Knowledge Base in Salesforce Lightning

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hello everyone this is Shrikant today we

are going to learn about knowledge base

in Salesforce lightning and we'll also

have some real-time scenarios to have a

better understanding by end of this

video you will be able to understand

what is Salesforce knowledge and how it

is helpful for customers or agent agents

are nothing but customer support people

and we'll also see how to configure it

to make customers and agents life easier

ok and finally you could confidently

propose knowledge articles or knowledge

base as a solution to your client when

we got this kind of requirements ok

always remember way learning something

new topic in Salesforce don't think like

a developer or it mean think like an

end-user this helps us to learn things

quickly ok ok who are you I got a

problem I recently started a laptop

selling company ok that's nice there are

many service related questions coming in

from customers of course my agents are

not completely trained yet ok that's a

problem I'm the only one who has the

complete knowledge and I am not having

enough time to address queries or trying

all my agents please help

ok before going to your problem I have a

questions how come your legs are so thin

and how come your hands are so flexible

ah ok ok I'm sorry let's try to

understand your problem first ok so

basically our skinny legs guy is owning

a company where he sell laptops ok

so left side whenever you are sending

laptops there might be some issue

something like login issue OS fail or

they might come up with some issues and

they can even ask for product details so

all the customers can rise some kind of

issues or some kind of queries to the

customer support people so right sir we

have agents who our customer support

people who needs to address these

questions or issues correct bird as this

is a new company our CEO did not get

enough time to train these agents as

they were not trained they were unable

to address all these issues at the same

point of time we see you or knows

everything about this product a twosie

about all these products but the thing

is he couldn't address all these issues

by himself with discuss one side because

he's not an agent in the first place

so this is his problem his results were

not trained and at the same point of

time he was unable to address all these

questions at once don't worry we have a

solution for this presenting you

knowledge base it's like a library in

Salesforce okay how does this work now

we have customers where they will be

querying or asking for some questions we

have agents now what we will do is we'll

ask our CEO to document all the pregnat

it's like a fake use or login issue

resolutions or about always failed

issues and all and we'll ask him to put

it in the knowledge base so this is kind

of container sales was by default

provides okay so in this knowledgebase

will ask him to upload it whenever it is

necessary so this knowledge base will be

having all the product details or all

the epicures and all now these agents

whenever a case comes like a login issue

are always failed let's say OS file

issue has come up as a case to these

agents any document in knowledge base

which is matching with this name will be

shown up on their screens directly next

to that case so obviously they can just

tell them the customer okay so this is

the document so these are the steps you

need to do and then they can assist

these customers so this is how agents

can access knowledge base on their

screens next to their case and then they

can rip lent them back quickly okay

now not only agents can have access to

this knowledge base even customers can

have access to this knowledge base but

not the complete access we can display

only set of four knowledge base

questions something like a fake use as

articles to these customers so that they

can see and then they can fix their

problem by themselves rather than asking

two agents every time this helps our

agents to have better productivity also

this is how knowledgebase will help our

skinny legg CEO to resolve this issue I

love it

how to set up knowledgebase in

Salesforce lightning like anything in

Salesforce knowledgebase is also very

easy to set up in Salesforce lightning

let's dive in to create knowledge base

in Salesforce you need to click on gear

button first and here you need to click

on service setup ok click on service

setup this will take us to the screen

where you can set up the knowledge base

here you

sinon in center bread if you don't see

this here you can click on view all and

there you can select knowledgebase

also and here you can scroll down and

you should be able to see Nolan Center

okay so now I will click on knowledge

set up here and it will show me a pop-up

where I can select the values now I will

click on start so this is how you need

to setup so first click on start and if

here you need to give the names who

needs to have access to this knowledge

business so you can click on this place

so that the person can create

knowledgebase articles or

knowledge-based documents okay

by default it has selected my name who

is system in my system admin access is

having permission to create articles or

information in knowledgebase ok now

click on next here it is asking for some

kind of data category so don't worry

about it just click on next and it will

ask about create some articles or what

next so I can create articles by

clicking on let's go articles are

nothing but information or the documents

that you want users to or agents you

have access to ok now click on finish

now our knowledge set up is ready ready

and ready now so it is ready where I can

see it the thing is whenever you set up

knowledgebase automatically an object or

table will be created in Salesforce with

named knowledge so how to see that like

any tab in Salesforce you can just click

on app launcher and then you need to

click on new wall and scroll down and

you should be seeing something called

knowledge knowledge where are you

knowledge yeah I am searching for

knowledge good so it will now get us to

this knowledge tab where you can create

information or you can create documents

or we call it as articles in Salesforce

so this is this is what is called

knowledgebase tab where you can create

new information ok now there are no

current articles or no information that

is there in our knowledgebase currently

it is empty now about CEO wants some

kind of information to be there in this

particular knowledge so now I will click

on new Salesforce by default provided us

with some kind of FAQ knowledge types fa

Q's are nothing but

frequently asked questions from

customers so we'll give some kind of

frequently asked questions and then

we'll go ahead that it'll so we'll try

to create the FAQ about warranty and the

OS issues okay

so a warranty details of model laptop

model ABCD 1 1 2 2 ok your will be

automatically populated and you just

need to type the question this is that

it's text 8 here you need to click on

edit so that you can type your question

something like what or the warranty

details of laptop model ABCD 1 1 2 2 and

then you can give it as here again you

need to click on edit laptop model

warranty details or 2 years and can be

extended ok

as this is a rich text area you can

select bold or you can put italic etc

etc so this is the question this is away

this is FAQ question and this is the

answer separately 7 new cell will create

one more article ok so this is about

some kind of Oasis shoe so I knew

another FAQ I will say that title will

be always information ok and in question

we need to just give edit and I will ask

for so the question will be what is the

default OS that gets installed when I

buy the laptop so he's just asking for

what kind of voice that will be

installed and I can give it as Windows

10 symbol or maybe you can put Linux

edit and here you can just type Windows

10 simple and then click on save okay

now we have two informations that are

provided in knowledge base so this is

about waste information about the

default OS this is a query and the other

one is about warranty details so these

are two FAQ informations that we are

storing in knowledge base survey click

on knowledge

we have created the information now any

case comes up which are matching with

this knowledge information these

knowledge information should be

displayed in the agent screen so that

they can just help the customers

immediately now we will quickly create a

case about asking for warranty so as the

information about warranty has been

already created we'll see whether it is

showing up now click on Ches Ches Ches

Ches case in case you're here

so kisses click on new so these are

existing cases in my system I will click

on new and I will ask for warranty okay

so anything about warranty so case will

just give the mandatory fields it's

about email or maybe phone and scroll

down scroll down scroll down subject

please provide so this is like an query

query case ok so just a query question

to the customer support please provide

the warranty details about the model


ABCD 1 1 2 2 ok and I will just copy and

give the same description as well and

click on save so as soon as this case

has been created agent should be able to

see the relevant information that I have

created so if you see this is the

knowledge so this is this will default

Lee come if it doesn't come you need to

add this related list first of all we'll

see the details first ok so this is a

woody subject which customer has raised

this is the description it is asking for

some warranty details as an agent I do

not have much information about it so I

need to rely on knowledge base now if

you don't see this particular knowledge

block in the rights or or anywhere in

your screen you need to add it from the

page load ok record page loads you will

see any page here right click on setup

and click on edit page this will take us

to the record page screen and here if

you see here is the knowledge if you

don't see it you just need to type

knowledge here knowledge so you just

need to drag and then put it wherever

you want it ok so this is how you can

add your knowledge block into your page

layout ok sighs it is already added into

my system

I will just go back and it will open my

case page but the question is I have

created a case which is relevant to our

entry details but the information which

are created in the knowledge base is not

displaying up here but basically ideally

that has to be displayed here the

information which we have created in

knowledge base has to be displayed here

why articles are not displaying under

knowledge layout in case page it should

display right yes it should display but

there is a reason all the articles that

we have created are in draft stage

usually article will be in three states

either in draft stage or in published

State or it's an archive state all the

recalls that we created first time will

be in draft State there is something

called publish button on clicking on it

it will go into the published it as soon

as an article is in publish state then

it will display under cases now to make

those articles to be displayed in this

knowledge box we need to publish them so

how to publish it will go back to

knowledge tab either you can click on

app launcher and go or you can click on

here and then click on knowledge so we

are navigating to knowledge tab now we

now we need to navigate to to the draft

articles so whenever you create an

article like we did before so those

articles will be interrupted okay so you

need to publish them how to publish it

so sell both of them and you see a

publish button here right so if you

click on this publish automatically they

will get they will move into published

it so click on publish now they are

published with well did they go so as

the state has been changed we need to

find them in published articles list

view so these lists uses standard

Salesforce which to use

now articles are in published it now

will see whether these articles are

displaying in our case or not so click

on this case will just refresh this page

and here if you see we are seeing those

suggested articles so warranty details

laptop model and noise information if

you don't see them just search here

something like laptop see if you can

just search warranty it will get the

relevant one so warranty click on it and

it will open that respect to article if

I see and open this article it says two

years in this documentation so I will go

back to the case and I will inform to

the customers saying that hey customer

devar and D is about two years for this

model abd what double one double two

this is how knowledge articles can be

published in Salesforce nice but all

these are related to epic use I wanted

to store user manuals also like

installation manuals or troubleshooting

manuals how to do it if I go to this

knowledge tab and click on new

Salesforce will give us to create

knowledge article or knowledge

information but it is related to FAQ

Salesforce by default givers this

feature to store information about

appear cubes effect your switch frequent

last questions whenever it is frequently

asked questions it is all about question

and answer correct question and answer

bird as per the requirement by that CEO

he is asking for us to store a BOTY user

manuals we don't want this question

answer here in that case but we need our

text area or some kind of big text box

where we can have step-by-step feature

about this user manual if you see here

so whenever we click on new knowledge

article in the UI so it is asking for

title question and answer right so it's

so purely about a fake use but as you

asked if we need some kind of manual not

to our knowledge articles to be created

we do not want question-and-answer

instead we want step-by-step description

and it has to be stored in a different

field or a different way different

column okay to have that we need to have

separate fields on different page

layouts for that you need to create

record types okay

so our target T's will create another

page layout which will store this field

and it will remove these two fields and

we'll have to record types one is FAQ

and one is manual okay

so we'll try to do it

so currently by default Salesforce give

us this page limit okay which pays out

this page out is having question and

answer so first we need to have another

field which is for step-by-step


okay so we'll create meal first and we

also need to create one more things out

that page though should not have this

question answer so to do it we need to

go to setup click on setup and object

manager click on this object manager as

I said whenever you set up knowledgebase

then automatically knowledge object will

be created so they search for knowledge

object so yeah this is our knowledge

object so if you see carefully it has

been a little bit kab unlike our custom

objects or standard objects it has been

under the numbers cruncher okay this is

just for information nothing to do with

our setup so we'll try to create a new

field which is a wood step-by-step

description of the user manual so we'll

create new and I think it is better to

have a rich text area I hope you already

know how to create custom fields so over

again scroll down each text area and and

next so make it a step-by-step procedure

and let the default values as these and

click on next and click on next and

click on save so we have our please

ready so we need to have this field in a

separate page node where question-answer

shouldn't be there

so we'll click on page layout and this

is our FAQ page layout and this is the

default page down so in this epic you

page node you have seen as a pic you is

basically frequently asked questions it

will have question-and-answer fields now

we'll create one more base node where it

should only have step-by-step procedure

unlike our FAQ page layout so I will

just try to clone it from knowledge base

load or FAQ layout and then make it as

light pink knowledge manually out and

click on save

in this page layout

I don't want question-and-answer so I

will remove them from this page now take

it from here take it from here and I

need to get our step-by-step procedure

then we ready to go yeah yep and then

click on save now we have our page

layout study the next thing is about red

cortex why do we need record types

whenever you click on your knowledge

article it should ask you whether you

want to create FAQ or user manual so to

do that we need to have record types to

ask that question for you which we need

to have record types currently we have a

pick your record type now we need to

create one more so epic user default

record type and it hull it has been

created by Salesforce we are just

creating it for manual long so manual

manual record type okay and I need to

make it active else it will not display

I am enabling it for all profiles and

click on next next click on next and

select the page load I want manual level

to be selected for all points ok and you

can be very careful with this step if

you miss this out you cannot see the

expected result click on save now we

have our record type ready and we have

our page load ready now we can test it

so we have if you click on record types

so we have to record types so whenever

you have to record types sales was will

ask you to select either code type first

and based on this record type it will

navigate to the respect to screen so I

will switch back to knowledge so I will

just click off cross here and now we

call knowledge tab again and I will

click on new so now it is asking if you

want to select FAQ or you want to select

magnet so as a figure has already been

seen on scorning

manual so click on next and if I go down

I would be seeing only step by step

procedure and I will not see question

answer because this is about manual so

it's like a user manual so you just need

to give a step one you need to open your

system step to unplug it or plug it and

step three is how it out some

like that okay all these steps can be

given in manuals so something like click

on start click on shutdown throw it so

your laptop out of the window something

like this

so title will be how to fix my laptop

over heating issue something like this

and you can just create a manual saying

that how to fix that issue by step by

step clear now I can create FAQ again so

I will see I will show you again how FAQ

page out looks like so I will click on

new again and in this epoch you click on

next and you should be seeing question

answer so scroll down and you should be

seeing push in an answer and if you see

step by step approach is also still

there because then they have created

that particular repeat I did not remove

it from the actual FAQ layout so just

take it out from the layout click on

page layouts and click on FAQ layout and

scroll down and scroll down and from

here just take it out okay drag and drop

in the top and click on save and you can

just navigate here and click on refresh

to see where their FAQ page load has

been changed and the suppressed approach

to flip should not be this line of only

question and answer same problem sort

step-by-step procedure is not displaying

now here question and answer is

displaying from FAQ so this is how you

can use your record types and payloads

to serve your different kind of

knowledge article types we have three

articles so far two fa Q's and one

manual right we have created two graphic

use and one troubleshooting manual right

is there a way we can categorize these

things properly yes there is a way so

whenever you need to we have multiple

like thousands of articles or different

types of different record types you need

to categorize them so that it is easy

for you to check the articles whenever

you click on the category so we call

this category you share in Salesforce as

data category

oops so here we can create two

categories like we have the record types

we can categorize like epic use and

manuals so I'm having one as FAQ

category and the second one has manuals

to create data category groups you need

to click on sir we set up again this

will take us to the screen where you

need to type data category in this quick

find so if you see there is data

categories set up clearly see if you

have other options also just you need to

click on data category setup and now it

will ask us to create the group first

first we need to create a group so where

I will make it as of a queues and

manuals okay and I will give the unique

name and click on save now group has

been created so this is if you see this

is kind of tree structure I can add FAQ

here a fake use and click on add and I

can add DC under that a fake use under

all we have a fake use I will click on

manually it now manuals and I click on

add now you can add as many categories

as you want and at the same point of

time under each group also under each

category also you can add one more

category something like if you see under

manuals also I can add further than one

more category but no it is not required

but I will show you how you need to

create sonar manuals I can make it as

user manual as one category and under

manuals I can add another category as

troubleshooting manual ok so if they

were if I create the manuals of if I

create manuals of troubleshooting then I

can put those in this category and if I

want user manual second this in category

and FAQ says in this candidate currents

I don't need these two I mean I don't

need these differentiation so I will

just go and delete those categories ok

so I can create in their categories also

like this scene under all you will be

seeing two categories and the menus you

will be seeing two more categories so I

will delete them because ok and again

troubleshooting click on OK

now we have only two categories of

accuse and manuals and I click on save

now our data category setup is Rowdy now

how to add our articles to these data

categories to do that these data

categories has to be in active mode if

you see desiring inactive we need to

make them active how so here there is an


activate category group and this will

get activated and it has been listed

under activity category right now we

will go and see how to add these

articles in this data categories

respectively now we will navigate to the

knowledge tab and we'll see how to

assign an article to a data category now

this is our draft article so click on

how to fix my laptop overheating issue

and will categorize into manual category

okay so how to add it if you see there

is something called category down here

and this is a drop-down click on edit

after you click on edit it will give you

all so you can add any article to

multiple categories in this case I want

to add only to the manuals category and

I will click on save so this is how you

can a categorized or particular article

to any category if you can add multiple

it show you how many categories it is

belongs to the biggest advantage with

this categories is we can use this

categories as a filter in reports by

using these filters you can find how

many articles under this category who

are in published it and in drop straight

how can i queue permission to my users

to create and publish articles some of

my agents should just see the articles

but not publish how to do this to manage

these permissions we need to convey them

in profiles so we have multiple

permissions on profiles for managing

these articles first one is manage

articles it is helpful for us to create

the articles and edit those articles etc

archive articles is all about archiving

the articles which are not in use


and finally we have cut permissions on

object which is really important or

knowledge object if you don't have

permission on this knowledge object even

though you have access or manage publish

an archive articles it's not at all

useful so

you need to have permission or knowledge

object first only then these permissions

will come into picture okay now we'll

see how these permissions will affect

the user in case of this knowledge

articles so currently I have this agent

a square so we'll go to his profile and

then see how we can change it and how it

will impact him

I finally logged in with that user

separately so first we'll go ahead check

with this profile okay so this is custom

admin profile associated with this user

and click on edit okay now and if you

search for manager else down here so I

see manager that's right

so I will remove this permission and we

have something called archived articles

and finally we should be taking out

publish articles see so these are the

three permissions perm publish archive

and manage articles but in knowledge so

a knowledge of laquida created and then

how just given a read and B what which

means they should be able to see agent

should be able to see the knowledge

articles but they it cannot do anything

like creating of articles publishing the

articles or archiving the articles so

we'll just save and we'll see whether it

is happening properly or not

now I logged in with a square agent and

if you see we have this case okay now

we'll open this case and we'll see on if

he is having access to those articles so

this is our case detail page and and if

you see this user is having access to

these knowledge articles okay now we

will see whether he can create new

articles or not I really should not

create because we did not cube

permission for this user or this user

profile do not to have published

articles or archived articles or manage

our transformation so if you see we

don't see any new button here so I will

just open the draft articles and we'll

see whether he can publish or not so he

do not have any buttons as such only

thing he can do on these articles is

just read option or he can only view

those articles he cannot do anything

about it now I want this user to have

all the permissions like publishing of

articles are coming up articles very

simple just going it to his profile and

make them checked where is

well let's try it out okay now we'll try

to give him all the permissions on

articles okay

so scroll down and give manage articles

permission and archive article

permission and publish article

permission so is it enough the answer is

no because to publish articles which

means you're creating articles which

means you need to have create option on

third level so we'll give create edit

and you can also give delete and you can

also give modify out so I'm giving all

the permissions so that you have will

have access oh I forgot one one last

thing left so all the users who wants to

do more than viewing the articles they

should be a knowledge they should be

having the knowledge user permission so

we'll see whether this user is having it

or not self like on this user and we

should be saying something call it

knowledge user see this is knowledge

user you need to have this permission

only then you can do more than viewing

the articles so click on it and click on

save now we are pretty much done so to

do more than viewing the articles you

need to have knowledge user permission

you need to have access to knowledge

object and you also need to have manage

permission archive a permission and

publish articles permission so we'll

just go here and we'll see whether this

user is having this permission or not I

mean just you press this page and we

should be seeing some buttons here look

so we got buttons to publish and sign

archive delayed so you can do whatever

you want here and you can also create

new articles so this is how you can give

permission to users to just view the

articles or you can also give

permissions to the users to manage

delete edit whatever you want all these

articles okay by default system admin

will be having all the access on these

articles clear what if my articles needs

to be updated will my old changes will

be lost if an article is published then

the old changes will never be lost they

will be added as a new version every

time you do changes it will create a new

draft article and you can do whatever

changes you want and then and you will

be created

for it the old changes will not be lost

for published article let's come to this

knowledge stamping and so currently we

are in publisher has stayed and let's

open this warranty details of cap top if

she see the detail says the warranty is

two years let's say there were because

of our new guidelines it has been

changed to three years okay now we need

to have this information updated to the

agents or to the customer so this is the

only knowledge base how do we edit it so

the published article can never be

edited so you need to create a new

version by using edit as draft so as

soon as you click on edit as draft it

will create a new version and it will be

drafted see now we will do some changes

with this answer okay click on edit and

now change the value from two years to

three years and click on save now this

will be creating a new version but it is

still interrupted so if you see if you

click on this version this is a new

version of this previous document so

click on versions and if you see this is

the old version which isn't published

yet so they will be still seeing users

will be still seeing that version I'm an

extended value as two years until our

latest version which is in our state is

published they will be still seeing yes

two years so what we need to do is we

need to publish this as soon as you

click on publish this will get this will

go to the previous version and this will

come into use for both a customers and

agents so I will confirm place and we'll

see whether it is in acting or not so

you see it says to viewing so this is

the version that will be used if I go to

knowledge articles now and I will click

on this warranty details of laptop model

as this is published state now it will

show three e TP three years as an

extended version see so this is the

version that currently both customers

and agents will be seeing so why should

number two which is in act two state so

this is version 2 and this is version 1

if I click on this older version there

you should be seeing saying as to a seat

as soon as you

create a new version the previous

version will go to archive state this is

how you can update your changes in this

knowledgebase what option will I have if

my article is no longer required so you

do have two options one you can archive

it - you can delete it so any article

can be in draft stage and it can be

published is finally it can be in our

chem stage so if you still want to

delete it if you don't want that article

to be there in the system at all then

you can delete it if you want to let

that article be there in the system then

you can just archive it as simple as

that okay first thing first so we cannot

delete any article which isn't published

State okay but if you want to delete or

if you don't want that published article

to be displayed to any user then what

you can do is click on the tactical and

move that article to archival state okay

click on archive and click on archive

button it should move that article to

our Cal State Normal go and check it in

our articles okay here if you see any

article in archive state those will not

be displayed to the agents or to the

customers in case if you really don't

want this article to be displayed in the

system at all then you can select that

article and you can delete it so by

clicking on this delete it will be

removed from the database forever so

this is how you can archive all you can

delete any article from the system and

that's your wrap-up

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