The Champions League of soccer, explained in 2 minutes

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the UEFA Champions League isn't really a

league it's a tournament held

intermittently throughout the year that

pits the best club teams in Europe

against each other but it's not just a


it's the tournament without the

Champions League we'd never know if

Chelsea could beat Real Madrid or how

Barcelona would match up against Bayern

Munich it's an international measuring

stick for the best clubs in the world

all of which just happened to be in

Europe why money a lot of money

UEFA that's essentially the EU for

soccer leagues pays a purse of almost a

billion euros two Champions League clubs

including 57 million euros to the

winners so who gets into the Champions


short answer champions de the longer

answer the Premier League La Liga and

the Bundesliga the three best leagues in

the world each sended top four finishers

from their tables then the fourth and

fifth ranked leagues by ufo's metrics

send three teams each and so on down the


some of the smaller countries don't get

any automatic berths and their champions

have to play in one of three qualifying

rounds sorry Gibraltar once those

qualifying rounds finish in the summer

we're left with 32 teams and the real

competition begins the group stage the

teams are split into eight groups of

four then every team in the group plays

the other teams home in a way throughout

the fall but the top two teams in each

group advancing to the knockout stages

which are played in the winter and

spring in every round of the knockout

stage before the final a random draw

determines the matchups and teams play a

two-legged tie that's a pair of games

home in a way whoever has the most total

goals after two games advances and if

the two games score is tied then whoever

scored more away goals wins and if

that's tied as well the two teams play

30 minutes of extra time that can't

break the deadlock they go to penalty

kicks the finalists played in the late

spring at a stadium determine years

earlier kind of like how the super bowl

is and like the Super Bowl it's the

biggest height and most-watched Club

match in the world

every year they're after 90 minutes or

120 minutes maybe penalty kicks one side

can call itself the best team on earth

in the world's most popular sport the

champion of champions