but it's more secure than having a

job where you have no control over

whatsoever and that you're gonna be

happy or live or survive for 40 years

working for them and then start living

your life as 65 no I don't want that so

I rather my parents be unhappy but my

mom is super supportive and my dad was

super supportive also so I never really

faced that now the second thing is this

okay guys it's time and unpredictability

when you have this type of job when

you're doing this type of work it's

unpredictable and time is of the essence

you never know what's actually gonna

happen you never know how much it's

gonna take for you to earn your first

dollar now I will say this is one way to

actually fixed it so actually make sure

you're gonna earn money as fast as

possible and the way you do is is by

creating a plan executing learning from

people and copying people that do what

you want to do on a higher level so for

example if I wanted to do YouTube like

this I would copy Graham and I would

just find out what he does not copy okay

but I would find out what he does and

learn from him if I wanted to do real

estate I would copy Grant Cardone if I

wanted to do public speaking I copy Gary

Vee I would learn from those people and

she spam my horizon but if I wanted to

do all these things

I wouldn't axe Bob down the road that

like a middle wage employee or like

earns that McDonald or something I

wouldn't ask him no offense you know but

you're not the right person you're not

qualified to teach me something when

you're not actually doing what I want to

do so take advice from people that are

doing and are in the place that you

actually want to be and they know

something about what you want to

and also guys I love listening to people

that have other jobs because it kind of

points to me where I don't want to be so

it teaching me a lot of things so I'm

not telling you don't listen 21 I'm

telling you listen and learn if that's

good for you or bad for you and still

use it as a learning experience so so

far guys let me know the comments down

below what do you think about these pros

and cons which one is a big con for you

or big Pro for you which one you're

gonna go with the Commission base and or

a salary base now guys I do want to be a

hundred percent honest and once you

comment I will tell you my final

thoughts so comment right now I'm gonna

tell you my final thoughts so pause the

video comment I'm back alright so here

it is now as you commented here's the

thing for me it's not black and white

it's not like oh my gosh should either

did she really that you just suck are

you really good no that's not what I

think about I think about this first of

all the average millionaire in America

has a nine-to-five job so it's not the

nine-to-five job does the problem is

that the people that are there there

really use their money for what they

should be using it for so for example if

you went to a 95 job and you live below

your means and you invest money like

crazy and you do real estate on side

whatever you want to do you might get

there really fast but on average it

might take you between 20 to 40 years to

actually become a millionaire it's a

very slow route for me and that's why I

never went that route I said hey he's

gonna take me what is it 16 years to

actually become a millionaire well earn

a million dollars as an accountant

earning six thousand dollars every

single year and get an array of 8%

everything I said no I'm not doing that

I don't want to do it so I'm excited to

do this because hey it's gonna get me to

my goal much faster so here's the thing

it's not black and white you have to

decide as a person what do you want to

achieve how are you gonna get there and

what your goals are so if you want to

work at your company you want to stay

there hey do that just to make sure

you're saving money you're investing

money and you're not just like Brenda I

see a chocolate there but you're

actually expanding your horizon and

you're learning constantly so you can

constantly move forward and that's what

I think about when I think about

successful salary job I want to think

about a successful Commission job by the

way a lot of people that work on a

commission they earn a lot of money yes

but most of them live beyond their means

and they're poor in a sense because the

net worth is zero or negative okay so

you see this person selling insurance

Negroes drives like a Lamborghini or a

Ferrari or whatever you want to call it

and guess what he doesn't really own

anything and that's what sucks so it's

all about

the money that you keep and when it

comes to me guys I'm happy I chose my

route so you have to pick your route and

make sure it works for you

so let me know in the comments down

below which route is better for you what

are you gonna pick so remember I told

you guys to comment in the beginning and

I asked you what do you do now well let

me know in the comments down below if

you're gonna keep doing what you do now

are you gonna change to something else

let me know the comments down below

very interested actually find out which

one of you change your minds and which

one of you didn't let me know also why

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