Install Packages in Linux using YUM Command

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hi guys today I'm going to show you how

to install a package using the M sole

export of the Linux first so M is a

online installer by which you can use

the internet to install all the

applications from the Linux short first

we can see what is mean by M so let's go

to the main page so we see this called

as a load of update modifier and it is

your user as a package manager that is

all been based package manager to

perform the system updates and

dependency analysis like supplied cetera

using them you can easily update a

package and you can also search from the

next repository to install a new package

so first let's see the help of the

podium what we can do so spoke the help

so these are the switches which we can

use to install and update the packages

so these are the rest of commands at

first chick chick is used for checking

the problems in the RPM database and

check update is used for checking the

availability of the package updates

unclean is used for removing catcher

data and there is is used for Omega

package and group is also used for

installing a group of packages displays

used to display the transaction history

and install is used for stalling enforce

user for searching the package

information and links are used for

installing a package so this is use for

checking the version of the young which

was installed in

yes system and these are some of the

options that is user wall checking the

help messages to tolerant to others to

surplus there is to run from the end a

system cache except try acceptor and

this queue was used for point line

stalling their packages and this was

very useful while deploying the package

with the scripts bash scripts so let's

work on it so I open the terminal mix so

let's see a command one by one first we

can see check up it so I'm just going to

run this command and if you are going to

use the yum you need to have a valid

internet connection first so let's check

whether I'm having internet connection

or not I am having interaction so I

don't need to worry about before

installing this combat so just run this

command so this command was used for

checking there you see it almost

finished is checking the updates and

there are more and more updates are here

so it will take more time so

so rich right here so I just cut all the

bits here you can check it here so these

are the update feature my system needs

now but it will take more more time to

install all these upsets so what I am

going to do is I am just going to

install some packages to you I'll show

you just I am going to check Firefox

update I'm just going to check the

information of the Firefox if you see

here install then start packages Firefox

which was the version 10.04

one two and it was having size of

twenty-three MB but the available

package version was 31 and it was a IE 6

8 6 architecture package and this was X

a resistance is 4-bit package so I just

need to update the Firefox what I am

going to do is am update Firefox that's

it you see

who's asking for more and more so I

think it will take more more time to

update all these things so to take more

and more time to update this because all

these packages needs to be installed

before updating the package Firefox so

tooling one more time so I'll just

cancel it and I will show you how to

install some of the software newly yeah

just um so let's search first of Tagish

comb some setting for the Chrome browser

here so does not showing for the goal

here is for google so the nationally

here so let's search for Safari so there

is no surf on a cashier so search for


so Joe you have the job package and wait

let's search for five volts it was on

them now I'm going to install the

Firefox by using the install commands so

let's check what it does so it will

start installing

so if you see have just given the

install command here

I've just given the Insull command now

and previously I have given that date

command you see I have given that bit

command so this is how you install a

package in the Linux using the young no

let's focus on package like system

service package so it is asking further

so just install the OpenSSL here so it

will be useful for us to also just

install the both the thing I'll just do

why but is yes and it was starting to

download the package now so it will take

more and more time to download I think

so because I am an internet connection

so in my next video I will show you how

to configure the OpenSSL for you and

also I will show you how to configure

this a search for you to take the SSH

from the host system since I am using

the virtual machine here so you just

don't need to open the GBA you can just

easily configure the Linux using the

booty like software's so use up Satori

I'll just list the package now list so

it'll list all the packages here so if

we see here another app is currently

holding the I'm not waiting for it to

exit so I know you are trying to run I

am in one of the terminals so if you are

trying to use them in another terminal

you can't use it because it will take

some time till the process gets exit so

you need to wait for this window to get

closed all this process get closed

before running the command in this

window so it was almost nation

so I just try to run what's today -

sighs I just make it run I'm just going

to give us two from the package so -

showing warnings when you need to keep

in mind that if you take a knock it will

be easy for you to manage the packages

now this computer let's see whether this

version was installed but if you see

here it has listed after this command

gets executed this process gets


- just add all these things so these are

the things just installed here let's

check for the SMTP No so let's tick sure

so our response is locally here let's

close it down so I think some of the

pauses what's going on stones it'll

operate again so I think the system

update is going on so I think this might

be helpful for you to know how to use

the yum packages and how to install or

update a package using the yum in the

Linux and so yum is used for so M is

used for linux and os the data fedora

like this package OS and applet is used

for Ubuntu packages so you know ticket

money you can also install app yet in

both these Linux versions but by default

these two will be available in both

their destructions and thanks for

watching the video and for more and more

just subscribe to my channel just post

you another video in may coming days so

that it'd be helpful for you to learn

how to use the Linux so time fortunately