BLOB and CLOB in Oracle Database

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hi this is Abe and in this video I'm

going to talk about large object data


also known as lobs in Oracle database

I'll talk about the three main types

look at the syntax and then run through

an example so large object data types

our first one here is blob which is an

abbreviation for binary large object now

a blob accepts large binary objects such

as image or video files and tables may

have multiple columns with the log data

types however

LOB's can't be primary keys nor used

with distinct group by order by or joins

our second one here is CLOB and that's

an abbreviation for character large

object now a club accepts large text

data elements and our third one and CLOB

accepts CLOB data in unicode which is a

character set that serves as an

alternative to ascii and represents a

more Universal standard that supports

all major languages so as far as my

syntax it's basically a create table

statement followed by the table name and

then a couple columns where we need to

specify D the data type and I'll use one

of these data types here in my example

now I've already got my sequel developer

application open I'm connected to my

database I'm going to use my HR account

for this video and I'll go ahead and

start off with my example so basically

create table I'm going to call this Cruz


first column cruise notes ID and this

has a number data type comma and then

cruise notes and this is a club data

type let me pull in now so as you can

see I've specified the data type as Club

in this case and go ahead and run that

statement with the control enter and as

you can see it's created my cruise notes

table now if I look at the tables and

under cruise notes and maybe answer do a

refresh cruise notes and as you can see

under the data type I've got club and

number club for the cruise notes column

and then number for the cruise notes ID

so there you have it talked about large

object data types or lobs in Oracle

database went through an example and

verified our results I'll be posting

this script here to my blog as well as

some reading material which I'll link to

in the description box below hope you

liked the video please subscribe like a

chair and see you later