10 ways to quit your band

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I quit

take your stupid Knicks back your faces

you don't even need them

hey man so about the show tonight I'm

not gonna be able to make it yeah I am

yeah I quit I quit so you're not gonna

make the show tonight no yeah and you

can have it back you're just gonna quit

leave a show tonight Jerry I

I need you there you're surreal he can't

play the show without you

I'm Jerry no give back here we have a

show tonight


Oh my back is broken you'll have to get

somebody else to replace me hey babe



hey guys alright guys we'll see you

later can't wait to talk about the old

band every time I see you later hey man

yeah so long story short I don't think I

can do the part anymore yeah well I kind

of had an accident


yeah I got the gig

hell yeah thank you hey guys


I quit

honestly never really liked you in the

first place

your breath stinks your feet stink and

can you close your legs like it stinks

so see you later

wait what do you what do you leave it

right right now hold on

yeah I didn't get the gig do you think

it's still some pre-sales or what's the

deal there goes the band can we still

use your mom's house for practice or

what I have to okay whatever I have to

hey man um so I slept with your


no sorry okay okay anyways wait what

yeah that's fine man you can have her no

wait like you're gonna kick me on the

band rice no way dude you the best part

of the band oh don't worry

well I slept with your dad