How To Get A Business Credit Card

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in this video we will be talking about

business credit cards everything you

need to know I'm gonna be sharing my

experiences with you guys some of the

cards that I recommend you guys and the

benefits and just everything about

business credit cards you're gonna find

out in this video intro I am a full-time

entrepreneur I own my own business and

I've had business credit cards for about

the past year the reason why I mentioned

all this is just so I can put a little

bit of credibility out there within that

last year I've opened multiple ecommerce

stores the one that did the best for me

did about six figures in revenue the

first year so about $115,000 and since

then I can tell you that there are a lot

of costs that go into a business and

business credit cards is literally what

saved my business and the reason why I

say that is because a cash flow so any

business that starts out their first

year you're gonna realize like you're

gonna have to put a lot of money into

marketing if you're trying to get into

branding products especially if cash

flow is very limited to start off with

what I use was actually my student loans

once I ran out of that I had to look

into another source and that was

actually business credit cards now if

you're running your business out of your

checking account whatever money's in

there is the money you have to use so

say you have to put more money into

marketing but you're not seeing the

return right then and there you're gonna

get choked out at one point especially

if you don't have the money credit cards

allow you to kind of ease that they give

you those 30 days to actually keep

afloat in business and the three

expenses that I realized was the most

taxing on a business was the cost of

goods or the copy advertising costs that

I spent and then paying my employees so

those three things add up a lot and if

you're not getting points for that

you're losing out on a ton of free money

so what our business credit cards you

guys business credit cards are simply

credit cards geared towards business

owners the difference between them and

the personal credit card is a few things

now one of the first benefits that I

have to mention to you guys is that your

business credit card does not affect

your personal credit score so your

business and your credit they are two

sides of the coin there's two different

parts to it so your business credit

score might be completely different from

your personal one but your personal one

is the credit score that actually

affects your life way more than your

business scored us unless you're going

into more actual business loans but the

main reason why the business credit

score is superior to the personal credit

score is because it's not affected by a

lot of limitations such as that Chase

5:24 rules say you're sitting at four

cards within 24 months if you get one

more personal card you can't get another

credit card with them for two years if

you're at that four slot within that 24

months and you get a business credit

card you're not going to be affected

that does not show up on your personal

credit report so say you're at four

credit cards right now within 24 months

you can actually get all five of chases

business cards or however many they have

and still get as many as you want and

not be affected by that so the business

credit cards aren't actually going to be

restricted by the same things that hold

the personal credit score so they're

different they're separate and it's not

going to be affected by that which is

one of the huge huge benefits of

actually owning a business credit card

now on top of that signup bonuses we

credit churners whatever you guys want

to call yourself signup bonuses are

incredible because in reality you're

paying $100 and you get 3% back that's

three dollars for every hundred dollars

you spend and if you transfer that over

maybe you'll get five or six but that's

not a lot of money okay you have to

spend a thousand dollars just to get say

thirty dollars maybe you know it depends

on what card and what reward you have

but what I'm trying to say is those

rewards aren't enough and if you're just

forcing yourself to spend money just

trying to get like an extra 10 bucks 20

30 bucks it's not really the best bang

for your buck so what a lot of people do

is focus on the signup bonuses now with

the business credit card you're gonna be

getting an incredible sign up bonus

compared to personal cards so we're

gonna be using a test subject for

example so let's get chase business

preferred right here and we'll get Chase

Sapphire Preferred right here whoa sorry

you guys didn't mean to flex too hard

probably get a few dislikes for that I'm

sorry you guys I'm sorry come on man you

got 3000 subs now can't be bullshitting

like that so guys with the Chase

Sapphire Preferred if you spend $4,000

in three months you're gonna be getting

50,000 points back however if you spend

$5,000 more so just $1,000 more than you

would with the Chase Sapphire Preferred

you're actually gonna be getting 80,000

points compared to the 50,000 points

within that same three month time four

this is a no-brainer you can clearly see

how much more points you get back from a

business card just because it's a

business card and you're only spending

$1,000 more within that three months to

get that now if you guys can't spend

that much money there are some

manufacturers spending techniques that

we're gonna be going over on this

channel like I say all the time

I'm not a huge advocate of em essing but

I'll be on it with my little junkies if

I didn't owe my business and it wasn't

putting all these business expenses on a

monthly basis or my business comes to a

point where I have to sell my company

and what I'm probably gonna do is

manufacture spam okay the reason why I

don't encourage it is because if you get

caught doing it there are some

repercussions like not being able to

ever use those credit card companies

again but if you play it correctly play

it safely like the methods I'm gonna be

telling you guys in the videos and the

upcoming show then you guys are gonna

learn the proper way to do it and that's

a rat's team now another example on top

of that would be the benefits that you

get from these cars with both cards they

literally have the name preferred in

both these cars you're actually going to

be getting 3x on more categories and two

of the categories that go hand-in-hand

with each other is travel so well the

Chase Sapphire Preferred you do get 2x

on dining but you also get 4x on dining

with the American Express gold card if

you guys haven't flex already make sure

you check out that card it doesn't have

dining for the business card but what it

does have is 3x back on track Chase

Sapphire Preferred actually gives you 2x

back and you might think 2 X 3 X is not

a big deal but when you actually start

putting a lot of spend on things that 1

X makes a difference now I always tell

you guys don't ever carry a balance of

credit cards but there are a lot of

people in unique situations that we do

not know about some people may have

hospital bills some people might have to

pay their tuition their books maybe you

get an accident who knows we don't know

everyone's situation so if you are

carrying a balance with credit cards or

if you've just been an idiot and you're

trying to flex on some girls and you

like you just bought some extra bottles

at the club you're stupid but if you're

a guy who is actually in a legitimate

situation where you actually had to

carry a balanced business credit cards

are a huge huge benefit to you as well

and that is because they have such a

high credit limit that you could

actually balance transfer what you have

onto a business credit card and when you

sign up for some of these business

credit cards they're gonna give you no

interest no APR for like the first year

some of that first

six months some of them even up to 15

months now this is a strategy that I

recommend to some of my business clients

that are starting a new business they

have a huge amount of inventory and

overhead that they have to buy and

they're confident to sell it now a lot

of people sleep on the American Express

blue business plus card there's only for

American Express business cards that I

know of Platinum Business the gold

business aka the flex cards and then you

have the plum which is the most awful

name for a credit card I can ever think

of and then you have the blue business

plus so the business cards on American

Express decide don't really get that

complicated you have those four cards

one of those cards which is the business

blue plus you have more flexibility with

paying off your balance in case that

ever happens you have no interest no

fees on balance transfers you have a

huge huge credit line limit and the

first 15 months that you use the

American Express blue business car

you'll actually have zero dollars on any

fees including that so I know a lot of

business owners that hold back that

don't actually apply for this card until

they know they're about again into a

situation where they have to invest and

they have to put some money in on

average you're paying like fifteen

percent maybe most the time it's about

the same rate as credit cards around 20

percent for small businesses now I kind

of touched on this before as well but a

huge huge benefit is the credit line

increase so in my situation I actually

went from the Discover card to the chase

freedom unlimited card Chase Sapphire

Preferred card and now I went balls deep

with the business now with the business

credit cards the best benefits that came

with that was the credit line increase

which shook me so good so starting out

with the chase freedom unlimited card I

actually had a starting limit of like

$1,500 and with the Chase Sapphire

Preferred they gave me a starting limit

of $4,000 and then I had to call him

again and tell them look I need a higher

limit or something because at that time

I was putting my business expenses there

and I had to pay off my credit cards

every like three days because of how

much I was spending what I had to do was

call him and they bumped it up to $6,000

but I had to go through a lot of loops

and all this and in the end it still

isn't a huge limit but I understand

because it was my first time getting

into the credit card game right after

that and I applied for these business

cards my first limit was $10,000 so

that's kind of like the medium that I

have been seeing with my card and it is

about the $10,000 limit mark

just applied for another card which was

the chase business cash card so now I

have all three of the business cards for

Chase and with that card I just checked

today I had a fifteen thousand dollar

limit without asking them and I know if

I call them and tell them look business

is about to be booming

I need some sort of increase that

they're gonna hook a brother up with

that because they did that with my

personal cards I know what business

they're more inclined to do that and

with Chase so far I put a lot of spent

on business and if you guys didn't know

this credit card companies make money

every time you swipe the card or every

time you punch it into online so if

you're blowing 40 thousand 50 thousand

in a year and giving it to chase they're

making that percentage off of the fifty

thousand that you spend so they're gonna

be more inclined to give you that credit

line limit increase now I will be

discussing this in another video as well

on what you should say when you call

them to get a credit line increase

because there are some things that you

should say this is one of those things

that there aren't like a set of

guidelines but I'll be telling you guys

what has worked for me if you are a

business owner you're putting all your

spend on your debit card or another

credit card or personal credit card and

it's gonna get annoying and hectic and

I'm telling you this from experience as

well when you have taxes do your first

year and you have a million charges

everywhere and either you or your

bookkeeper or your accountant needs to

go through all of that they're gonna

charge you a lot of money because they

need to sit there doing some the menial

tasks that's just a waste of time when

we could have done this a lot easier and

the thing is if you have a business

credit card and a personal credit card

you can actually split your expenses

pretty well between these two so when it

comes tax season at the end of the year

you can actually split it and not have

to worry about going through each

individual order you can just say

everything on here is a business expense

and everything on here is my personal

expense that's it finally we have gotten

to the point we've covered most of the

business credit card stuff and I know

this video is long so if you guys are

still here with me stay tuned here's an

app we all got to eat out here brothers

so the real question that everyone's

wondering now is how can I get a

business if I don't really own a

business now let me share the industry

secret with all you little mother

junkies that people on Instagram are

gonna charge you [ __ ] $300 for I'll

be sharing with you guys for free on

here because I saw tongue hey you you

guys don't need to own a huge

corporation I mean an LLC even to

actually get business credit cards

that's another misconception a lot of

people have what you can get is a

sole-proprietorship and what is that so

by definition a sole-proprietorship is

the government's fancy way of saying

that person owns that business and pays

for that finances and it's the one

that's legally gonna take on the debt or

the expenses owned by whatever that

business it now relating back to what I

said all the way in the beginning a

business is a very vague term the whole

business if you guys have ever sold

anything on eBay that's a business if

you have ever driven your neighbor's dog

to the dog park that is a business as

long as you got paid for it if you've

turned anyone and they've paid you that

is a business if you've been an uber

driver that is a business if you have

written articles in school and so on

paid you for that that is a business if

you are dealing drugs that is a business

as well I don't encourage you guys to do

drugs or sell drugs but it is a business

and if you do that I wouldn't recommend

you guys to actually put it on your

taxes and say you know you're a drug

dealer but it is a business that allows

you to get business credit cards you can

go online and apply for a slow

proprietorship for free so the

government has this available there have

been a little mix-up since the

government shutdown happen but for the

most part you're able to do this and

when you get a sole proprietorship you

will get something called an EIN number

and that is your tax identification

number and that's the only number you

need to put into your business credit

card application other than the

residency so when it comes to e-commerce

you guys I work out of my home and I

know people who flip things out of eBay

they work out of their home ok

most people actually work out of their

home unless you're a brick and mortar

store so if you're coming out of your

crib and what you can actually do is put

your own address as the company's

address and I've been able to do that

and get all my business credit cards

completely fine now guys I know this

video is getting long so I don't want to

make it any longer but if you guys need

me to go into my computer go on the

government's website and file for like

some bogus company and then apply for

another business credit card I'm willing

to do that for you guys just let me know

down below but I don't want to put it in

this video because it's too long but for

the most part we have covered the

general premise of it at this point you

guys should all understand how to get a

business card what it is and all the

differences with it now to kind of wrap

this video up the business cards that I

would recommend you guys to get is

either the chase or there can Express

business cards their customer support

has been good on the business side with

me they've always helped me out they've

even reached outs

about other loans inside of their

department and I think they gauged that

depending on how much you spent on these

business cards but what I can tell you

guys is this stay away from Capital One

and whatever those smaller scammy

companies are for now when it comes to

business cards what I would do is focus

on the chase cards and get the no annual

fee cards first at the end of the day

these cards have incredible incredible

benefits they have a lot of advantages

and they're not going to restrict you

now my way to give back to you guys and

if you have watched this video so far up

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I will see you guys on the next one