Can you claim Carers Allowance?

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do you care for someone with a

disability if you do you may be entitled

to care as long as as long as you're

providing care for at least 35 hours a

week and the person you care for is

receiving a benefit for their disability

but there is a weekly earnings limit you

cannot be in full-time education and you

can't have more than one caregiver

claiming the allowance however you don't

have to live with the person you care

for it won't relate to your national

insurance contributions and it doesn't

matter if you have savings although it

may count as income when your other

benefits are taken into account and it

may also affect the benefits of a person

you are caring for claiming carers

allowance can open up top-ups through

your other benefits it makes you exempt

from the benefits cap and it can be

backdated up to three months it can be

paid every week four weeks or thirteen

weeks to claim you can simply fill out a

form online or call to get a paper

version to find out if you are entitled

to care of allowance visit the turn2us