How Do I Qualify For The Olympics? | CBC Sports

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c.b.c hey Anson mr. Henry we're trying

to figure something out but it's got me

a little bit confused the new qualifying

procedures it's kind of confusing I'm

soaking yes it's got me a little bit

confused have created quite the stir new

standards rules banking system I don't

even know what it's all about I don't

know how exactly it works and there's a

point system and we need points how do

we get points the top 20 34 the rankings

I'm dedicated I'm disciplined I'm

working hard at this point I'm just

thinking but I got a question I need to

know how do I qualify for the Olympics

whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa where everyone

relax I get it

it's complicated and when these updated

qualifying marks were released in March

they raised a lot of eyebrows because

they were significantly more difficult

than the previous qualifying marks but

if you hit be significantly more

difficult qualifying marks you're

laughing you're qualified but if not

there's another half of the

qualification process outside of the

qualification marks your world ranking

and that's where it gets complicated a

point system quantifies your world

ranking and it's based off of this

equation performance score equals a

result score that's placing score but

you can only get points from specific

types of competitions the big

international competitions like the

World Championships pan-american games

all the diving leagues

those the obvious ones but you can also

get points from the national

championships as well placing scores

vary depending on the competition the

bigger the competition the bigger the

points for example let's say I compete

in 100-meter dash

add a diamond leave and I run ten

fifteen when I come in fourth place I

look at the iwf scoring table I see that

I get 1155 points for that time and then

I add 170 points for coming fourth place

at a Diamond League event so those are

our points from that competition now

we're just got to make sure I have a

minimum of five competitions average

those scores out

and then you got your world ranking

score a total of nineteen hundred

athletes will be accepted into track and

field the specified number of athletes

in each event will not be exceeded oh

and the top eight relay teams of the

2019 World Championships without a

matically qualify for the 2020 Olympics

three athletes per country and per event

and one way that the Canadian team has

separated themselves from the other

countries in the world is that if more

than three people qualify the Canadian

teams staff is going to use their

discretion to choose the three athletes

that they want to send in that

particular event it doesn't matter the

mark doesn't matter the world ranking

but the Canadian champion will have

qualifying priority doesn't matter how

their mark or the world ranking compares

to the other Canadian qualifiers there's

a reason that most athletes aren't clear

on how to qualify they're focused on

their training and calculating a world

ranking score can be tedious trust me I

know but we are now in the qualifying

period for the 2020 Olympics

who's gonna qualify