Stories From The Boston Marathon | How to Qualify, Train, And Race From Newbies, Vets and Elites

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hey guys coach Nate here today we're

talking about how to qualify train and

race the Boston Marathon I'm just about

to go in the x-bow it is Friday before

the Boston I'm gonna talk to first-time

marathoners I'm going to talk to the

Boston Marathon vets as well as elites

we're gonna get some really good little

nuggets and hopefully this will be

something that'll be interesting and

inspiring to you and your journey

whether it is to get to Boston the

Boston Harbor or to accomplish whatever

it is you want to accomplish so let's go

talk to some runners and let's have some

fun shooter one Holley one


and people are running marathons and I

know let's go get one


so how was the experience getting into

the range you have a letter honor but

run your butt off to get the time to get

in so this was my attempt is this your

first time race in Boston

yes first time Boston first time Boston

Marathon yet are you excited

that's a good word all right so what's

your name chase I'm with ultra program

this is my first Boston

what was the qualifying like to get into

the race yeah so I really knew I could

get under qualifying time pretty well so

I wanted to just run a really local race

for Tom Hopkins here from Boca we're

just gonna keep hear a little bit about

his experience running Boston you did it

last year that was my first time yeah it

was awesome so actually qualifying at

the race to the events up first marathon

that I did I actually qualified at and

they gave like Boston Marathon qualifier

t-shirt that's something I have to do


Kelly and JP from world marathon

challenge so the world marathon

challenge is group of individuals that

take on the epic journey of running

seven marathons of seven continents in

seven days it's one of those races the

Boston Marathon one of the not the

Boston Marathon that'll be that'll be

the eighth the victory lap this is my

first time from your first time very

cool what's the what's the qualification

for us has been like I think that's what

made this is Boston so special for me it

took me 20 marathons to get to Boston

John peachy and John's always been my

second marathon I never run with your

name Aaron

have you run Boston before no what was

the qualification process our journey

getting into the race cause I like being


living in Germany and 50 55 years old


I qualified for the Boston Marathon in

Frankfurt in 2016 we trying to been

trying to qualify for a little while it

was always in my dream to run one I was

[ __ ] to my wife I only run it if I play

qualifiers a chance of the lifetime of a

lifetime with qualifying 2016 do you run

in Boston yes I am you guys run into

amazing are you were injured on you or

you've been doing these Achilles tendon

video you for checking in on so cool so

so that was your experience qualifying

her Boston was a lot of deep water

running I only ran three weeks before

doing Eugene and so I didn't even think

I was gonna finish and I got mine okay

so Monday is your first Boston Marathon

yes yes not your first marathon but what

so what's your journey into Boston why

what what does it mean to you I'm not


so my name is Ian Wright I work for New

Balance I'm a bidding war technician

that's super cool I run the Boston

Marathon before I've run it twice yes

yeah that's cool what did it take to

qualify for Boston for you it was a lot

of discipline just being out there on

the roads every day being on the trail

every day sandy

so all local is this year first Boston

fill me in what does it take to really

qualify for a Boston Marathon earn your

way in a little sweat equity yeah how

many times have you run the Boston

Marathon it's gonna read my cease can we

just look at these incredible families

here what advice help do you have to

help people qualify well you need

motivation basically you need motivation

more than everything for me was

something I always wanted to do since I

was going up I grew up in Boston

all right hi I'm Cherie I am from

Orlando Florida I am

the third time I think it took me four

times that I closed out on my fourth

time initially which took about like a

year and a half what are you guys names

how'd you get your beards so damn sexy

I'm guy love and actually this is

proactively well curated went to the

barber three days ago you got to feel

fast to look fast on race day do you

have to look past

Owen Bradley from Alabama I've had my

beer for about nine years and my wife

has never seen me without the beard

speaking of beer two guys are running

the Boston Marathon what was he like

qualification experience like three guys

it's obviously challenging this will be

my third Boston so you know I was here

in 13 for my first one so definitely a

traumatic and unique experience and you

know it's a special place it's the

oldest marathon and you know you got to

work hard to get in and as I'm getting

older the times are getting slower but

he's over my qualifying that's a lot

it took me but didn't take a couple

tries but I qualified two years ago and

then it was driving back from a race in

Montana September and just had forgotten

I pulled out my phone and it was today

after it had closed so that I went I did

Phoenix last year and

I'm an ultra runner first foremost I

need the downhill courses told me out

low - and so Phoenix - here of just

experience the history of it my name is

Dave Holly it's my first time running as

a 70 year old and I hope to do very well

Brian Rogers it's my fifth Boston

Marathon it's a lot of training

I trained pretty tough this year I mean

I think my longest long run was just

over 30 miles 13 so I went a little over

what I'm usually swell so actually I

didn't qualify for this one okay yeah

actually got into a connection oh very

cool like a connection insider yeah

notice there's other ways exactly you

don't always have to qualify there's

other ways to get it

ran a marathon 2013 what is what is what

is Boston meant to you before and what

is it kind of mean now yeah I mean I

think for everyone Boston is kind of the

race you train for I mean that year that

I qualified for Boston I qualified at

the napa marathon where I actually took

third that day at NASA and I thought

okay this is a great day and I want to

use that to try to make Boston a really

great day and I didn't have the race I

was looking for in Boston that day 2013

but I had a great experience on the

force of just you know running the same

force that so many historic athletes of

the years have run

yeah I'm blue Benedum from the Boston

Marathon four times my Nike coach in a

marathoner four G's 13 years what do you

think qualify for this in you know it's

different for everybody I mean this is

one of those races where some people

dedicate their entire lives in their

entire marathon career to qualifying so

it's a big deal to a lot of people of

course there's always the anomaly's who

come out and they qualify their first

time and you know who trip and stumble

over the line could be cute on exactly

yeah so but I think for most people if

they've really had to focus and put in

years of effort you know you should just

get the right training and have the

right day just to qualify to be here so

the excitement is through the roof of

this race so what's your name chat and

you aren't running this Monday nope not

running this Monday but you've run

Boston in the past one run boss in the

past yeah I am NOT writing this time

hopefully 2019 I qualified twice earlier

this past year so yeah it was

interesting you mean like the first time

I qualified I was really fit and I was

coming off of some of my best

performances yeah then you know I got to

working in the job and got out of shape

and so when I came in brand thoughts and

it was really art he's really hot and it

was a struggle fest yeah he's a ton of

fun I'm Jared shoemaker I grew up in

Sudbury Massachusetts so right down the

street here at boston marathon race in

Boston it's gonna be my first time

actually running it done the 5k a couple

times I wanted to the first year so

decided not to do it today but just

getting ready for the marathon and my

mom's doing her 28th in a row amazing

and that's that's what got me into

running in the first place training is

one of the hardest part people like oh I

could never run a marathon etc etc but

it's all about the training when I first

started first went to God

like two or three miles but then after

you put in the time it's the dedication

actually runs it yeah I'll put him in

you build up your stamina and then how

has it been to train for the Boston

who's kind of Boston is usually it's

hard because we live in the cold Belt

that's the first day I followed the

Higden program yeah

so I started Christmas Day and it was

cold and snowy but I did get away to

Miami and run with a great group down

there for a couple weeks

how's the training for all through until

February I do majority my training on

the roads trying hit trails at least

once a week you know to do some ultra

marathons I travel a lot for work and

for other things and so I've had the

opportunity to to not just be training


'lord up it's also trained in the cold

and where there are hills

how was it to train for the race up here

we gotta turn to the winter so that's a

challenge but we're used to it how is

training for this marathon maybe

different you need to train going up and

down I make a little trainee going up

and down you get up early different

other people that are running it that's

so great dealing with the cold dealing

with the snow you're out there and

anything from zero degree weather and

New England summer are winners you could

even get like 50 degree days so it's a

lot of different elements out there yeah

and how is training for the race been

the last couple months testers right

yeah weather conditions are more or less

similar like we have them here now it

was winter in Germany trail their train

there but you know

I did it and ran through the winter

train hard so Renko you had to do seven

marathons in seven countries in seven


just to get yourself ready seven

marathons ones have topcaats that's

right continent yeah yeah yeah that was

the training for it went through my long

run everything like that training would

pretty well

unfortunately couldn't handle the heat

trainees been great it's my first time

really training for a marathon so you

know just learning to run tired with a

new experience most of my distances are

half turned down so yeah Rock Hill is

really well and running tired

who had the training for boxing go just

get out the door every day they're gonna

get sick I guess it's a good tip for

like everyone trying you're gonna get

sick you're gonna get injured at some

point so you have to kind of figure out

a way to get it in even if you have

those totally what goes into training

for buffin I mean I think Boston is such

a hard race to qualify for obviously and

then once you get that qualifying month

and it's like when you show up in boss

and you want to see how good you can see

you can get right so I think that's when

you start getting really specific doing

hard long run doing like a lot more

tempos a lot more just brake specific

stuff that you probably never did before

so how was it been to train for this

what does the training experience been

like well while trying to do both travel

and training and a little bit more

running training it's it's been it's

been okay I mean I'm not in like running

shape if I were to do this just running

it would have been a very different

training block but instead I kind of add

it in a bit to my long runs a little

more at marathon pace which is also 70.3

sure ironman pace so for me that's

that's kind of what i was doing a little

bit more of come race day it's like your

fifth time toeing the line like what do

you think about when you're offensive

but what I try to do is just get ready

go to the bathroom get your bathroom

situation schedule out and just kind of

keep your pace don't go too fast what

will you be thinking about on race day

you're a third time running Boston I

wish it would stop raining and the wind

wouldn't be so bad like it was two years

ago I'm probably the only one who's

excited for 40 degrees raining in a


just to bring out that ultra grittiness

I'll make it a tough course everybody's

got around the same conditions just

knock it out buttercup

so such gratitude to be here again and

so I'm just gonna smile the whole way

just relax a quasar hanging out with you

know twenty thousand your best friends

and when the race starts it's a job what

are you thinking about on race day well

we're gonna have rain so we have to

bring with us a lot of plastic bags to

the departing come you don't want to

begin the race wet what are you guys

gonna think about on race day but I can

control my positivity go out there and

enjoy it the crowds are great the people

running the race are great it's just a

26 mile party what are you gonna be

thinking about on Monday what are you

gonna be thinking about tomorrow I think

driving one it's the one way to like not

have to think about anything I'm just

hoping I don't freeze I just want to

make it through with them

cross that line and in the middle I

think there's going to be a little bit

of reflection on the journey to get here

in the first place and then one of you

thinking about that finish line what do

you think about when you're going

through the actual right they go out a

lot slower if I went out I went out a

little too fast I got so jacked up just

try to stay calm and smooth through at

least the halfway point and then enjoyed

the experience the second half you know

use the crowd to get up the hills and

let it loose elastics

I think about

a lot of friends and family I think

about my running partner I think about

so many things my faith is important to

me there's a lot of things that go

through my head so it's a very special

day and honestly it's gonna be hard for

me not to be a little emotional as

there's a lot of stuff coming with

running with Boston for me and and you

know just from being here and seeing it

for so long and watching my parents are

on it there's there's a lot of those

emotions so I feel like it's gonna be

hard for me to like stay in that focus

base but at the same time you know I

know that I'm gonna be out here having

fun um this race is the ultimate race of

going out too fast I would say like 90

percent of people in the Boston Marathon

just go out so hard it's so exciting and

you got a down hill to start downhill

pepper smile is just it's crazy but if

you can let yourself have that first

mile fast and then pull back on the

reins a little bit and run the next I'd

say 15 miles conservatively then you can

really attack the hills you got 5 miles

of hills and then that that last five

miles for the downhill into Boston

that's you can actually run that which

is an amazing feeling if you can

actually run well in that last I thought

the victory lap

I'm just so full of gratitude

the gratitude that I can get a start

line and think that there's a chance

that I might make it to the finish line

that I'm at a start line and someone

wanted me to represent them and

what a privilege that is to be able to

move your body and is something I maybe

took for granted at one point like this

video as you can tell there's so many

ways to get to Boston so many stories

it's really getting here by the end we

hope you guys if you did like this video

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