How to Use the Salesforce Developer Console to Run Queries and Collect Log Files

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hello welcome to how to use the

developer console in remedy force in

this video we will show you how to use

the developer console for capturing the

debug logs and writing and executing the

sock Welker is followed by the demo

section it's quickly moved to the

demonstrations first you need to log in

in the Salesforce or the Dimity for saw

and once login under your name thus

click on the developer console so it

will open the developer console window

once you open the developer console you

can see two plans the first man he's the

source code editor where you can write

view and modify your code like you can

see the file menus and here you can

write the code the second panel is where

you can view the logs hairs and other

informations and writing queries to

interact with the records in your row so

we will be talking about the ran to

where we can see the debug logs and we

can use a query editor

so first let's have a look on the debug

logs how we can see the develop logs in

the developer console so for that we

need to go back to the remedy for SOG

and we can enable the debug logs here so

let's take it for ten minutes seven you

can see so you can see once it is

enabled you can see the logs here the

old logs you can delete those old logs

I have deleted all the old logs now from

the earth now I can perform the actions

to capture the logs owning this incident

so I have created a new case now go back

to the developer console and we see that

the logs are casually if you open the

developer console the logs you can see

these various actions you can maximize

this so these are other debug logs so if

you want to do this click on particular

row so it will be maximized here so

these are the debug logs and which can

be helpful in troubleshooting our issues

if you want to clear the locks then you

need to click on the debug menu and then

click on the lock banner in this way the

locks will be clear now you can show you

how we can use the query editor to

interact with our Salesforce offer

course so suppose if you want to

no the number of records in your

incident object and how many records are

there in the incident object so we need

to write a query need to go to the query

editor write a query here like select

count from BMC service incident option

or you can write your object name here

click on execute so it will show the

results in the panel one so there are a

total number of all records in my

incident object this is the one scenario

and the second scenario suppose if you

want to modify any veil of any incident

from the developer console so for that I

have written a query select ID name

resolution field Q name category client

ID from incident now click on execute it

will show you the records and suppose if

you want to modify any records you need

to click here and write resolve and

click on the Save Rose button you can

click on the Refresh create to see the

updated records so you can see now or

you can go to the remedy force AAG and

open these seven to one record you can

see the resolution field is outfitted

with the words that we have used in the

call suppose if you want to delete the

record from the or then you just need to

select any row and click on the delete

row of click on years and you can

refresh the grave you now see there are

only three records so one record is

deleted from here from here you can also

create a new record like if you create a

click on create new it will open a

incident object form and from here you

can create a new incident similarly if

you want to open the detail page or if

you want to edit any existing incident

you just click on this buttons

this concludes how to use a developer

console in REM divorce I hope this video

was informative and thanks for watching