Chase Sapphire Reserve: How to Get Approved

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hi guys welcome to this tutorial of how

to get the Chase Sapphire Reserve card

it's the most exciting new credit card

of 2016 just came out one month ago in

August features a three points per

dollar on travel and dining airport

lounge access a three hundred dollar

travel credit load of other cool

features for a $400 $450 annual fee so

the three hundred dollar travel credit

if you use it actually brings the fee

down to only one hundred and fifty

dollars per year so it is an awesome

product and I'm going to tell you how to

get approved for it so I just got a

proof of the card like three days ago

and I had a credit score of 743 I would

say if your credit score is lower than

that if it's lower maybe low suddenly if

it's lower than 700 don't even bother

with this card get some other cards

maybe a platinum from Capital One

perhaps American Express everyday credit

card start building your credit and wait

till you're over certainly over 720

before you try applying for this one but

I was 743 on a FICO score and the hard

inquiry brought me down to 740 and so

I'm 740 right now and first I got

refused this card and and the principle

reason so I got I got this letter from

chase and the main reason I was refused

to look was here we go let's cover my

name there too many cards on your


too many Carney accounts opened in the

last two years so Chase has this 5:24

rule that if you open more than five new

credit cards in the most recent 24

months they're not going to let you open

a new cards with Chase they'll refuse

your application but I was actually I'd

only opened four credit cards in 24

months but what I did have on my credit

report were two other cards which I was

a registered user on my wife's cards you

know you can you can get a car for a

registered user and those show up on

your credit report and sometimes they

can't distinguish them so if you think

that you have

been under the 524 rule then and you get

refused definitely phone them up and

clarify oh these are accounts I'm not

the main user those are just additional

cards from someone else's account your

wife or your husband or someone in your

family and if you're under the port 5 24

24 4 cards in the last 24 months you

should have no problem from that point

of view so when I called up so I called

up this line I called up this

reconsideration line and I you know I

found this number on the internet and

you won't find this number on chases

website so I originally I found it on

some blog and I thought it was kind of

like dodgy this sketchy so I caught it

up with with a lot of caution you know I

wouldn't I didn't tell them my social I

just told them my reference number from

the letter and then listen to what they

said and for sure they knew she was able

to call up all the information in the

letter from their computer system so I

knew that I really was talking to chase

but if you guys get you know numbers for

reconsideration lines on the website on

some blog on the internet you know be

careful because there's a lot of scams

out there people wanting steal your

information so when I talked to the lady

I explained you know what I just told

you about I only opened four cars in the

last 24 months and then she asked for

some additional information she asked

about my income my income is actually

you know even though it's a premium card

you don't actually need a hugely high

income to get this card my income was

not over the average household income

for the US it's around I think the

average house coming up problems around

household income is around fifty

thousand right now I think but anyway I

certainly wasn't didn't have a income

higher than that and I still got

approved for the card but one thing I

will say is that I do not have any

negative information in my credit

history my credit history is short only

11 months I got my credit card la first

credit card last year last summer as I

have 11 months of credit history with no

missed payments and that's pretty

crucial because miss payments have quite

a serious effect on your credit score

so just to recap guys you don't need a

huge salary you obviously do need a

salary you need to show income for this

card but you don't need a huge salary

and as long as your credit is in

sort of the mid 7os I would say you will

definitely get it if you don't get

approved straight away and you haven't

got over five new accounts in last 24

months you have a very good chance of

getting it if you if you call that

reconsideration line however people are

saying don't call the reconsideration

line immediately wait until you receive

a letter actually confirming that you've

been denied because they do have an

automatic system that you know if you

get you don't get approved straight away

online there's an automatic system that

takes you through another round of

checks that may then approve you so do

wait until you receive that actual

letter I can't wait until I get my cut

through the post as soon as I got

approved online I checked on my chase

app and within ten minutes I did

actually have a Chase Sapphire reserve

screen on there on the app even before

the card arrives at your house you can

go in there and set up some stuff

request your priority pass airport

lounge card and go through and start

checking out the features so when the

card arrives I'll do an unboxing video

for you guys let me know your thoughts

guys are you applying for the Chase

Sapphire Reserve it's definitely the

most exciting card of 2016 American

Express is rumored to be making some

announcement on October 5th possibly

some kind of card to rival the Chase

Sapphire Reserve it may just be

improvements to the platinum card we are

not sure I will keep posted on that

please subscribe this is a new channel I

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air miles and points to travel all that

kind of good stuff

so I've been the credit shifu we'll see

you next time