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hi everyone welcome back to her Kiba

cavaliers channel i'm here today with

turkey and milton and we wanted to talk

about emotional support animals or for

short e-s-a and the reason why I'm doing

yet another video on ESA is because

there's so many common questions that

come back all the time but if you

haven't seen our previous videos

regarding ESA I will link it all here

I've made a playlist so it's easier for

you to go through all those videos so

basically a herkie oh and by the way

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you to check it out so let's get started

just so you're aware of our situation

herky and milton our emotional support

animals and live in a condo building

that is pet friendly so our emotional

support animal letter does not involve

housing it only involves travels the

reason why they're esa for me for flying

is kind of a personal reason i don't do

well with flying and traveling in

general and that's why i require them to

fly it with me yes they are big enough

to fit in a carrier and we could do that

but this is just a personal reason for

me to want them as emotional support

animals and travel right with me on my

lap and not in a carrier okay so one

thing you should know about emotional

support animals is that it's not widely

spread in all countries it's most common

in the US and in Canada in the u.s. it

can be applied for housing and for

travel but in Canada it's usually more

for travels so we always fly with her

Ken Melton with Air Canada and they

accept emotional support animals in

Canada so you should always check with

your country to see if this is something

even eligible I know the u.s. it is

eligible so if you are looking to not be

denied travel with your pet or not being

denied accommodation because you have a

pet then you are in your rights if you

have a disability so the most common

question we get is where to get your

dogs registered and I would repeat it

again and again those websites that you

see online that tell you to register


as emotional support our skin you do not

need to register your dog to be an

emotional support animal all you need is

a letter from a registered therapist a

physician a mental health specialist

anybody that has the credentials to

write that letter for you that letter

will suffice so you don't need any

website to register you don't need even

the vest that says emotional support

anymore you don't need anything that

says emotional support on it all you

need is a letter from a physician I got

my letter personally from my family

doctor and that's because I feel

comfortable with my family doctor for

her to prescribe me that letter and to

follow up with me on a regular basis if

you don't have access to a doctor I did

find this amazing clinic that offers

consultations online and I will link it

down below for you but it's my ESA

doctor com they are registered a

therapist and they do online

consultations you will not be able to

get a letter without a consultation so

that is how you will be able to get

yours is by consulting with a therapist

and this website you basically sign up

and you will be able to get a virtual

consultation with the therapist and then

get your letter if you are eligible for

one so there's no such thing as a

pre-approval you really do need to get a

real consultation with a therapist

before you get your letter now I'm

talking about the US but with that

letter you would be able to find some

housing that don't otherwise let you

stay with your pet but all this given

that you do have a disability and you do

have a need for your pet and this is all

up to the therapist to determine whether

you do or not with that letter you can

also fly with them you can also take the

train or whatever the next common

comment that we get all the time is that

my dogs are not trained to be service

dogs and know if they are not service

dogs because service dogs and emotional

support animals are two completely

different things

service dogs are trained to detect

something and to and they're trained to

practice and to do a certain task for

you for example if you have a physical

disability they are trained to lead you

somewhere if you have a medical

condition that can alert you of that

good condition for example strokes or

diabetes these dogs can detect that and

will alert you they are trained to

perform a certain task in that situation

emotional support animals don't have to

be trained they just have to be like

well-behaved in general but they they

don't have to be trained to do a certain

thing because they are just there for me

for emotional support they're not there

to provide a service so again to all

those people that leave like negative

comments saying that my dogs are

misbehaved or that I don't need these

dogs like please leave those comments to

yourself because you don't know me

personally you don't know what my dogs

are like and it's very easy to judge

behind the screen but this is something

very personal that I'm dealing with and

this is something that I need and please

if you don't know me personally that

don't judge just to recap you do not

need to register your pet as an

emotional support you just need a letter

from a physician so I would recommend

either going to your family doctor your

registered therapist or if you don't

have one that I'm going to refer you to

this online clinic that I found it's my

ESA doctor calm I will link the link in

the description box below for you and

also leave it here but basically this

gives you access to a physician and a

therapist if you don't have access to

one and they can evaluate your needs for

DSA so thank you so much for watching if

you have any questions leave them down

below and I will do my best to answer

everything I can again I cannot give you

an opinion on whether or not you would

be eligible to get a TSA only a

therapist would so although I do

appreciate all the comments and feedback

I can't tell you if you are eligible or

not so my best bet would be to consult

with a therapist so thank you so much

for watching guys I really appreciate it

if you're new to your channel welcome

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we love you so much and we'll see you

soon bye