Personal tax accounts - HMRC's online service for individuals

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HMRC has a new online service which individual customers can use to view

their information and make changes online.

It's called the personal tax account.

It's a service you can use at a time that suits you using a digital device of your choice.

The new personal tax account will enable you

to see information specific to you - including how your tax code has been calculated,

your income tax, national insurance and state pension, and your benefits and tax credits.

You can access your personal tax account by going to GOV.UK

You can either use personal tax account as a search in GOV.UK

or go straight to this web page to sign in.

You will need to answer some security questions

so we're sure it's you accessing your account.

This should take around 10 minutes the first time,

but only a couple of minutes when you access it in the future.

This makes your account really secure, keeping your information extra safe.

You'll need your mobile phone to hand to receive a secure code

You may also need to make sure you have access to records to help you answer the security questions.

Once you've passed through the security bit, you'll be able to access services in your account,

where you can see your information and contact HMRC online.

It has online help, including web chat, to help with any questions you have.

And it's also paperless - you can sign up to stop receiving paper letters and forms from HMRC.

So, activate your personal tax account, and take control of your tax affairs.

Just follow the on-screen instructions.

As before, go to www.gov.uk/personal-tax-account