How to Apply for Capital One Credit Cards

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okay so this video is to show you how

you can actually apply for credit cards

how to fill out an application and also

about the credit the Capital One car the

credit card capital 1 now a lot of

clients as begin items deleted from

their credit reports and ever handing

credit cards at all

and to really get a boost to your credit

score you're gonna need a credit card so

a clients that don't have money to put

down a deposit always some try to get

the capital one card this is actually a

first card I got the first credit card I

got and I was so happy when I got a

three hundred dollar limit and I was

happy with it I never had a credit card

before so let me show you what is that

got there so I went here on the credit

cards and you can click compare all

credit cards it's thinking it's thinking

now here you can ask you will see all of

the credit cards that they offer scroll

all the way down you can see all the

credit cards at the offer now with us we

know our credit scores we're rebuilding

it now it's average it's not that good

now here's a security card if you do

have money and they won't give you a

regular credit card you may want to look

into getting this credit card right here

this is the secured car the deposit is

refundable is $49 or they may have you

put down $99 or $200 and don't forget to

the initial credit line for that a car

will be the $200 so even if you put a

$49 deposit down you still only I mean

you see what happened to hundred dollar

limit now let me show you the credit

cards that I always tell my clients to

start off trying to get first and that's

the Quicksilver here the Quicksilver and

then the Platinum now with capital one

they allow you to have two two of their

regular credit cards and then two

business credit cards now two of their

regular credit cards you can have but

remember they cannot be the same credit

card so say if you apply for the

Quicksilver I always tell people I for

the Quicksilver first see what they say

you'll pop it a quick silver you can't

go back and try to apply for the

Quicksilver again when you get approved

but they're going to deny you again you

got to try to get the Platinum one

so let me show you how you actually go

ahead and fill out the application for

us so let's click apply now so with this

credit card you have a thirty nine

dollar fee and then until you get

rewards to for it and then the inches on

depending on your credit so you actually

put in information here

fill out the application so say my name

is sandy actually I will fill it out

normal let me fill it out normal so i'll

Rokita cannon o 101 1991 social security

number one two three one two three one

two one two three four are you a citizen

of the United States

I am US citizen oh they like notice not

it huh huh

okay they accepted that so let's put

that one handy and we have citizenship

in another country no not yet not yet

okay so let's actually put an address in

let's put an address in this is where I

grew up

made me person I am now so let's click

here they have the total address there

you could put the suite or a part in my

number don't forget to put that there

because if you get a credit card they're

gonna send it to this place and they're

like oh where's Peter

make sure you put that apartment number

in there and then also we need the email

address putting in so let's put the

email in Rokita cannon and yahoo.com

your phone number nine to zero this with

the business phone number two one five

but she to one four zero love one by a

financial information do you have any

bank accounts yeah remember they do not

want to give you a credit card if you

don't have a bank account that's


so always click checking it's checking

the savings employment status a

self-employed investor remember if this

information is not only a credit report

they're going to add it onto your credit

report and then they rarely check the

income when you put the income here they

rarely check the income here so the

total annual income same thing I put for

every application uh monthly rent always

put a dollar they want to see you're not

paying so much out so you to pay them on

that if offered would you agree

interested in blank checks he is for

cash advances sure send me some blank

checks are you tryin to tracking your

credit score for free with credit wise


and I love credit wise also they give

you updates just like credit car license

which is just a one credit report

okay I've reviewed it I create some

terms English okay

the cash cash advance is 28.7% okay the

fees is 39 and you leave $39 keep

scrolling down just keep scrolling and

then press Continue make sure everything

is correct here and remember when

putting your address in say if I say Oh

change your address over you change your

address over you try to get the old

addresses delete it make sure that you

do not put the old address in there

we're trying to get the whole address

deleted and - when I say don't put the

old address in there saying if it

already dad just already got deleted

don't put that address in there safe

we're trying to get now I'm go ahead and

put the habit address in there cuz we're

is gonna get deleted don't forget the

credit bureaus had 30 days to respond to

our letters so go ahead and just put the

old address in there because I may not

know the new address so let's click

continue and submit our application we

know our application look at the line

cuz this is not actual information so we

know it's gonna get tonight

so it's processing our application oh

man they can't approve us today that's

so sad okay so you can't approve us

today that's fine with me so let me see

let's go back to their main page because

I want to show you one more thing now

say if you did get the credit card

they're gonna tell you hey you got the

credit card set up your login

information now you stop you'll set up

your login information since you go

ahead and log into your account and I

will be your username and password it'll

be on the screen that was just on that

say hey you're living is $300 it was

$1,000 $1300 or whatever the case may be

they'll let you know what your limit is

and they're also you can come back here

and you can go ahead and lock into your

account if you want to also it took five

seven business days if you get your card

in the mail and I say

if you like okay I don't know if I'm

getting proved see if you're

pre-qualified click here see if you


they got this option when I first apply

for a card

I checked here first so fill this out

your first name your last name your date

of birth social security number your

address don't forget to put your

apartment number here what kind of car

do you interested in please II just put

not sure and then always put average

here you rebuilding your average I

understand and then they'll think

they'll let you know what cards you may

be able to get here so that's how you

will navigate the Capital One credit

card so if you have also you have about

a 550 credits for you just got a lot of

things deleted from your credit report

you don't have that many major things

they're gonna actually look at your

trans journey and you're equifax credit

score try to get this car remember you

need to have credit reporting so don't

think I don't want to get an inquiry but

you don't have any credit cards report

you can always go ahead and apply for

the Capital One car so that's how you

apply for it let me know if you have any

questions don't forget to subscribe and

also leave all the comments down below