How to qualify for the Boston Marathon 2017

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you know what day today is it's race day

Mama's know whatever you have left oh

come on


it is a very exciting day we are one

hour east of Washington in the beautiful

Leavenworth Valley

mrs. W is last opportunity to qualify

for the Boston Marathon

she tried attempted to qualify two weeks

ago and she ate something got food

poisoning and had to bow out at Mile 14

she got really sick so she was

devastated by it she trained so hard and

there was we didn't think there were any

more opportunities but we got online on

the way home and found that there was

one remaining marathon and that's the

one we're at today and she's going to

attempt to qualify so we'll find out

today if we're indeed going to Boston so

tell me about the race real quickly and

encompass is a long tunnel yes it's 26

mile run buddies are quite - even


so she's off so I am a westbound on

Interstate 90 I've got to go down to

about the halfway point the 30 mile mark

there is a place I should be able to get

access to I've got kind of a I bet some

of the gear or different things you

might need you might need to build that

clothing or some extra food or water or

all that think so kind of a support bag

for her she's up on that hill somewhere

running your heart out


so I'm heading out of the checkpoint Mrs

W is running with a 350 pacer so I

should be able to see who's who's coming

up and how long it'll be before she gets

here so this is the first checkpoint

haven't seen me paste is going through

yet but I'll pass around see let's see


so here comes the first pacer this is at


that's the 315 Pacers that misses debute

is the 350 pacer I'm gonna do a little

recon see if we can find mrs. W because

there's so much canopy here that map to

fly no GPS so

haven't done that before


here she comes Joe honey a brand-new

bike yeah I think so I'll try it too

it's really hard to get access how you

doing so missed up you seemed like she

was struggling a little bit so she asked

me if I could borrow a bike and ride the

last six miles but there just to kind of

keep her motivated and pacer a little

bit so I'm gonna go to the one more the

16 mile station eight station see how

she's doing see if she needs anything

and then I'll bust on down to the finish

line see if I can't requisition a bike

and ride in and then help her out with

the last six miles so that's what she

still needs so well off 260 miles



so back on the freeway and I'm heading

down to exit 32 to the finish line so

I'm at the finish line it is two minutes

and 38 seconds

Mississippi's coming in at 350 so I can

go up the path here I'm gonna borrow the

bike and I'll head up there at Mile six

and help her bring her in but she's got

to come in at three fifty two to

guarantee a spot with yet in Boston

so I just passed a 3:45 pacer that means

mrs. W is the next one so I should see

if or anytime now everyone looks really

miserable that's point there's a lot of

grimacing it and a lot of faces of pain

you're almost there baby

go go go I'm with you it's all easy and

straight all the way downhill how's your


you've got it this is the last stretch

you're gonna make it baby

if this means

you get to run the Boston Marathon


so this is the 350 case that she needs

we've got this aid station there's one

more after that about

I'd say about six miles to go all those

girls that were faster in college

they're not here qualifying for Boston

are they

you can do it baby you're gonna run your

little legs right to that finish line

here in just a few more minutes and

you're gonna do it we just hit a 24 mile

mark this is M you said the wheels are

coming up

not exactly what that means but it

doesn't sound good but she's tight on

her time if she keeps running she's

gonna make it what do you think jack

she's gonna make it it's under two miles

baby it's a run to Geoff no leashes and

you're done it's gonna be you are that

you just got to keep running


you are so close baby you're so close

come on baby you can do it you running

fast running strong you're almost there

it's almost over come on keep running

baby keep running that's right it hurts

worse to stop come on baby put your

whole heart into it


you are a bat come on baby keep running

this is it I can see it your bet come on

let's reel em in

de menthe pour it on

there it is right there so what we were

looking for number 26

number 26 it is almost over

you see it now you see it there it is

let's go it's right in front of you baby

you're gonna do it other people who stop

me but you're not you're gonna run it in

got it come on let's go let's go


so proud of you you did it


we are so proud of you honey

you're in Boston you made it 3:52 I will

see you I think you made it so when you

stop doing you're hurting Graham started

praying for you so how do you feel

no not physically how do you feel about

what you did

doesn't matter right now well but it was

like a mile 16 I saw you

13 13 and I said oh could you wait the

last six miles on a bike with me and you

and you said that might be kind of hard

so when I hit mile 20 and you weren't

there as like cool

so when I saw you guys I was like yes I

think I was right around 22 wasn't it

yeah and I and I lit it as fast as I

could to get up there you did yeah you

guys are awesome