What's the Difference Between Registered & Enrolled?

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if you want to school your children at

home you have two choices you can be a

traditional registered home schooler or

you can enroll in a school and there's

pros and cons to both systems if you

register your child you as the parent

are in complete authority of that

program but you are on your own you're

not answerable to to a school or to a

teacher you also don't have the use of

teacher TLA we'll give you a free

consultation for choosing curriculum we

do include you in field trips if you are

wanting to access our classes and stuff

like that you can but any expenses come

out of pocket if you choose to enroll

with traditional learning academy you

get access to a PC certified teacher

will help work with you to design a

student letter plan for your student as

well as help come alongside you to

choose the right curriculum also get

report cards for your student which is

happens at the end of each term and at

your end and of course you get access to

the grant which will help fund direct

classes and field trips and and

curriculum choices for your year so

there are benefits definitely to

enrolling as well you also get a report

card you get authentication from a

teacher where as a registered home

schooler there's no report cards your

child doesn't end up graduating with BC

dogwoods certificate but you can still

educate your child adequately both ways