How to Fill Out Your Child Care Assistance Program Application

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hi I'm Katie and I'm going to show you

how to fill out your application for the

childcare assistance program

when you first look at the application

page two is going to be the parent or

guardians general information your name

address phone number there are a couple

questions in here that you can answer

email address your date of birth the

primary language is spoken in your home

and what county you reside in and then

it does ask if you have more than one

child care provider for this application

page three of application is going to be

list your work information you're going

to need to list the employer school name

your job title the address city and

state the phone number the date that you

started the job and then your income

information how much you make per hour

per month or per year how often you get

paid how many hours a week you work how

many days a week you work and then your

travel time to and from the childcare

provider to work and then there's a

question that asks if you use public

transportation make sure that you list

your work schedule as well there are

slots for two different employers

however you have more than two you're

more than welcome to make a copy of page

three and list any additional employment

on that page page four is going to list

any school activity or TANF required

training activity that the parent would

be participating in make sure that this

is completed thoroughly you're going to

mark what type of schooling or training

it is list the school's name phone

number the term start and end date the

type of degree being earned and then

also make sure that you list a travel

time to and from the school to the

daycare provider and then list the

school schedule as well if you're not

participating in a school or training

activity you would mark know and move on

page five is going to list any second

parent information if the second parent

resides in the home you're gonna need to

mark yes this is where you're going to

list all their current information the

first part is going to be just our

general information and then we need

their work information where they work

job title address date they started the

job the rate of pay how many hours a

week they're working number of days and

then those are travel time question

tucked in there as well make sure you

list how long it takes a second parent

to get from work to the provider and

then we'll need the weekly work schedule

as well there's a spot for a second of

flora as well however if there are more

than two employment employers you could

just make a copy of one of these pages

and attach it if the other parent is in

a school or training activity you'll

need to fill out this part of it you'll

mark what type of the training it is the

type of degree being earned what the

school name is phone number term start

date term end date address there's that

travel time question again make sure

that that's filled out and then the

second parents school or training

activity schedule needs to be completed

as well now if they're not in the home

you just mark no and move on to page

seven page seven is going to list the

family information make sure that you

list the family size so that's gonna be

the parent or parents and then any of

the children that resides in the home

you list the this top part it says I

need childcare assistance for the

following children this is where you're

going to list all the children that

actually need childcare assistance so if

you have a one-year-old that needs

assistance but you have a

fourteen-year-old as well that

fourteen-year-old is gonna be down here

underneath the list all other family

members not already listed on the

application but you're going to count

them in your family size so this top

part is only gonna be the children that

do need the childcare assistance and

this family size question make sure that

you enjoy that I'm kind of tucked in

there and can be missed

page eight is going to list the

childcare arrangement so you're going to

list the daycare provider that you're

taking a child or children to you can

list the providers number right here and

then you're going to list the child's

name first and last name the

relationship to you the age of the child

and then you're gonna list a child

there's the usual childcare schedule so

it's going to be your drop-off time and

your pickup time so this is kind of

where the travel time comes in right

there and then it asks if the child is

in school so you need to mark yes or no

with that if they are in school we need

to know what hours they're in school to

make sure that you list the hours over

here and then it's the school at the

same location

the provider you would need answer yes

or no for that as well and then page 10

is the income monthly income information

so box 1 is going to be the employment

income for anyone that you are including

in your family size that is 21 and older

Fox 2's endless any self-employment that

you or anyone 21 or older that you're

including your chemist those would have

box 3 is going to be any monthly child

support which you received for box 4 is

going to be any TANF cash assistance for

any of for any family members box 5 is

going to be any other federal cash

income so this is where social security

would be listed 6 is going to be any

other monthly income family members that

could be any unemployment that you would

be receiving any ongoing multi adoption

assistance payments from DCFS permanent

disability payments and whatnot and then

you're going to fill up that underneath

applicant as you now if there are any

other family members that you've

included in your family size that gets

any of this income as well that's where

you would market you would list their

information in a box on this side page

11 is going to be the chakra provider

information so this is what your daycare

provider is going to fill out we're

going to let's meet their general

information name address county that

they reside in phone number email

address date of birth only their

provider number then they will need to

answer the questions at the bottom of

this page as well

page 12 is also will be completed by

your provider it's a legal care

arrangement so they're going to mark

what kind of daycare they are if they're

a licensed daycare we do their licensing

information as well if you have a

childcare provider who is non licensed

so a friend or family member for example

we would need to know all of the people

residing in the providers home if care

is being provided in the providers home

page 13 this is the provider signature

page the provider needs to make sure

that they read from top to bottom and

then sign in dated and the page 14 is a

parent or guardian

your page parent needs to make sure they

read from top to bottom and then sign

the data pages 15 16 and 17 our

frequently asked questions about the

child care assistance program however

you're more than welcome to contact

community connection point with any

further questions you may have now that

the application has been submitted it

can take up to 10 business days to be


hopefully that cleared some things up

for more information visit our website

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