The Actual Price of British Citizenship

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how much would you be willing to spend

for citizenship in another country if

you look online it says the price of a

British passport is a mere 72 pounds but

that of course is the price for a

British citizen so how much does it cost

for anyone else to get to that point I

think you'd be quite surprised at how

much it really adds up hello everyone

and welcome to 2019 now if you've been

following my channel for a while you

know that this is an incredibly

important year for me this is a year

that's always been so far in the future

I always considered it never coming it's

just too far away and yet here we are if

you're unaware this is my seventh year

live in the UK and it is finally time

that I am able to apply for my

indefinitely now if you don't know what

that means the indefinitely to remain or

the ILR is basically the penultimate

step of getting british citizenship and

I would say arguably the most difficult

step if you're unaware to get british

citizenship the only things you need to

do or have an il are and hold it for 12

months that's basically it it's that


so the ILR is really what everything

leaves up just as I'm applying for an

isle are in May I decided to look up the

Associated fees and I was quite

surprised quite surprised indeed and so

it got me thinking how much money have I

truly spent on this journey to get to

that British passport how much does it

really cost well I like math so let's

get crackin September 11th 2012 is where

this journey starts the day I got off my

first plane and is able to enter the UK

under this fancy visa this was a tier 4

student visa which allowed me to enter

the UK and study I was going for a

master's degree I was very excited now

how much did that cost

well my tier 4 student visa cost me a

reasonable 335 pounds and of course on

top of that you need to pay an extra 19

pounds 20 for your bio residence permit

your BRP basically getting your

fingerprints done for some reason that

price isn't included in everything else

but believe me it'll add up it's

important that add that alone so my

total came to a lovely 354 pounds 20

that's not too bad okay I get to live

and study in the UK also I got to work

up to 20 hours during term time not so

bad okay for a year of live in the UK

that's pretty good this point probably

caught up if I'm like mom moving up UK

it's not that bad it gets worse so when

I finished my degree I have this weird

tugging in my heart and it says I'm not

quite finished with the UK something

inside me was like I want to stay at

least for a bit longer to figure out

what I really want to do with my life

and so how do you stay in the UK you got

to get a job okay you got to get a good


get sponsored with a tier 2 general visa

now you can't just switch to this

willy-nilly you have to find a company

that not only is willing spawn to you

but is able to sponsor you and has to

prove to the UK government within a

reasonable doubt that you are the best

person for the job and there's no other

British person that applied for the job

as qualified as you yes it's quite in a

stringent process but I managed to get

the job so how much did this tier 2

general visa cost me

well 700 is four pounds alright that's

increased our total a little bit there

it's double the price the last one but

hey this visa can last up to three years

so to be fair it makes a bit of sense

right however here's the thing if you're

gonna go for this visa you have to give

up your passport to the UK border for

them to you know do lots of checks and

see everything yada yada and that can

take up to eight weeks of time now I

travel a lot as a Youtube profession I

can get things literally within a weeks

notice of hey we want to know if you

want to come to this country do this

thing if I don't have my passport on me

I miss a lot of opportunities I go to

like YouTube conventions all around the

world as well and I just can't do that I

don't really like not having my passport

for eight weeks at a time

that's quite a severe amount of time to

just not have it luckily the UK ba has a

solution a premium service but downsides

590 pounds extra tacked on to that bill

and you have to go to Croydon I know at

this point if you're a Londoner you're

like yeah I'm leaving going back no no

no no it's fine I paid it I paid an

extra five ninety pounds and of course

you have to pay that extra 19 pounds 20

gotta get those fingerprints redone who

knows could be a community man could

change them up no B RP 90 pounds 20

here's our new total looking really sexy

this we've increased about five hundred

percent to this one thousand six hundred

sixty seven pounds and forty pence but

at this point you were still like a it's

not so bad you know we're able to live

and stay in the UK for three years as

long as you stay at that same exact

company the whole time well sadly the

company that had hired me went under

within a year of me getting the job

great now I have to do that whole

process all over again well luckily I

did find it another company who sponsor

me I had a bit of a salary increase

which is nice considering that you do

have to have a minimum of twenty five

thousand pounds per annum at that job it

also has to be a master's degree level

proficiency but I managed to get one

however I did have to go through the

whole process again so tier two general

let's switch it up new company that's an

extra seven hundred four

also don't forget gotta get those new

PRP fingerprints done that's 19 pounds

20 also we really need to have that

passport right now just in case and also

because I need to get my job and start

working immediately so I can take about

I call these visa fees and that's next

it's 590 pounds got to go to Croydon

that's fun itself and lastly Theresa May

lovely home office secretary back in the

day she was really bad that just as well

as she is a prime minister decided to

implement an immigration health

surcharge so even though immigrants

already pay for the NHS with the taxes

that they you know pay to the government

which I'm by the way I love the NHS 10

out of 10 love it would love to support

it do by paying my taxes Theresa May

decided why don't they just pay more two

hundred pounds every year that you're in

a migrant in the UK what why am i why

are we paying twice this this makes no

sense but no one's going to fight for

the immigrants because it's not

happening to them so there we go an

extra two hundred pounds right on to the

price leaving our new total to three

thousand one hundred eighty pounds and

60 pence it's not so bad right it's

still it's a bit pricey but a it's the

price of living in the UK right well

about a year after I started working for

that company I got head hunted from

another company who really wanted me who

ended up convinced me enough to switched

to their company what a good decision

that's gonna turn out to be right yeah

well guess how much that cost me same

him out let's bring it on back we got to

get a new tea or two visa every one and

that is whoop 704 pounds bring that five

hundred ninety pounds for the premium

fee also don't forget gotta get new

fingerprints BRP 19 pound 20 also

immigration help surcharge that's next

to her pounds ah are now up to a

whopping four thousand six hundred

ninety three pounds in eighty pence and

hey I did switch to that one so maybe

that was kind of my fault but it was

where my career was taking me like that

was a more senior role more

responsibilities and you know more clout

more things to do and help the UK

economy but so I guess I had the stomach

that one but sometimes as startup life

goes companies can change their business

models and not require you or marketing

or any of your abilities anymore and so

you're made redundant within six months

great we're back we got to do something

again however luckily at this point I

realize that there was a special type of

visa that I might be able to get which

can alleviate all of my problems because

at this point I have been climbing that

corporate ladder I have been building a

career path that shows I'm really good

at what I do in terms of acquisition

marketing and so I was able to then

apply for the

to the crop of visas the tier 1

exceptional talent visa now I'm not

trying to sound all wank you look oh yes

absolute Ellington but I mean I am I

mean it says so on my visa right but no

no this is a visa that is very

sought-after it's very rare you

basically have to get letters from the

previous CEOs you've worked for saying

you're incredibly good in your field but

hey it's worth it right you put the work

in and you get reward now this is one of

the only pieces in the UK that's

actually a two-stage process what that

means is they can charge you money twice

for this process the first stage need to

be approved by the UK's head of your

entire sector whether that be music art

or in my case the tech sector and that

is 456 pounds in itself and then once

you're approved then you apply again to

the UK border for an extra 152 pounds

but of course don't forget you need to

get your fingerprints done get that BRP

with 19 pounds 20 also you really need

to rush this one because this one's

really important so that was because

another 500 pounds also don't forget

you're an immigrant oh so that's next

200 pounds what's 20 pounds a year this

is a five year visa well doesn't matter

you're paying taxes that's an extra 1000

pounds and this is such an important

thing you really can't mess this up you

have to make sure that cover letter is

written right you have to make sure they

don't make any mistake because guess

what they will literally take all your

money say oh you're a spelling error

here do the whole thing over again pay

an extra thousands of pounds so I got a

solicitor 80 pounds an hour for two

hours 160 pounds a small price to pay

compared to this whole thing 7071 pounds

on the dot but hey now I finally have

the stability and security with this

tier 1 visa I no longer have to fear a

company I'm working for going under or

losing a job for any other reason I

don't have to be tied to any company yes

the story was a bit happier for three

years I had such nice stability of just

staying on one visa and not having to

switch and keeping that 7,000 number

where it is until now it was time in

2019 for me to finally apply for my

indefinite leave to remain a visa status

that costs 2389 ah but of course it

doesn't just cost that because he also

got his BRP done give those fingerprints

19 pounds 20 also guess what we don't

have to pay the immigration health

surcharge it's lovely they're like oh

you now are like good status we're just

not gonna charge you that we already

know you pay for it anyway in taxes

however guess what

how can you make more money off of

immigrants you might be wondering

privatize the border

yeah why not why not privatize the

border as of November 2018 ho mobs

decided you know what that whole like

premium service in Croydon wasn't making

us enough money let's privatize it bring

in a French company 590 let's just stop

it who cares 610 pounds also it was the

same day service nah now it's just

24-hour processing it still takes a week

you lose your passport it's you know

it's okay still but six or ten pounds

for not the same service for a private

thing okay so now we're adding six

hundred ten pounds under that process

and also by the way this is an

incredibly important one

I've already had to go to the solicitor

once that's eight pounds an hour eighty

times out of this process how much are

we at ten thousand two hundred nineteen

pounds twenty pence we have broken into

five digits my friends oh my god and

then with ten thousand pounds out of my

pockets I then get to sit happy as a

clam poor as a clam as well no pearls in

this clip I have to sit there for twelve

months until I'm finally able to apply

for my British citizens and the price

for British citizenship is one thousand

three hundred and thirty pounds now I'm

not really gonna complain about that one

yes it's incredibly high but hey it's

nowhere near the ILR is 2,300 it-it's

not that bad but also it is the

finishing touch right this is the

citizenship this is everything that

you're even working for so it makes

sense for this to be like I don't know a

bit more expensive but of course don't

forget it's not just that you got to pay

19 pounds one guy get the BRP done you

know get those fingerprints and also the

ceremony which for some reason is

included an extra 80 pounds no gotta

swear an oath I swear to protect the

Queen in past January 5th every day of

her life you know we're gonna protect

the crown so we are now up to eleven

thousand six hundred forty eight pounds

and forty pence the true cost of British

citizenship but don't forget we do have

one final step that's small 72 pounds

passport doesn't look that bad does it

72 pounds let's tack that eleven

thousand seven hundred twenty pounds of

forty pence that is the true cost for me

for beer citizenship might be different

for some people maybe some people don't

end up working for startups work for a

long time and don't do pay as much but

hey you're all gonna have to pay for

that ILR and that one is just a Sanat

some people viewing this video might

view me as being ungrateful for this

lovely opportunity I've had to live and

study and work in the UK but that is not

the case the case here is that the

prices are being gouged relentlessly

because no one is fighting in immigrants

corners at all at one point the BBC did

an article in the last two years

noticing this only because the home off

is also doing this to British people who

have the right to citizenship who are

registering to prove that they're a

citizen and that costs them a thousand

pounds it shouldn't it doesn't cost that

much in servicing in fact the BBC during

the support we're able to find the true

cost of the ILR in terms of the

processing the people working there the

paperwork how much that actually costs

to do was 252 pounds meaning the mark-up

to any immigrant that wants to come to

the UK is 948 percent

it goes from 252 pounds to the mark-up

of two thousand three hundred and

eighty-nine pounds of nothing but profit

there's no other reason for that it's

just hard not approached about this by

the BBC a spokesperson for the Home

Office stated the fees are only rights

and those who benefit directly from it

to contribute appropriately what's that

well yeah what Dale okay while I'm

George a hundred thousand pounds if you

think Oprah does but sure that's not how

you can't just keep increasing prices

the last two years they have increased

the price of the ILR by twenty two point

five percent if you don't know how

interest works or don't know how a

percentage of works that is a huge

amount of money Rigaud the price of an

isle are dependent was five hundred and

eighty five pounds whereas today it

costs three thousand two hundred and

fifty pounds in ten years has increased

that much over six times let me just add

a little bit of perspective to this for

you so we all know that ranked prices in

the UK are already at an all-time high

because hey that's the way true

capitalism works when you allow

privatized companies just keep

increasing price despite the cost not

going up

hey we all win no not really just just

the big big rich people that owned the

train companies well let's just say that

a train from London to Edinburgh costs a

total of 100 pounds and we're going to

apply the same increase in price the

22.5% butts given to the ILR but the

home office to these train prices well

hundred pound train that you just bought

today in five years will cost you two

hundred and seventy five pounds for the

same exact service with barely any

increase in cost but all the money going

to the fat cats now on the train company

oh but another five years let's just say

a total of ten years from now you'll be

paying seven hundred and sixty pounds

now you just have to deal with it

because that's just the way it is you

know it's only right and also trains are

a great

service so you benefit greatly from

being able to travel absolutely not it

is such a stupid way of thinking of

things that is absolutely BS stupidity

now the issue is if this happened to

train services the thing that everyone

in the UK uses everyone would be in an

uproar because everyone knows and sees

that but migrants are kind of not as

listened to we're kind of like a bit of

a class that's not really as protected

and it's like oh those guys they can

suffer and pay lots of money it's not a

good idea there's so many skilled

laborers trying to enter the UK and ant

the economy that are just constantly

being pushed out with these increasing

fees that I mean I've had to pay them

and I'm glad that I can but there's so

many of the people that would love to

live in the UK and are really really

adding like I said to the labour market

that would be a benefit to the country

that the UK is just taking money from it

is stealing there is nothing there's no

reason for those increases to be there

sure maybe they don't have to be exactly

the cost which is 252 pounds for that

ILR maybe it could even be double five

hundred pounds but two thousand three

hundred pounds there's no argument for

that it's just wrong

and you know what I've already paid all

these fees there's no chance of me

getting them back but at least while I'm

making my way up I can be a bit more

vocal for the people that are below me

the people that are trying to get this

process the people that just want to

live and work freely in the UK I'm

trying to be a slight voice to them hey

they're dealing with a lot of stuff

right now and if you're trying to move

to the UK guess what within 5 years I

can imagine that price being around 4000

it's not an exaggeration that's just the

way it is cuz that's how we stop

immigration only let incredibly rich

people in thanks Tories appreciate but

either way I'm incredibly grateful that

I'm even able to apply for this aisle or

and then I have the financial stability

to pay these extortion of fees because

one day I know I'm going to be able to

get that British citizenship that I

craved so much but I've been trying so

hard to get and it's really exciting to

me also the fact that next month I'm

gonna be taking the life in the UK test

and I'm gonna pass it if you haven't

seen I actually already took a practice

exam on my youtube channel it was quite

interesting a lot of the questions were

weird a lot or easy a lot or hard watch

that if you haven't yet or you can

subscribe because I make new videos

every Sunday and also if you want leave

me a comment if do you agree with me if

you disagree with me tell me I'm

interested to know well we'll see maybe

I'm just groaning about it but hey you'd

grown too if you had to pay eleven

thousand pounds for anything so thanks

for watching I'll see you guys next