Alert log file in Oracle

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hello friends my name is Akash in this

session we are going to discuss about

the alert log file being working with

the oracle DBA support we are always

using this alert log file and what is

really important thing because all the

alerts all the errors that will be

acknowledged to this are at law and from

a lot log only we will come to know what

is exactly the issue even when you're

raising the request with the Oracle

support that time we need to provide

this alert log location a lot of file

so the same thing we are going to

discuss about here when we are talking

about the other log the first thing is

what is a read lock fine and what is the

use of this alert look fine in the

worker when we are starting the database

or shut down the database when locks

which is happening for any kind of the

activities which is happening on the

worker may be designer or may be if you

are adding the data files all those

information will be tracked under this

log location

now from 11 to r2 if you want if you

want to find out the location of the

whole lotta love file this from 11g so

we need to go like this let me take it

in a practical way so that you can

understand in a better way I'm sitting

my environment new DB is my database

name okay

let me connect with another I am using

the duplicate session


I'm maximizing you so that you can see

Jenna near me windows

okay so this thing is there and you

system for a steeple okay so now we do

how to window the first way I have

already written the first way in here

now if my database is up and running in

that case you can use this way so

parameter down

okay so now here you can see there is a

background um distinction and this is

the location of our log file let me open

this file in a different tab okay

if you're going here you'll see there is

one file name it has colored okay I am

opening this file with last hundred

lines okay so this is what happening

so basically you need to find out the

dumb desperation file in the trace you

will find one file with the name as

alert with the alert under scrutiny

okay now this command will run only when

my database is up and running and when

the database is opening Jenny there is

also another way through which you can

find out the location okay

if you check both the location are

pointing to the same location on here

right because it is fetching the value

from viitala parameter but I personally

prefer this way because this is quite is

easy and you need to consider background

um the station location okay now this is

all happening when our database is up

and running but in his if our database

is not running then this query will not

run only right then in debt is what we

need to do we know how the os-level

command has a fine through which you can

find out the location of all right log


here it is giving here we need to

provide Li find him alert underscore

database name so you in your case the

database name might be changed okay

and Here I am getting the location of

the alert log file if we check both the

values are pointing to the same location

inside the trace we need to find all

that underscore database name dot lock


now if I want to show you the practical

way how it is happening let's let me do

some changes to the database

I'm switching the Mach 5

okay here in second tap I have already

opened the same database you will see

the changes if I am switching the MOSFET


see here

see previously it works here how this

new things are coming okay let me do it

again let me switch these dogs you will

see the changes so let's see it was here


the newt logs are coming to this alert

log file in the same manner if you are

sitting down the database of starting

the database any kind of the operation

if you're working with the database all

those things will be point out to the

other log file so this is the best

practice to check what is exactly

happening wrong with the database always

open the alert log file and see if

you're getting any valuable information

from there okay so in this video we have

mainly seen how to check the alert log

find out what is a little of faith if

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thank you so much my back