How To ALWAYS QUALIFY for Online Survey Sites

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do you struggle with making money online

doing survey sites it's okay I did to

starting out that is where I first

started out making money and I always

appreciate survey sites for being there

for me and when I was broke in those

dark times of not having any money and

leading to pay for food and things like

that or if you just want to have extra

money in the bank in general maybe you

have a job and you want a side hustle

this is also a thing that I do when I

have jobs so with that being said how do

you qualify for surveys all the time

because basically I know it's very

frustrating when you probably go online

to do surveys for survey sites and it

constantly tells you you don't qualify

you don't qualify you don't qualify so

I'm just gonna give you my little tips

on possibly why how I have been able to

qualify more likely than others and so

yeah so basically there's no guaranteed

way to qualify for every survey or

there's no guaranteed way to know

exactly what makes you qualified but

there are ways to increase your chance a

lot more to get surveys there to just

keep getting unqualified so one of my

main tips is they look at your

demographics look at your information

and really thorough eat look at that for

me personally now it really just doesn't

even matter I'm not even I could get

myself in it as an example but it really

just doesn't even matter because what I

do instead of using my personal

information let's say if I was a teen

a lot of places may not be or a lot of

online service sites may not be looking

for necessarily teenagers to you know do

their surveys apparently maybe they want

older people so there's been times where

I have put that maybe I'm a few years

older or maybe I put that I'm married

and I make more money than I make

I just put I don't put my actual actual

information they don't actually know

your real information I don't even know

you have to put your real name if you

don't want to so the biggest thing about

this is putting the best information

that best fits what demographic survey

sites aren't looking for probably

someone like I said it was older in

their twenties or someone who has a

family with money and swimming travels

and someone who goes shopping and things

like that

if you always select oh I don't go

shopping or I don't have a job or

unemployed or I don't have any kids or

I'm broke Gouri you know you just say

all of those things well you're not

gonna get very many surveys because

they're looking for people with certain

demographics so sometimes you kinda have

to bend the truth in order to get the

most surveys and ever since I've started

doing that one simple step of just

putting better information and make sure

you remember this information too

because it's going to constantly ask you

so are you employed or self-employed or

what company do you work for things like

that so you also want to make sure your

information is consistent as well so

that they won't ban you or think that

you're like trying to play games so


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