CReader Pro 123 Registration & Update Video

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welcome to the C Reader Pro one two

three registration and setup guide to

begin the registration procedure you're

going to need to download the one-click

desktop application please use your

desired web browser to logon to launch

tech USA comm from the home page you'll

be selecting the products tab on the

upper left once selected please scroll

down to the C reader pro 1-2-3 software

download link after selecting the

software download link below the C

reader pro 1-2-3 column you will need to

choose the run option after the download

completes it will go ahead and prompt

you to install the application please

continue to follow the on-screen

instructions by selecting next you are

choosing to use the default settings

selected by launch tech USA for your

convenience once the installation is


please select finish to begin the

registration procedure

please double-click the newly create a

desktop icon to begin once the

application is open you will need to

validate your 12 digit serial number

please enter your 12 digit serial number

in the text field provided you can find

your 12 digit serial number on the back

of the device or on the front of the

package select check to continue to

complete the registration you will need

to retrieve your register code once the

co 2 Pro is powered up please select the

help option from the home screen

followed by tool info you should now see

your register code please enter your

register code in the provided field

followed by selecting submit now that

you have accessed your download center

you will need to remove the flash card

from the unit from the bottom of the

unit remove the cover and lightly press

on the card to eject it once ejected you

will need to install it in the provided

TF card reader connect the TF card

reader into an available USB port on

your PC going back to the download

center app you have the option to choose

all 32 far lines or itemize your

selections once selected please choose

the download option

once the application has confirmed that

the download was successful

you can close down the application and

remove the TF card you are now ready to

place the updated TF card back into your

device please take special care when

putting back into the receptacle once

powered up please follow the initial

on-screen prompts once completed you are

now ready to use your fully updated C

reader Pro one two three for more

information on the C reader Pro one two

three or any other launch products

contact us at one eight seven seven

launch nine or launch tech USA comm