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hey guys welcome back to my channel if

you're new to my channel my name is

amanda robani

and in today's video i'm going to talk

about one of the most requested programs

and that is regarding caregivers so in

this video i'm going to walk you through

its complete application process

its requirements its fees and many more

so without wasting any time let's start

okay let's first understand that what

this program is

so basically this program was launched

in june 2019

and it will run for five years and guys

the purpose of this program is to

provide pr to qualified caregivers

and their family members so guys if you

live in canada or outside of canada you

can apply to this program if you meet

the requirements

now let's talk about the requirements

for this program

first of all let's discuss the education


so the minimum education requirement is

degree or diploma that is equivalent to


post-secondary education and guys if you

have completed your studies outside of


you need to get an educational

credential assessment which is also

called eca

and the assessment must be done by one

of the following organizations which are

designated by ircc and each organization

charges a different fee

and has different processing times so

guys please check their websites and

select the one that is best for you

however i would recommend best because

it has less processing time as compared

to others

and the fees is low as well okay now

let's move on to the next

requirement which is language

proficiency test you must

take an approved english or french

language test before you submit your


let's say if you're planning to write

ielts exam then it has to be general

not the academic one and the score for

each skill you will need

is already specified by them at their

website link

is given in the description box below

and this is the table

where you can check the minimum

requirements for each skill

under clb level five

okay so next requirement is your job

offer and guys your job offer must be


full time which means at least 30 hours

of paid work

each week it must be from one of these


and offer must be made using offer of


that is imm 5983

okay after meeting the requirements guys

your next step is to

gather all the documents and detailed

document checklist is available on their

official website

so just go through it and collect your

documents so you are going to

need travel documents such as your


and your language proficiency results

your education documents such as

certificates or degree if you have

or diploma or eca report your valid

temporary resident status

if you are applying within canada and


your clearing certificate and then


and stuff like this so guys uh you can

go through this checklist

and once you gather all the documents

your next step is to

apply to either the home child care

provider pilot or the home support

worker pilot

depending on which occupation you plan

to work in

and let me just walk you through the

step-by-step process of the application

so first of all you need to choose which

program you want to go with

and then you need to submit a work

permit application

and in order to do that we will have to

go to their official website which is


and guys this is the page where you can

apply and the link is given in the

description box below

and let's say if you are applying from

outside of canada then check

this option and then it will give you

the list of steps that you need to


and this is the instruction guide that

will help you submitting your


to either home child care provider pilot


the home support worker pilot depending

on which occupation you plan

to work in as i said guys you need to

submit your work permit application and

pr application

together but there is an additional

requirement to meet the pr eligibility


and that is work experience which will

be assessed after you come to canada at

your work permit

and these are all detailed instructions

to fill out your application for your

work permit

and pr and the link of this guide is

given in the description box

you can go and check it out and guys it

is super easy to fill out all the forms

all the sections of each form are

explained into the guide

so you can do it on your own once you

complete your application you can pay

your fees online

and the fees for this program is 550 to

process your application and 500

for the right of permanent residence

which is 1050 and beside that you need

to pay fees for your biometrics which is


and also you need to pay fees for work


let's say if you're applying from india

which is 155 dollars

and then another fees for open work

permit which is

100 canadian and once you pay your fees

complete your application then you can

mail it to

this address if you're applying under

the home children care provider pilot

but if you're applying under home

support worker pilot then

you need to mail your application on

this address

and if you meet the requirement you will

get a work permit to work in canada

after coming to canada your next step is

to get a work experience as a caregiver

in one of the following noc's that is

4411 and 4412

at least for 24 months and that work

experience must be acquired in the 36

months prior to submission

of your proof of work experience but if

you haven't achieved 24 months of

work experience from canada then officer

will assess an applicant's ability to

perform the work by referring

following documents such as previous


work experience relevant education or


and stuff like this so once you get at


24 months of work experience then you

send it as a proof to ircc

and then they will make a final decision

on your application of pr

that you already submitted and guys the

good news is

you can also include your family members

work or study permit applications

with your application which means your

family members

are also eligible to come to canada okay

guys so that was pretty much it for

today and if you have any questions

please let me know in the comment box i

will be more than happy

to answer them as soon as possible and

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coming up for you guys till then you

take care and i'll see you again