Cancel 24 Hour Fitness During COVID-19 Crisis

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what's up YouTube welcome back to my

channel gems are still closed we are

losing gains by also making our wallets

smaller because some gems are taking too

long to suspend payments due to Kovan 19

closures and even making cancelling gym

memberships almost impossible I do not

support cancelling gym memberships but

when you're not getting a service you're

paying for it then it's okay here's a

letter from corporate

let me just read the most important

stuff here we will suspend all

membership Billings including Billings

for any additional services and fees

effective April 16th if we weren't

unable to reopen clubs by that time in

your area for the membership Billings

that were charged from March 17th

through April 15th members will receive

additional days of access equal to the

number of days paid for while the clubs

were closed in your area that extension

will apply at the end of the month if

you have a prepaid membership your end

date will be extended to cover the

amount of time the clubs are closing

your area I realize that some of you may

want to cancel but I personally hope you

don't for those of you with the desire

to cancel you can go to 24 hour fitness

com click on the link and follow the

instructions to submit your request to

cancel sounds great

cool right maybe not so on web sites

like Reddit there's some mixed

information about members trying to


you know people stating they have

canceled all customer support lines of

communication and the gyms have rightly

been closed making it literally

impossible to end automatic payments but

there is still a line open

but that's we're buying memberships you

can still call that number and cancel

through it here's a Twitter account

named cancel 24-hour fitness and this is

going to be a video of the cancellation

and action


purchase I'm trying to cancel my

membership - time for our fitness but I

still wanna cancel my membership I still

want to cancel my membership thank you


once again oops alright once again I

don't support canceling gym memberships

but hopefully we all could get back to

being swole in the gym again thank you

for watching my video

hit the subscribe button I'll see you

guys next time