How to Find Linux Kernel Version [3 Tips]

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hello Linux users I'm of shake from its

force and we are going to see how to

find the Linux kernel version in Ubuntu

or wind or any other institution so for

this we'll be using a command called you

name this command is actually used to

display various kind of system

information but in our case I'll be just

using it for displaying the Linux kernel

version as you can see I have the next

panel for this is the major release this

is the minor release and 98 is the bug

fix release generic is a term used by

the Linux distribution itself in this

case Ubuntu and general is used for

desktop desktop version of Ubuntu if you

were using a server version perhaps you

would be getting something different

instead of general since we are talking

about you name you might want to see

what other option it to pass see if you

do that this will display all the

information of the you name command so

this will be like this is the kernel

lame Linux and this is no name than the

kernel information and this is not very

sure what is the use but this is the

number of times the kernel has been

compiled by Ubuntu and the last time it

was compiled it was 10th of October and

this is a timestamp I do not know if it

is useful for you but to me it's not

really useful the main stuff is this

this information apart from that you can

also get some other system information

like the architecture of the motherboard

the processor and the OS so in this case

I have a 64 or 64 bit system and I'm

using a 64-bit OS on it and the name of

the OSS as you can see gee

gnu/linux quite good this is one way to

do to find a Linux kernel version

information you can also use this file

here it's called rock version and you

can see that the same information is

available here as well same kind of

information this one doesn't have the

64-bit or the system architecture

information but this is not we are

looking for so we don't care so we just

saw arrays and then there is also

another way this is awful debugging

command to to debug the problem with the

hardware and software and all sort of

stuff with the your Linux system but

we're not going to use that for debug

process here you're just going to graph

it for Linux case-sensitive and then

we'll see some lines that has some

information about the Linux version and

as you can see it's four point four

point zero ninety eight generate a voila

so now you are aware three ways to find

the Linux kernel version I hope you

liked this tutorial give it a thumbs up

and do stay tuned for more Linux quick

tips ETA tutorial and reviews see you

next time bye bye