5Linx Review - Is 5Linx a Scam?

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hey everyone was all I carrington here

and a time for another MLM scam review

and this time it's on five links and if

5linx is a scam or not before I dive

right into it I want to make sure to

tell everyone that have a very special

treat the brands video a very special

bonus so stay to till the very end this

video to get your very special bonus um

the founder I mean the CEO is Craig

jerabek it's currently based in New York

it is a marketing telecommunicate a

company and it is a founded in 2001 so

five links what is it all about first of

all they sell or they promote a lot of

different things from cell phone service

to home security to UM television

service so yeah pretty much a very

diverse company it's um they've been

around from in the industry for a long

time they don't really have a lot of bad