Business Car Leasing Explained - Why these business owners lease.

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are you a business owner do you have

team members that travel by a car to

benefit the business well watch these

business owners explain why they lease

cars for their staff and themselves main

factors for me as as a business owner to

go and try to lease a car is a two-fold

right what is the car being utilized for

my employees are being used for an

executive staff so when we utilize it

for the employees they don't care about

the cars as much as we do right so they

use them they will they will use a lot

of Road mileage on them and what that

does for me as a company allows me to

appreciate the value of the car without

having to pay for it right so we'll turn

it in don't get new technology my

employees will be safe if I'm buying a

car pacifically from my employees from a

physician for my companies I'd rather

have them lease a car where every three

years we go switch it trade it in and

they get a new one headache free they

work their day job so they don't have to

worry about maintaining it or doing

anything and that's the best way to do

it I actually run my own startup I've

got family members that have their own


I personally lease so for me the benefit

to it is is where right now I think in

Illinois a company can go spend fifty

thousand dollars on a car and they can

write the entire amount off for I think

roughly about five years they can only

write it off one car one $50,000 car

over five years okay okay all right so

that's provided that they meet set

recommendations with the vehicle okay

they can't use it for personal use that

has to be strictly for the business log

all the miles whereas when you lease a

car you can actually write off every

single payment all your insurance

everything for a lease so if you really

put it in perspective if you say okay

well I put twenty thousand miles a year

on my car and I buy this thing for my

company sure I get to write it off but

in three years I want to do one because

it's got too many miles on it guess what

you're go buy another $50,000 car and

guess what you can't do can't write it

off yeah so with a lease every single

payment everything invested into that

car as long as it's in a company name

could be written off

as a company vehicle I would definitely

recommend company Oasis and the reason

are twofold one is the company's able to

take tax breaks but also fundamentally

it makes it company offer a new car or a

relatively new car to each employee or

salesperson so the new tax bill then

that we just got passed is gonna is

gonna affect the way people lease right

there's going to be two folds so they're

gonna is a 179 section 179 depreciation

schedule in there that allow companies

to buy assets and depreciate the full

value so we're going to see a lot of

those assets being bought and 2018 so

you'll be able to see that and then when

you'll be able to depreciate the full

value of the lease as well instead of

pro grade and a month a month they could

pay for the whole lease up front and

then depreciate the whole amount off

their business taxes if you're

interested in the lease and don't have

time to shop around at dealerships let

the experts at car lease calm take care

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