The BQ - Qualifying for the Boston Marathon - 2016

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hey it's coach tief for tips for running

calm I'm here to explain what the big

deal about the Boston Marathon is first

of all it's different than most

marathons because you have to qualify in

order to run it you have to run another

marathon fast enough according to the

Boston qualifying standards in order to

register for the Boston Marathon you

have time if you want to run the Boston

Marathon in 2016 they start the

application process in September of this

year but as far as this year's race you

already have had to have qualified and

paid your dues and be ready to go let's

say you run a marathon and you're under

the time so you have technically

qualified second step is registration in

September every year for the Boston

Marathon you register for the spring

marathon the following year then what

the Boston people do is look at all the

applicants and the fastest ones get in

first sometimes they have to cut out the

people that just barely were fast enough

to qualify every year is different

sometimes everybody that applies gets in

but they have a limited number of space

or runners I know this information might

be a little bit confusing but check the

links below if you're watching this on

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I hope you qualify and last but not

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