How braces are put on - AMAZING ! - Now with 12 month - Progress : https://goo.gl/jXaY15

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today guys today liam is getting his

braces on and we hope we find this video




as in effect when the braces go on

you're creating a design for the smile

at the beginning better they go on now

the easier quicker the rest of the

treatment will be






this spring nice little room so there's

typically push back a little bit so when

you get home I'd recommend that you take

some panadol normally some people find a

bit of tenderness or pain some people

don't but just to be sure just take some

panadol and then repeat in about 4 hours

time yeah the first 2 to 3 days everyone

gets a little bit of discomfort it's

like having a new pair of shoes and

you've gotta wear them in before they

become a bit more comfortable with food

you're not really gonna want to chew

anything hard sticky or chewy especially

for the first couple of days so

something you can squash with your

tongue and swallows I passed a spaghetti

risotto noodle soup yogurt they're

really good foods to have what do you

think of those foods they'll be okay

fantastic with food in general if you

can cut it with a knife in a fork don't

eat it

so don't eat nuts I support crackle mint

teas ready and stuff use all these

common sense that applies for the life

of the braces with drinks if it's not

milk or water don't drink it

do you drink water anyway or do you know

most juice water milk orange juice as

well so there won't be yeah it's a good

question orange juice is fine just don't

do too much of it and probably avoid

soft drinks once in a while is okay but

just not too much so anything acidic yes

definitely anything sugary and acidic

don't have it at all now we'll go

through the brushing you're brushing in

the morning before bed and after every

meal with the brushing make sure that

you brush your teeth front to back as

you normally would

angle the toothbrush at 45 degrees so

you can feel the gums being rubbed if

you can't feel the gums being rubbed

it's a waste of time make sure it's

getting in between you can see it's

getting in between once you've done the

gums come around and do the tops of the

teeth again so I'll show you again doing

the front

I cants getting in between make sure you

can feel the gums being rubbed the tops

of the teeth yeah don't forget to brush

the insides have you take this you

normally would

electric or manual toothbrush is fine

whatever you prefer go to the pharmacy

you can get whatever you like mouth

rinse floss there's no rules on the

brushing as long as you're doing enough

of it have a close look at your teeth

and just make sure there's nothing stuck

on them clean teeth moves better they're

healthier and it's just all around a lot

better raise a question so did I've been

told about cheese mousse yes

yeah you can use tooth mousse I won't

harm at all so after your brushing pop

someone and you should go to bed the

last thing is the wax you might have

some sharp bits on the braces and catch

your wire or sometimes loose braces as

well the wax fixes most of these

problems take the wax and pinch a little

bit off like a bit of blue tank we're

all the thin between your fingers and

stick it on or wherever you need to

whether it's the front the back or the

side the wax makes things smooth get rid

of sharp bits just all around adds to

comfort use as much or as little as you


it'll be your best friend for the first

couple of weeks you can also pop bond

gel if you have any else's in the

short-term awesome and if if like you

said loose braces or something should I

be ringing up give us a call and we're

more than happy to take a look at any

time but it's entirely up to you okay

okay most things can usually wait until

your next appointment but give us a call

if you're not sure oh so just to reach

summarize just the food if you can't cut

out with a knife and a fork don't eat it

the wax fixes most problems and you're

brushing in the morning before bed and

after every meal we'll be seeing you

every six weeks every eight weeks and

you'll find out evenly and fairly

quickly also any other questions I mean

that - all right fantastic

thank you very much and it's as easy as

that getting your braces on is dead

simple if you found this video useful

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