When Should I Consider Breast Reduction Surgery? (Q&A)

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my name is Eric Chang I'm a plastic

surgeon I practice here in Howard County

General Hospital a breast reduction

surgery is a procedure performed to

reduce the size of a woman's breasts a

woman may have very large breasts her

breasts may contribute to her back pain

her shoulder pain because of this she

might not be able to do things like

exercise without wearing two or three

sports bras in those cases surgery can

be performed to reduce the size of the

breasts to make the breast size more

manageable to match the size of the

breast to the body better this becomes

the medically indicated procedure when

the back neck where shoulder pain

can't be attributed to anything separate

when someone has been through something

like physical therapy they've done a

trial of motrin and said's and still

have back pain that's intractable

breast-reduction can help with the the

back pain that women have reducing the

actual heaviness of the breasts can

actually improve a woman's posture I've

seen an improving woman's self-esteem

I've seen reducing the size of the

breasts actually lead to a woman being

able to lose weight because she can file

the exercise I have numerous patients

who have been able to lose 2030 pounds

when they said you know beforehand I've

you know I've wanted to lose this weight

for years and I have been able to get it

off whether it's because they can

exercise or whether because finally they

they feel the self-esteem to actually be

proud of the way their body looks again

these are the things that I've that I've

seen women who are less than ideal

candidates for this sort of surgery are

women who smoked women with diabetes you

can't do the surgery on one with

diabetes the risks are slightly higher

the main risk to this kind of surgery in

general our blood supply issues

especially to the nipple and when we do

the surgery we that's the main thing

that we're concerned about someone who

smokes someone with diabetes the risk to

to the blood supply to the nipple is

actually quite a bit higher

women women often ask me whether they

should have the surgery now whether they

should wait I've seen women in their 60s

I've operated on women in their 60s the

the first thing they tell me after

surgery is I don't know what took me so

long I honestly don't see a real reason

to wait that being said I've seen women

in their teenage years and for those

women I do recommend waiting first of

all they're not they might not be done

growing yet their breasts might not have

matured as far as size also maturity

psychologically I think is an important

issue and I want to make sure that those

women have had a chance to make those

decisions by themselves rather than

having decisions made for them