How to Connect A Network Printer in Windows 10

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what you guys got another video here for

you on Windows 10 cannot find a network

printer now this is sometimes a common

issue when all of a sudden your printer

cannot be detected on a Windows 10

system over the network it just won't be

able to find it so let's go to start

settings and end devices and what we're

gonna do here is go down to where it

says printers and scanners once we're in

here what we want to do is click on the

add a printer and scanner and let the

system do a search for the printers that

are on line and whether it can detect

any network printer there now if you

don't detect your printer it's not

listed you can click on this the printer

that I wanted isn't listed click on that

there and then it will allow you to add

your own printer now what we're gonna do

here is click add a local printer or

network printer with manual settings

click on this one here and once we got

the radio button in that option we can

then click on the next button here now

you can see here the print has not been

listed at all so we need to click on

this and add it in manually it will work

with all brands of printers whether it

be Hewlett Packard Epson Samsung any of

those it works with all of them click

Next and then we can create a new port

type of port not local we want standard

tcp/ip port inside here click Next now

we need to find the host name or the IP

address for that printer now I've

already got mine and you should know

what the IP address is leave the query

printer and automatically select the

driver to use you can leave that in

there if you want to go next and you'll

see it trying to detect the tcp/ip port

our windows will automatically move to

the next page when it's detected

it's printer there so what we're going

to do is just let that do its thing here

so you can see it's searching so let it

do its thing and it will move on to the

next phase it does take a bit of time so

just be patient at this stage

then you'll get some other options

available to you once this is finished

its can and shouldn't take too much

longer and then it should give us the

next window pop-up there we go so you

can see add additional port information

is required because it couldn't detect

anything and you can see here it gives

you some options make sure that device

is turned on and the network is

connected the devices are properly

configured and so on so now we need to

give it a standard network card here now

there's plenty of them on here so

depending on whether you've got any see

if you've got any types of printers that

are listed here find the printer that is

related to your printer that you've got

and then you can see we can select that

printer now there's a ton of them on

here so it should be listed but mine is

a Canon printer so what I need to do is

go out to the Canon section and look for

the Canon printer you can see Canon

Network printing devices there now you

just need to select whatever printer

you've got and select the driver that

you've got so you can see here can a

network printer device or Canon network

printer you can try those ones as well

so I'm going to try this one on standard

and I've selected the right driver so

I'm going to go next and let that scan

to see wherever it detects the driver

and model of that printer now this is

going to go ahead and scan the network

to try and find the printer and the

model number of that printer and

hopefully install that driver for us so

just be patient and let it do its thing

okay as long as you've got the

configuration right for this printer we

have you got the right IP address it's

turned on it's online it's really a go

you should get this printer detected as

long as you've selected the right type

of driver and the right model number of

that printer there so just you can see

it's now been detected up the top there

you can see mg 6800 series it's got a

number there and that is the network

printer it's found it and you can see

now it's given us a list of printer

drivers to install you can see it right

here so I can click on this now if I

wanted to let me go ahead and just show

you here

some of the drivers that are list it

down here so you would select choose the

right printer for you and it will give

you a big option of printers and drivers

here so just I'm going to select the

cannoning see a massive list of printers

right up here so now you need to select

the right driver and make sure you do

select the right one otherwise it won't

work so you can see here just go through

and find the right type of driver now

once you've got the right type of driver

here you just installed it and away you

go now if it's not listed here for some

reason and you do have the driver to

hand you can always click on have disk

you can always check windows updates as

well to see whether that detects the

printer and the driver and starts to

install it so if you have got the driver

just click on have disk and click browse

and go to the location where you've got

it now if you want to try and find it if

it's on the system inside system32 here

if you go to where it says driver store

click on this one here and then go into

file repository and look for the printer

for your driver here should be listed

inside here and you should be out I

detect it and find it so let me just go

ahead and try to find one inside here

and what we're looking for is the

printer I'm just gonna scroll through

here it's a bit of a mess you can see

here prints I can and see printer dot F

and that's at the printer driver right

there and that will be at a click OK on

open and it will then go ahead and

install kay so let me just quickly

finish this installation process off so

I'm going to select this one on here

because it's already listed here so I

don't need to go through that other

process so I'm just gonna go next and

you can see here use the driver that is

currently installed recommended so we're

just going to go ahead and do that that

is probably the best one there to go for

so go next and you can see here it's now

going to list the printer name and

because he copied one because I've

already got it installed and I'm just

gonna go next

and now you can put in there do not

share this printer or share this printer

with others it's entirely up to you what

you want to do there if you're sharing

this printer with other people then

you're probably going to need to set up

the share this printer so that others

can use it on the network now you can

just go ahead and print a test page and

you should be good to go there we go

test page has been sent to the printer

it is now printing that test page else

and that's basically how you can install

any printer on Windows 10 if it hasn't

been detected you can use any of those

methods whether it be through the file

repository or via a driver that you've

already got or whether it Abid via the

listing of the drivers and printers in

that list the way I showed you there is

pretty straightforward as long as you've

got the details and configuration right

you should be good to go anyway my name

is Bo from brighter Computers duck hold

okay hope this one helps you out thanks

again for watching have a nice day bye

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